Nikkor lens-only rebates are now live (plus new Nikon D7500 savings)

The new Nikon "lens-only" rebates are now live in the US at B&H and Adorama (many of the listings also offer cash back rewards and free accessories):

FX lenses

DX lenses

There are also new rebates on the Nikon D7500 camera:

The DX DSLR deals and camera + grip offers will continue until December 30 (see B&H and Adorama):

Nikon deals in Germany can be found here and here.

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  • Ed Hassell

    The two most attractive lenses listed are the 35/1.4 and the 24/1.8 — sadly, I don’t need either of them.

    There are also some body/grip deals that include “kit” lenses at a particularly good discount. The D500/grip/16-80 combo for just under $2400 is a great deal — sell the grip at 1/2 price if you don’t want it and you’re even further ahead of the game. And the 16-80 on the D500 is a really good lens — way better than the 24-120 on FX bodies.

    • a5m

      While the discounted price on the 35/1.4 isn’t exactly “attractive”, this is one of my most used lenses. It stayed on my D750 the entire time I was in LA and Scottsdale. The only time I took it off was to switch to the kit 24-120 and Noct and only because I brought them with me.

      I feel it’s a bit underrated but it’s a great all around lens.

  • HD10

    Finally, a $100 reduction on the D7500, whether stand alone or with the 16-80mm f/2.8-4.0E VR or the 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G VR zoom.

  • Vinnypimages

    Excellent news no reduction on the 8-15 Fish eye. A lens i definitely don’t need from the exif data of my current model but that I kind of want. Equally happy no movement on the 19mm T/S for similar reasons.

    • NYkon

      I would be more than happy for a reduction on the $3600 19MM PC-E Nikkor. Not sure what you’re talking about.

      • Allen_Wentz

        He is saying that because there is no substantive reduction he avoids the decision/expense of buying one. I fully get it because Nikon pretty much never discounts whatever it is that I am considering purchasing at any given moment.

        • Allan

          ” … never discounts whatever it is that I am considering purchasing at any given moment.’

          Wentz’s law.

          • NYkon

            A good law.

          • T.I.M

            This is true, whenever the new AF-S 14mm f/2.8E will come, on sale or not, I’ll buy it, because I NEED IT !

        • NYkon

          The sarcasm for some reason escaped me. I do agree with Vinnypimages. The recently expired deal on the Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8E FL was probably the only recent exception.

          • KnightPhoto

            Pickup a Canadian 70-200E, they are $500 off till Jan 11

    • Totally agree. Don’t need the fish eye or TS, but if they discount it, I will probably have to pull the trigger.

  • Photobug

    Holiday Savings are always welcome. Thanks. Nikon.

  • Drew

    D7500 w/ 16-80 for $1750 is tempting deal for what it is, but for just $250 more you get FX + similar lens AND a battery grip in the D750 + 24-120 deal. What gives?

    • AuxFawkes

      What gives is that the D750 has already been on the market for over 3 years and will likely see a replacement next year. The D750 + 24-120 was $2,999 when released.

    • Spy Black

      The 16-80 is a better lens.

      • Ed Hassell

        Considering that the 16-80 is a 5X zoom, it’s exceptional — one of the best non-pro zooms Nikon has ever designed.

        • Lou Rivera

          Actually, if you don’t need the D7500’s speed, the D7200 has a higher resolution sensor for portraits and landscapes, has 2 SD card slots and an option for a vertical grip. It also works with old Nikon lenses.

    • Allen_Wentz

      What the guys below said. Plus the D500 runs circles around the D750 in most ways above ultrawide angle.

      • TurtleCat

        The D500 is definitely nicer than the D750 overall, and I’ve had both. Just having the better buttons, no screen that lights up when you change certain modes, and a useful top dial is enough. The AF is nicer, though the 750 isn’t a slouch.

        I think people get a FX because they think they are supposed to not because they need the specific features.

        • Spy Black

          If you grew up with 35mm film cameras, you may find APS-C somewhat odd. It wasn’t until I got my D600 that I realized what didn’t look right to me. So for some, full frame feels “right”.

          A crop frame camera is cool if you need some reach tho. From time to time I consider picking up a D7200 for such shots. My M4/3 camera gives me even more reach, but APS-C gives you a decent compromise of reach and IQ.

          • TurtleCat

            I grew up with 35mm film as well. I guess being a technically-inclined person (as in software development, hardware tinkering, etc.) I’m just accustomed to being very adaptable to technology.

          • T.I.M

            Get a D7200, $800 is a a steal!
            I have it, and love it, I now use it from the 58mm f/1.4 all the way to my AF-i 400mm f/2.8
            For other lenses I use my D800.
            The D7200 have better ISO800 compared to the D800

          • Yeah, the focal length/angle of view is so baked in I can never seem to get comfortable with lens choice in APS-C, so I keep converting in my head. The IQ is a factor, but it’s of questionable value, to me, for anything short of 11 x 14 prints and larger. If you rely on subject/background separation in your work the FX is certainly better in any publishing format.

          • I’ve been debating on the D7200 for a while. Had the D7100 and loved it till it fell off a dam. Unless shooting action, sports, or video, personally would grab a D7200 over the D500 for the MP and reach.

            • Spy Black

              The D7100 wasn’t dam proof? 🙂

              The D7200 is a significant improvement over the D7100, in sensor and metering. The buffer was also improved.

              If I got a D7200, I would also want a 16-80 for it, but for their combined price a D750 starts to look more attractive to me.

            • Lou Rivera

              Totally agree. The D7200 sensor is incredible.

      • I really don’t know about the D500 running circles around the D750. Totally different cameras which for me personally, I sold my D500 after a few months and carry the D750 as a backup to the D850 unless I’m shooting timelapses, which I’ll carry two D3300’s plus the D750 and leave the D850 at home.

  • T.I.M

    $800 for the D7200!
    This is the deal of the year!
    Too bad I already have one!

  • Dirt Bagger

    You can expect more savings right the New Year.

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