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Nikon files a patent for a camera with interchangeable sensor

Nikon filed a patent application in Japan (2013-187834) for a camera with interchangeable sensor. The patent describes a way to achieve the mounting of the sensor unit with higher accuracy. Here is some of the translated text taken from the Japanese Patent Office:

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Nikon patents interchangeable sensor for mirrorless camera

Nikon filed a patent in Japan for interchangeable sensor solution in mirrorless cameras. According to the patent application, the interchangeable sensors will have different AF system, speed (fps) and pixel count in order to suite different shooting preferences: AF Rate Image quality Remarks Contrast AF Slow Good All pixels and therefore can be used for […]

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Nikon files patent applications for an interchangeable sensor and 80-400mm f/4.6-5.4 lens (updated)

Nikon filed a patent application in Japan for a interchangeable/removable sensor. This patent application is not yet uploaded in the English language website of the Japanese Patent Office (they update this every few months) and the details are not clear, but it seems that the sensor is inserted into a guide rail and Nikon somehow have also addressed […]

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