More Nikon D850 pictures leaked online: RAW and JPG options, size comparison with the Df

The next Nikon D850 leaked pictures comes from this dpreview forum discussion (direct link to pictures):

Here is the description in case the images get removed:

The NEF options show on the picture were:

  • RAW L (large): 8256 x 5504, 45.4MP
  • RAW M (medium): 6192 x 4128, 26.6MP
  • RAW S (small): 4128 x 2752, 11.4MP

The JPG/TIFF options shown on the second picture were:

  • Large: 8256 x 5504, 45.4MP
  • Medium: 6192 x 4128, 25.6MP
  • Small: 4128 x 2752, 11.4MP

The third picture was a side by side comparison between the D850 and the Df (front view).

The fourth picture was also a side by side comparison between the D850 and the Df (side view) - you could clearly see the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth logos above the mic, headphones and HDMI ports. The AF selector had two visible positions: AF and M. The BKT button was in the usual location under the pentaprism.

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  • PubliusII

    That makes the D850 a hulking monster of a fistful. And I thought the Df was oversized (and it is).

  • ninpou_kobanashi

    Dang, still no closeups of the hump.

    • silmasan

      Aaahhh… The days when Nikonians were obsessing over a hump… ^_^

    • BVS

      Not till hump day.

    • MB

      Here is the one on D500, Nikon just thought that this is not big enough hump for FX camera 🙂

      • ninpou_kobanashi

        I did check out older models when the hump appeared. If you look closely, it does look different from the D850. That hump is inverted.

        • MB

          I see that, but inverted or not it is just a hump and nothing more… a hump for crying out loud.., how can a hump initiate so much idle imagination I wonder…

          • ninpou_kobanashi

            Speculation keeps us busy while we wait 😉

      • Ric of The LBC

        Whatcha gonna do with all that junk
        All that junk inside your trunk
        I’ma get get get get you drunk
        Get you love drunk off my hump…

        • MB

          Frankly … I prefer those humps too 🙂

  • Df is prettier.

    • C-M

      Df is ugly and nothing like a FM or F3

      • Iceman

        I agree, FM2t or fm3a are best in term of aesthetics

  • Ed Hassell

    Past midnight EDT (UT-4) and still no announcement. Depressing….

    Not that it really matters as I won’t be buying until April/May next year anyway.

    • If there is an announcement this week, it will be on the 16th, or Tuesday around midnight EST

  • Carlo

    Why comparing to the Df … Is there a Df2 coming ?

    • Ed Hassell

      These images were obviously not prepared by Nikon. Whoever created them had a Df body and access to at least two copies of the excellent Voigtlander 58mm f/1.4P AiS Nokton lens — a BIG clue they didn’t come from Nikon.

      • Maybe they came from Voigtalnder 🙂

        • Ed Hassell

          LOL — I’m sure the lenses did. However, as slick an operation as Cosina/Voigtlander is, I doubt they are the source, either.

          • yes, I was joking 🙂

    • C-M

      The guy who took the pictures and put them on DPR was unfortionate to own a Df
      He put it on the shelf beside the Nikon guys D850 for comparison .
      So no, a new Df isn’t coming (yet)

  • Graham Blaikie

    I would be interested to see what improvements they bring to video autofocus on the D810. As far as I can see the only AF-P lens for full frame is the AF-P NIKKOR 70-300mm f/4.5-5.6E ED VR with its fast silent stepping motor. I wonder if Nikon will ever produce proper cine lenses or will it still be third party lenses?

    • MB

      Proper cine lenses are manual focus mechanical beasties …
      Other than that I agree with you, it is a shame Nikon stopped making lenses for mostly anything else than their own cameras and primarily for photography, and I would love to see F mount Nikon Cine series because it would mean Nikon is serious about video and maybe even for PL mount …

  • framedrelay

    Isnt 850 body in same league as D810 and 800e? Any difference other than Tilt & touch screen? (Any information about Evf? or base native iso?)

