Deal of the day: refurbished Nikon 105mm f/1.4E ED lens for $1,692 ($500 off)

BuyDig is currently selling refurbished Nikon 105mm f/1.4E ED lens for $1,692 when you use coupon code “CLEAROUT10” at checkout. The regular price of this lens is $2,196.95. BuyDig is an authorized Nikon dealer.

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  • koenshaku

    That isn’t bad…

  • Proto

    That’s a deal – and closer to 85mm price!

    Nikon should have been priced like this from the beginning – and it would have sold a lot more!

    If they price it like a show room display Cartier Watch, people will look at it and move on.

  • Vince Vinnyp

    That is the weird thing about the exchange rate the D850 etc. A new 105mm 1.4 here ex tax is about the same as the starting price for that refurbished lens.

    • Where is “here”? Is “here” pretty? I’d much rather spend the tax on a vacation to “here” and buy the lens t”here”. Please let “here” be Fiji or Palau.

      • It’s the same “here” in india.

        • Proto

          How many years of free lens warranty does Nikon offer in India?

          They say, lens price in US is higher because they offer 5 year warranty…

          • Vince Vinnyp

            I get 5 years on all new Nikon stuff

          • 5 years ís very good. we have 2 years warranty.

      • Vince Vinnyp

        It’s UK (London) I think it’s pretty but not Fiji. 🙂

  • NikMan

    love this lens, … my favorite for sure, … makes everything soooooo NICE!

    • Aldo Here the picture on the left was shot with the 105 1.4 vs a conventional lens.

      • Lladnar

        So it shows less cleavage? Pass…

        • Aldo

          I didn’t even notice that good catch.

      • NikMan

        I think the conventional lens nailed it, …. I am now going to sell my 105, …. can you get me a date with the girl on the right please, …. SOOOOOOO HOT RIGHT NOW!

      • saywhatuwill

        Gotta love a woman that doesn’t take herself so seriously. She’s probably a blast at parties.

      • Well, I bet the one on the right can sure cook.

        • TwoStrayCats

          The one on the right was processed with Portrait Pro.

          • LOL. I have that S/W and it’s actually pretty good if you use a lot of restraint.

        • Aldo

          The less attractive the more skills

          • Which is why I’ve had to learn to do just about everything.

      • peter w

        you did mary her, didn’t you?
        Or is she your sister?

        BTW: I love the wide-angle effect on the 105 pict.

  • doge

    Sold out.

    • TwoStrayCats

      So’s the D850. Its a good match.

  • Fly Moon

    And it’s gone!

  • saywhatuwill

    I’d buy that 105mm at that price. I’ll hold out until that’s the cost of the lens new. 😉

    • You’ll be waiting a long time.

      • Maybe never. Níkon keeps on íncreasíng príces.

      • saywhatuwill

        That’s okay. I still have the ol’ 85mm f/1.4G to hold me over.

  • Keith Calvin Leong

    Hi peter do u have readers had dust experience with the 105 14? I have changed my copy for four times but still have some issues.

    • not that i know of

    • Captain Megaton

      Four times? So now we know a) why Nikon charges so much for it and b) why there are so many refurbs.

      • John Gadd

        Is this often used term by Nikon and its global retail outlets, “refurbished” actually regular new stock ?.
        Is this a clever safe marketing strategy that Nikon protects its branding and its actually a way of moving/shipping and selling products that are not selling as much or have slowed in demand,
        and rather than say “discount ” as this may cheapen the Nikon branding .
        You never see a Porsche or Ferrari “discounted” and in many countries around the world they don’t even advertise.

        • I think Nikon does this but not all the time.

          • Proto

            Yup, I think the 24-70 2.8G on Nikon’s website selling as refub — is intended to clear inventory. Other models – which are likely returns – often sell out, but the 24-70G is perpetually there.

        • Captain Megaton

          It’s usually returns, but it’s useful to dispose of dead stock this way too since the warranty cost to Nikon is cheaper.

      • Keith Calvin Leong

        Bit of ridiculous, not sure whether you own one or not, I have done the test for my 400 2.8e 70-200 2.8e and 800 5.6e by using a lit loupe underneath the rear or you can use your smart phone flash light to lit from the bottom (with front and rear cap open and look through from the front element), then you will be able to spot on those dust like particles just behind the very first element and lots of flare spots (I had been told by one of the authorised shop this may have to do with the coating) Including the first one, I am using the 5th copies and none of them is perfectly clean like the other three different lens I done test for (they all are crystal clean and no particles or whatsoever. Note this is the first 1.4 prime manufactured in China, not trying to implicating anything but it never happened to me before.

        • Captain Megaton

          I don’t doubt you are correct, but how can a best put this: if you value your sanity don’t go examining your lenses with a flashlight and magnifying glass.

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