Nikon patents new mechanical focal-plane shutter adapted for mirrorless

Nikon filed a patent in Japan (P2017-194642A) for a mechanical focal-plane shutter adapted for mirrorless cameras.

It's coming...

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  • Integral Moments

    Nikon took long time to start the mirrorless wagon, hope at least they improve in the video side of it.

    • Wildness

      No they didn’t. They get to examine all the success and failure in the market so far and learn from it.

      • Integral Moments

        Nonsense, takes more than 5 years to study and research and play a safe bet. Then by this logic sony deserves the credit and the success due to their risk taking and willing to win over some share market

    • TheMexican

      They are way into mirrorless. They had a very interesting run with the Nikon1 which made them learn a lot about that world. They have much more experience them people think

      • Integral Moments

        Sorry, yes they had the Nikon1 series but I didn’t give it an attention. Yes they have experience in the imaging department but not so well with video auto focus. I love the video of my d810 but hate the focus. Talking about experience: this one thing to have and executing is another. Whats the point of having all you need but not acting on it. I’m not trying to offend anyone here but waiting for the competition to grow more and more until it become more aggressive, that’s not a wise move.

        • MB

          Nikon 1 actually had insanely fast and accurate video AF, it was better and way more advanced than anything at the time and even by today standards it would be more than competitive …
          Strange thing is that Nikon for some reason refused to put any of this technology in DSLRs or to produce something mirrorless with larger sensor …

          • PhilK

            I have a feeling that the Nikon 1’s superiority in certain technical respects was at least partly dependent on technology in the Aptina sensor they were using,

            Then Aptina was swallowed-up by someone else, and perhaps that tech was either no longer available to them, or no longer exclusive to them, leading them to eventually give up on the product line entirely. (Though Nikon has never stated this directly, it’s rather obvious that development has stopped)

            • ITN

              It is easier to implement fast readout in smaller sensors which is why Nikon wasn’t able to make it in a larger sensor size at the time Nikon 1 was in development.

              They don’t put on-sensor PDAF in their DSLRs because there is a small image quality penalty involved and since DSLRs have a dedicated AF module they use that instead.

      • Hector Gonzalez

        They can see what Sony,Fuji and Olympus are doing. What fail, what sells or what is the best. Take your time nikon and make a great mirrorles ff and crop sensor camera. Give us an adapter for f mount and new mount with the highest quality. Sony and Fuji are listening to photographers and giving us great products. Nikon do not be cheap and make a big splash, otherwise your lens and cameras will only sell in swap meet, do not screw it up!!! Make 2018 great!

        • Julian

          That new Sony Eye focussing looks really impressive, mirrorless is getting to be a tough market.

          • PhilK

            Except reviewers complain that the Sony eye-focusing is very unpredictable in various use-cases.

            Not quite so simple. 😉

      • Spy Black

        It’s unfortunate Nikon crippled, and subsequently destroyed the N1 system because they felt it would’ve been a threat to DSLR market, especially their DX cameras. Had they made an unrestricted system, they would probably rule the 1-inch market today, and possibly could have started a whole new format war. 😀 N1 had SO much great potential. Shame.

        • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

          True on that and all that tech could have made it into the 3 DL series sooner (with mark 1 with less tech but spin the tech over time over several subsequent series).

  • Julian

    OK, so I’m curious, just what does this shutter blade design innovation enable?

    • It is a fayre device for curtailing the quantity of aether that causes itself, by means unknown and after passing through a gap so-formed for such purpose, to stryke upon a plate prepared in particular ways, so as to bring about a representation of such things as can be seen with the eye, yet enables a man to continue to behold such things after they have passed. The purpose of such curtailment being to render more intelligible in the eye of the beholder the scene so represented.

      • Julian

        haha 🙂

      • Julian

        Have you ever thought of applying to Nikon to help them write their user guides? as I think with explanations like above there would be massive improvements in user understanding.

        • Mr_Miyagi

          Or their apologetic press releases. Isn’t anyone at Nikon fluent in English enough to communicate with their global customer base in the language that so many of them speak, either as their first or second (or even third) language?

          • Sawyerspadre

            Maybe Nikon USA has asked them not to apologize in English. They launched a popular camera, that they are building in a plant that is probably right-sized for the actual steady demand. It would make no sense for them to wait to launch it, to build more units before launch. Tesla launched a new car and took thousands of pre-orders, and still can’t deliver the vast majority of them, and everyone calls Elon Musk a genius.

            Maybe Japanese culture demands and apology, but US culture, not so much.

            Japan: we are so sorry…

            USA: we built a great camera, get in line…

        • I’m already contracted to Olympus, but I’m just part of a team of three there: one of the others converts everything I write to a pictogram and the third associates the pictogram with text plucked at random from a thesaurus.

          • Julian

            I shall now rush out to buy my first ever Olympus camera!

    • Laud Farter

      Automatic oil splatter, for that dreamy, soft bokeh look amateurs love so much. It’s a feature, not a defect. Sorry to bring up that old joke

      • saywhatuwill

        You forgot to mention that it’s LOCALIZED “dreamy, soft bokeh look amateurs love so much.”

  • HotDuckZ

    I want central shutter but respect in Nikon.

    • HotDuckZ

      Long live focal plane shutter.

  • MB

    In this patent Nikon finally realizes that “Incidentally, the digital camera 1, A Mirrorless Camera is not an SLR Camera.” … go figure 🙂
    Anyways the patent was filled in April 2016 (2016.4.22) and is actually an improvement of patent 164804 from 2008 … so this is not all that new after all … and may been developed and ready for manufacturing for some time …

  • whisky

    just wondering how this patent improves upon Nikon’s mechanical shutter mechanism in their N1 V series cameras …?

    • MB

      They added additional shutter to improve evenness of exposure… or so they say:)

  • I’m sure this will culminate in a shutter that cycles 11 times per second. Interesting how Nikon Introduces the D810, Sony responds with their upgraded mirrorless flagship camera and Nikon gets to see it before they announce their own mirrorless. I’m probably reading more into it than is there, but it’s an intriguing thought.

  • The question is not if but when Nikon will ditch DSLR all together.

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