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Adobe Lightroom CC 2015.10 and Camera Raw 9.10 released with support for four new F-mount lenses

Adobe released Lightroom CC 2015.10 and Camera Raw 9.10. Here are the direct download links: DNG Converter 9.10: Win | macOS Adobe Lightroom CC 2015.10: Adobe keeps making it more difficult to download the standalone version, see this download info and also this page New F-mount lens profiles added for: Mount Name Nikon F Samyang 12mm f/2.8 ED […]

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Check out some of the Nikon prototype cameras on display at the Nikon Museum

The Nikon 100th anniversary exhibition on prototype cameras held at the Nikon Museum is now ongoing. Here are some of the models on display:

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Fourth Nikon camera (N1622) registered with the Indonesian Communications Agency

After the N16D3, N1610 and N1546 we now have a fourth, not-yet-announced Nikon camera with the code name N1622 being registered with the Indonesian Communications Agency POSTEL. Two of the camera will be produced in China, one in Indonesia and one in Thailand. Via Nokishita

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Travel photography with a 35mm prime lens

“Travel Photography with a 35mm prime lens” is by Thorge Berger ( I am a travel photographer from Germany and a long-term NikonRumors reader. I have written one guest post for NR before which you can find here. From the beginning of my photography – which is … almost 30 years ago (can’t be true!)- I […]

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New Nikon advertisement campaign: “Love Letters from the N Line”

Update: here are two pictures of the new Nikon advertising campaign in NYC (thanks Spy Black): Nikon Inc. Proclaims Its Love For New York City Through New Love Letters Campaign Kicking off with “Love Letters from the N Line,” Nikon’s Newest Campaign Celebrates the Things We Love About New York City Through Amazing Images and […]

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Astro-landscape time lapse photography

Astro-landscape time lapse photography by Jason Chu (Facebook | 500px | Instagram) Greetings [NR] readers, my name is Jason Chu (otherwise known as “theinfinitypoint” on Disqus) and I’ve been a reader of Nikon Rumors for a very long time. Today I want to share with everyone some of the work I’ve created with my Nikon cameras, specifically my astro-landscape […]

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