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The Nikon D810a camera is not recommended for general photography

I have to make a separate post on this topic because I am still receiving questions from readers: the Nikon D810a is not recommended for general photography. From the press release: “The Nikon D810A is engineered exclusively to meet the unique demands of professional and hobbyist astrophotographers.” “While not recommended for general photography, the D810A is […]

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Nikon D810a, Nikon D750 filmmaker’s kit, new Coolpix cameras pre-order options

The latest Nikon products are now available for pre-order: Nikon D810a Amazon B&H Adorama Jessops (UK) WEX (UK) Nikon D750 filmmaker’s kit Amazon Adorama B&H Nikon Coolpix AW130 Amazon Adorama B&H (available also in blue and yellow)     Other Coolpix cameras: L32 | L840 | S33 | S3700 | S6900 | S7000 | S9900 | P610 (available also at Adorama). More pre-order […]

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Nikon D810a DSLR camera for astrophotography officially announced

Nikon officially announced their new D810a DSLR camera designed for astrophotography (see pre-order options): Nikon D810a sample images Price: $3,799.95 Shipping will start in late May, 2015 Nikon D810a videos: Nikon D810a (left) vs. Nikon D810 samples comparison: Press release:

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Nikon D810a astrophotography sample images

In this post I will be uploading sample images from the new Nikon D810a DSLR camera (see pre-order options):

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First Nikon D810a camera pictures

Few more cached pictures of the upcoming Nikon D810a (see specifications) – the new camera designed for astrophotography appears to be identical to the current D810 with the exception of the letter “A” after the model name. The official announcement could be as early as tonight. More D810a images:

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Nikon D810a camera specifications

I found a text only cached version of the Nikon D810a article I reported earlier today: 36.3 MP sensor Improved IR filter 4 times more sensitive to H-alpha (Hydrogen alpha, 656.3 nm) New shutter speed improved to 900 seconds (15 minutes) Max ISO: 51,000 Price: €3,699 (around $4,200 – US price will most likely be lower) Full […]

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