The current Nikon “lens-only” rebates are expiring tomorrow

The current Nikon "lens-only" rebates are expiring tomorrow and will most likely be extended for the Black Friday sale next week. Some retailers also offer additional cash reward (see the dedicated pages at B&H, Adorama and Focus Camera):

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  • IronHeadSlim

    For the next round, I would love $100 off the 24mm f/1.8 for a nice walk around lens for a D500 since I doubt they will ever make a proper DX lens to do the same.

  • iKonOkLasT

    Such boring rebates on boring lenses.

    • Not so boring that you wouldn’t take the time to comment on them.

      • iKonOkLasT


    • Rick Francis

      Many are excited by the Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 14-24mm f/2.8G ED Lens. For underwater photographers it doesn’t have much competition.

      • iKonOkLasT

        True. The only interesting one of the lot.

    • Fly Moon

      It depends what you already own and what you actually need!

    • David Gottlieb

      Yawn – Such a boring comment 😉

      • iKonOkLasT

        *Yawn* Such a trite reply.

  • CG462

    They’ll be back.

    • Delmar Mineard Jr

      I agree. My hunch is this spring unless their sales are down over the holidays.

  • Fly Moon

    Hmmm. I am planning upgrading from Nikkor 24-70G to Nikkor 24-70 ED VR.
    That means I’llI have to get it today! I live in NYC. Adorama and B&H close today at 2pm until Sunday.

    I’ll have to use your links, @Peter.

    • Thanks!

      • Fly Moon

        Done. I just ordered and will pick it up later.

        • Enjoy, I am probably going to upgrade to the new 70-200mm f/2.8E next week when it goes on sale.

          • Proto

            yes, hope they give $400 off on 70-200E, very enticing : )

            • HD10

              Will likewise upgrade if the rebate is $400.

              No BH-Photo NikonRumors special rebate? =)

            • Nikon doesn’t allow that …. my thinking is that this lens will be good for the next 10 years, just like the previous model was. Prices will go only up from here on.

            • HD10

              Boycott Nikon … LOL! =)

              It’s an excellent lens … my only concern is that it is a tad heavy for international travel and hiking so the 70-200mm f/4G VR most often gets the nod.

            • Nobody Cares

              So for the 14-24 and 24-70 there’s no rush, right?

            • I got the 24-70 f/2.8E already, don’t need the 14-24 🙂

  • Luboš

    As per D850 no wonder they put everything in there, Nikon make this camera one minute till twelve. Would that be half a year later, it wouldn’t sell that well. In next year, it is going to be harder and harder to sell top natch DSLR. It is going to be interesting what they would do with D750, and what camera will be D6 in the future? Mirror less cameras are going to gain more and more traction. Good or bad. 🙂

  • Nikos

    Is there a guide anyone can suggest that explains all the letters (ED, G vs D etc) and the technology for all the lenses or at least the ones that fit Nikon (regardless brand)? Some of them, like the above, I know but I would like to get to know more, especially for other brands, like Sigma and Tamron.

    • RC Jenkins

      Nikon compatibility is a bit of a cluster…

      You can probably google around, but here’s a summary off the top of my head for some of the latest ones (for Nikon only):

      Focus / Indexing Type: (affects compatibility)
      AI = “Auto Indexing”, but you can think of these as manual focus lenses that will fit most Nikon DSLRs. They’ll only meter properly on higher-end Nikons (D7000 & above, except the D7500).

      AF / AF-D (“D”) = Autofocus lens, but requires motor in the body (D7000 & above). Usually lenses from the 90’s. These were largely phased out by Nikon, replaced by…

      AF-S = Autofocus lens, with ‘silent’ motor built into lens; should autofocus on any body. (2000’s). AF-S is probably the “most common, most compatible” modern Nikon lens type.

      AF-P = like AF-S, but uses a stepping motor. Only compatible with the latest models from the past 2-3 years. Easy way to think about it: on AF-S, when you turn the focusing ring, it directly moves the glass elements closer or further away. On AF-P, when you turn the focusing ring, it sends an electronic signal to the lens, which then moves the elements. Quieter for video. I think these are also all “E” type lenses (see below), but not all “E” lenses are also AF-P.

      “Micro” = ability to focus very close / enlarge the image, so that you can do ‘macro’ shots

      Aperture Type: (Affects compatibility)
      “G” = no dedicated aperture ring built into the lens. Most modern lenses are “G”–most AF-S lenses are also “G.”

      “E”-type = electronic aperture (vs. mechanical aperture). Most bodies in the last 10 years should work fine with “E” type lenses, and most are AF-S or AF-P also, meaning they’re fully electronic communication between the lens & camera. Not to be confused with “series E”, which were cheap, older manual focus lenses.

      Optics (shouldn’t affect compatibility, but could affect image quality):
      “ED” = extra-low dispersion glass. special type of glass in the lens.

      “PF” = phase fresnel glass, a different special type of glass in the lens

      “DX” = smaller image circle, for cameras with smaller sensors. (4-digit DSLRs).

      “FX” = ‘full frame’, for cameras with larger sensors (3-digit DSLRs)

      I think that’s it for the most common ones, but there are many others. Nikon’s mount has been all over the place years trying to maintain backwards mechanical compatibility for older lenses/cameras with newer technology & performance, which favours electronic communication. So cheaper bodies are missing some mechanical parts for backwards compatibility with older lenses.

  • riotsheelds

    Any word if the D610 will be discounted this year? Seems like Canon is allowing a couple of retailers to clear out their 6D’s.

    • I don’t think so.

    • I don’t think so.

    • Luboš

      Vistek here in Canada have D610 on order only. 🙂 and demo model not for sale since it is not discontinued yet. 🙂

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