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Nikon D5100 unofficial “StarWars” theme firmware now available

After Nikon’s firmware was successfully decrypted, we now have the first unofficial “StarWars” firmware update for the Nikon D5100. The new beta firmware includes only changes of the camera’s menu labels: Holocron – Playback menu Weapon System – Shooting menu Super Stardestroyer – Custom Setting menu Hyperdrive – Setup Menu Go to Dagobah Luke – Format Memory Card […]

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Nikon firmware decrypted

Nikon firmware has been decrypted by Simeon Pilgrim (with the help of  Vitaliy Kiselev – the person who hacked the Panasonic GH2 firmware). The decryption worked on D5100 and D7000 and is currently being tested on higher end models. The decryption itself doesn’t mean much at that point, but it may offer some neat “adjustments” in the future.

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New firmware updates for Nikon D5100 (v1.01) and D7000 (v1.03)

Today Nikon released new firmware updates for the Nikon D5100 and D7000 cameras. I actually never expected them to released another firmware update for the D7000 more than a year after it was announced. Fixes in the Nikon D5100 v1.01 firmware update (download link): An error recognizing some memory cards has been addressed. When Selective […]

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Five Nikon products receive the “iF design award 2012”

Four Nikon cameras (S100, P300, AW100 and D5100) and one microscope received the iF design award this year. I am surprised that the Nikon 1 did not receive an award (maybe it announced too late? no pun intended).

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Nikon D5100 body only now shipping in the US

It seems that the Nikon D5100 body only is now shipping in the US. Some stores on Amazon are slightly overpriced (the original price should be 799) but if you have pre-ordered already, you should be getting yours within the next few days. The 35mm f/1.8 DX lens is also in stock for the regular […]

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Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 3.7 now supports Nikon D5100

Apple released Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 3.7 with Nikon D5100 support:

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