Next rumored Nikon D850 announcement date: August 24th

The next rumored Nikon D850 announcement date is August 24th (±1 day depending on your time zone). Shipping is expected to start in mid-September.

As some of [NR] readers already noticed, yesterday Nikon Japan posted the D850 teaser again on Facebook and Instagram with a link to the Nikon Fan Meeting that will take place on August 26th indicating that the camera will be on display at that event:

Like the new Nikon D850 Facebook page and join the growing Nikon D850 Facebook group for a more detailed coverage of the upcoming announcement.

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  • Juan Arroyo

    it looks like this camera is never going to come out !!!! the 18th the 24th ,,whats the next date after the 24th ??? im not blaming anybody but come on !!!

    • The 18th was based on the slides, nothing else. It was a guess.

      • Coffee

        What 18th? Wasn’t it the 16th on the slide?

        • Yes, I don’t even know where the 18th came from.

          • We are all getting confused in the excitement.

    • Antonio

      As you say…come on!!!
      The only date change you could blame would be one set by Nikon themselves…otherwise you are only criticizing someone’s guesses (and Peter does explain it clearly) and taking those ones to produce your “sentence” that “it looks like this camera is never going to come out !!!!”…is it the best you can do?!!!

      • Juan Arroyo

        Did u read my comment ? Not blaming anybody,,did I mentioned peter?? I think he’s pretty damn good I’ve been following him for a long time now ! Is That best you can do ?

        • No problem at all.

        • Antonio

          It seems you’re the one that didn’t read my comment because I didn’t say you referred Peter at all but only that he explained it well (“The 18th was based on the slides, nothing else. It was a guess”) so no matter how impatient you can be about the release date and even if I didn’t get the real thinking behind your comment maybe it isn’t that strange I related it to the ones that keep blaming Nikon’s product strategies. Stay well.

          • Juan Arroyo

            You stay well antonio!!!!!!

      • Coffee

        So after the announcement you will complain about waiting for the release date…. then once its available everywhere, you will complain about the mirror-less camera not yet announced other then it’s coming. Are you going to complain about the replacement of this camera for the next 3-4 years too?

        • Antonio

          To the contrary, manufacturers have their strategies and customers their interests that match or not at a given moment and all you suggest can only contribute to a stressed life for the ones that act like that, usually due to GAS more than real needs because when you really need something you get what the market offers to satisfy it and will not be dependent on expectations that may materialize or not to your satisfaction and not just for “replacement” purposes.

  • TwoStrayCats

    This time we’re double-double sure its going to happen.

  • Captain Megaton

    Aug 23rd more likely, for GMT+9.

    • Why 08:00 BST (GMT+9 ?)?

      • Captain Megaton

        12 noon or 1 pm.

  • Bryan Szucs

    @NikonRumors:disqus do you think there’s any surprise spec or feature not known about the D850 yet, or are you pretty certain there’s no surprises left and all the features have been leaked?

    • I don’t think there will be any surprises, even if I missed something, we should have seen it in the leaked presentation slides.

      • Ric of The LBC

        But what about the ..,,,,,,,

        DRINK Ric.

        • No EVF, no drinks 🙂

    • JXVo

      We only have the ‘rumored’ core physical and performance specs and there is little if anything more to be gleaned from leaked pics of the camera. There could be many changes under the skin and in the firmware that will hopefully add value we cannot see.

      This was certainly the case from D800 to D810. Some features changed but a lot of smaller changes happened in the menus and elsewhere that significantly refined the D810 over the already excellent D800. If Nikon has paid attention to user feedback as they claim then we will get more than just Snapbridge and higher fps.

  • Photoman

    Could this be the holy grail camera body?

    • Senor Magnifico

      3-4 years ago? YES

      • Reilly Diefenbach

        No, that was the D800, and it was :^)

        • … and that was over 5 years ago …

  • MY OB

    My Guess, first week of Sept, big reveal. Only spec left yet is the price. Maybe, they will be smart and price it so they sell tens of thousands of them.

    • Coffee

      I cannot see them not having hands on for the fan event. So specs should be available for August 26, probably before the event. Would be stupid to not provide the price at the same time.

      • Kob12

        Price is the absolutely last thing a company announces for a new product. It is the most competitive spec of them all, and you don’t want to spill that info to competitors before its time.
        Smart companies usually announce prices no earlier than 4-6 weeks from availability date.

  • Adnan

    The actual 4 yr. update was due in 2016 but let’s see what “magic” Nikon has brought to “The Hercules rising” 🙂
    i hope for the D5 meter and AF
    8-10 fps will be HUGE leap.
    fingers crossed…

    • You can take D5 AF and metering for granted.

  • exactly

  • Ushanas Trivedi

    Madness (interest) is quite visible. Every single post, even with small updates, on D850 generates around a thousand or more comments for 2 to 3 months now. Most of other posts not related to D850 struggles to cross even hundred mark. It is unprecedented.

  • Thomas Ruisch

    Same. I just sold my D800 plus grip and second battery for 1300 on eBay… consider it a down payment on the 850. B&H notification already set. Can’t wait….and glad I skipped the D800E and D810

    • sickheadache

      I rent. But i did buy the D800…and rented after that….it is hard to keep up like that. AND will Rent the D850. With Sigma Art Line. I am waiting to see what Nikon game changer will they do in the Mirrorless Department in 2018.

      • Reilly Diefenbach

        My prediction: DX.

  • ปฐมพร อินทรสูต

    ถ้าไม่ใช่นะ ระเบิดโรงงานแม่งทิ้งเลย ยิ่งบ้านอยู่ใกล้ๆด้วย 5555

    • MB

      “If you do not blow up a factory The house is close by. 5555”
      Whats so funny?

      • TinusVerdino

        If not, let’s blow up the factory. The house is nearby. 5555

        I don’t think blowing up the factory is very effective for getting Nikon to announce the damn’ camera already Pathomporn!

    • Roger S

      Perhaps our Thai friend means: “If not (i.e., if no announcement), let’s blow up the factory. The building? (house?) is close by.” 5555 = hahahaha, or Thai version of lol (as MB implies). [Very bad insomnia tonight, so I may be wrong.] Anyway, let’s not blow up the factory quite yet. : )

      • Michiel953

        Lame sense of ‘humor’.

      • Thai word for 5 sounds like ‘ha’ so they often use 555 for ha ha ha.

        • Max


      • I deleted this comment for several reasons.

    • ปฐมพร อินทรสูต

      I’m upset with the rumors. I have been waiting for so long Finally,Damn it was no sign of this shit!!!

  • TinusVerdino

    Yes that’s a thursday. If not 24 then 31 or 7 or 14 or 21 etc….

  • Phil Kariatlis

    this is becoming like the dl

    • sickheadache

      what? The DL series was many months of nothingness…Nikon is truly going to release a D850.

  • Spy Black

    It was a joke, but welcome. 🙂 I was thinking you should change your name to Spy White and have an opposing looking white spy profile pic, this way we look like we’re talking to each other. 🙂

    I didn’t know there was a S-v-S game for the C-64. My first computer was a C-128. Still have it in my closet, actually.

    • Black Spy

      Hehe! I always though Black Spy was cooler in the game – but good point, White Spy would’ve been a nice compliment :-). I’ve still got my C64 in a box, too.

  • T.I.M

    Well, Saturday 2PM and I still don’t know where I will be for the total solar eclipse.
    We are thinking about Columbia in Gerogia but the weather is not positive for Monday after noon (cloudy) so I will have to check again Sunday morning.
    Anyway, if you see an ugly French guy with a huge 400mm f/2.8 and a beautiful Asian woman next to him, that will be me!
    Good luck everyone, I can’t wait to see the pics next week.

    • Allan

      Good luck getting good weather and pictures.

    • IronHeadSlim

      Honestly, hope you get some great shots!

    • I applaud anyone making photos of the eclipse, but honestly, there will be all kinds of photos available by astronomers and it’s not like someone gets a better angle/point of view. I’m going to take a selfie of my wife and me with the sun over our shoulders and then enjoy the miracle of the eclipse. Maybe one extra shot with the Df and my 14mm to capture some stars and the sunset glow along the horizon.

      • nwcs

        Yes, there will be many photos of the event, and many selfies. But I have to take pics, too. It is one of the ways I’ll connect to the event and remember it. Where I live I’ll have 92 seconds of totality and I plan to enjoy it 🙂

        • I just fear that many will fall into the old trap of “Hey, how was your European vacation?”. “Well, I don’t know, I haven’t gotten my slides back yet.” By the way, where do you live? I’m in Boise and will have to drive a few miles.

          • nwcs

            Lol, I’m going to try to avoid that trap. I’d love to see Boise sometime. Everything I’ve seen of Idaho speaks to its beauty. I’m on the other side of the eclipse path.

  • Thom Hogan

    There are number of Sony patents dealing with FP noise and dark current recently. They all seem to be trying to temper the problems the other things Sony is trying to do with sensor tech cause. For instance, there are several approaches to getting more dynamic range, but many of them increase dark current and/or FP noise. A lot of this is being driven by non-camera imaging needs.

  • Christopher

    Price is the absolutely last thing a company announces for a new product. It is the most competitive spec of them all, and you don’t want to spill that info to competitors before its time. Smart companies usually announce prices no earlier than 4-6 weeks from availability date.

    • Kob12

      Is there a reason that you copied my comment yesterday verbatim?

  • Actually 2 days closer!

  • T.I.M

    ATHENS in Tennessee, see you guys there!

  • I thought this came out a couple of weeks ago, isnt it out yet. Maybe it was coming out then it went back in a bit, and now its out a bit again, hopefully it doesnt go back in again.

  • Bob King

    Does anyone know the function of the small protrusion just above the diopter wheel?

    • Nobody knows. Lots of ideas including that it is only part of the diopter adjustment housing. I am hoping is is part of an inbuilt WR-R10 for wireless remote and flash control.

  • Alexander Gray

    So racism and sexism don’t exist because they don’t effect you directly? Is that what you’re saying to me.

    We KNOW the circumstances because the workers TOLD us and the company settled based on what the workers told us. If that tells us nothing but the reason the employees were upset then it still tells us a LOT.

    • David Gottlieb

      Shame on you for putting words in my mouth. And don’t tell me what effects me or doesn’t. Condescending attacks will honestly get you nowhere. With me or with the workers.
      Often companies settle out of court becasue it is more expedient and less expensive to do so. I don’t know whether the allegations are true or not, but they settled. Everyone is happy. There you have it.
      Maybe you should go tell the workers it was idiotic of them to settle. I’m sure that will go over big. It seems like everyone has moved on concerning this, but you.

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