    • JXVo

      The body is more a clone of the D500 form factor with obvious adjustments for the larger FX mirror box and prism. And D500 is an evolution of the D810 body with many similarities

      • C-M

        The D500s body is an evolution of D750 not the D700/D8xx series
        It’s a cost cutting sheapscate

        • Wait, you think getting the same camera in a larger package would be less cost cutting? It costs more money to make the D850 styled after the D500 and not the D810 as the changes needed would be minimal then.

          D810 replacement in a D500 body is absolutely not cost cutting, this will abate Sony defections and photographer back blowouts. D500 sized D850 was just about the number one desperate begging comment here before the D850 reveal.

          • Michiel953

            It would be quite an accomplishment to have a full frame sensor and all those features in a professional quality D500-sized body.

            Cheapskating my *rse.

            • C-M

              Plastic passion

            • Michiel953

              Carbon reinforced composites. Not plastic.

            • Magnesium allow bends and warps just as easily as carbon-reinforced composites crack and break. I’ve done sufficient testing of this statement for it to be credible. Not proud of that, but at least now you know.

            • Michiel953

              I’ve always see carbon composites as a lighter way to achieve the same strength (bicycle frames) as metal alloys; but certainly not as a cheaper way.

            • Kob12

              I’m waiting for a beryllium body. The best for rigidity, light weight and strength.

            • A. F.O.

              Be is Carcinogenic.

            • A long time ago I worked in a semiconductor manufacturing plant. The people working in the area that used beryllium were extremely carefully monitored. Nobody else was allowed access. Very nasty stuff. Inhalation of the dust is deadly.

        • JXVo

          I don’t entirely agree. Cornerstone of that (dare I say it) prosumer body style is the U1/U2 and Scene modes in addition to PASM on the top dial and the menu structure that goes with them. D500 doesn’t have idiot modes. Its controls and features are very much along the lines of D200/300/700/800/810. This is also a big part of the reasoning of those who say the D750 is not the true D700 successor (and they’re right although it is still an excellent camera). Same argument explains why D500 is the true D300 successor and not D7x00. It is Nikon’s inconsistent approach to model numbering rather than body styles or feature sets that cause the confusion.
          Pics of D850 leaked so far confirm that it will use an evolution of the small pro body line.

          • RC Jenkins

            While I somewhat agree with some of what you wrote, U1/U2 are not ‘idiot modes’. They are ‘quick modes’ very useful for cameras designed for shooting diverse scenarios. They’re not ‘program auto’–they’re full manually defined user presets. Much quicker than changing every individual setting.

            ‘Idiotic’ would describe the bank system on Nikon’s pro line–they really need to improve this and the workflow, especially on well rounded cameras like the D850.

            • JXVo

              I thought that might stir some controversy. The U1/U2 are useful, I was really referring to the scene modes. I use the bank system extensively but I agree it is klunky and needs work. Not much work either. Would be nice to have 6 or more sets of settings per bank, to be able to save defaults and to have a quick way of selecting settings from the banks. In my experience most photographers, as in 90% plus, don’t set them up to get full advantage. With 2 banks of 4 sets you can effectively have up to 16 combinations (but not all useful) for flash setups, tripod setups, different lighting conditions and varuous genres of photography.

        • Michiel953

          Of course. You sound very knowledgeable.

  • Ferdinand

    Very Usable even RAW S

  • bharat

    Still no word of specs on DX mode….How many fps in DX mode and how many MP in DX mode? Any idea?

    • Mike

      It’s an upscale D500 sensor. 20mp DX = 45.x mp FX. So the DX area will be 20mp. D850 and D500 in one. 🙂

      • bharat

        That is perfect news for me…..I get my wildlife and landscape in 1 gear…DX for bird photography and FX for landscape and general travel photography……..Hope it can hit 10-12 fps in DX mode with the Battery Grip…..I think if it can hit 9fps in FX with the battery grip, then 10-12 is realistic in DX mode with battery grip

        • Max

          It will probably still be 9 in DX

          • bharat

            That is slower than the D500…..I hope it will be more…………

  • Adam Fo

    Looking at that cutaway diagram of the larger than normal prism, there still seems to be plenty of space for the gubbins for a hybrid finder. A later, and more expensive D850 V might have it. That switch or port cover above the dioptre wheel is part of it !

  • DafOwen

    Not noticed it before or seen it mentioned – is that little red parch next to the grip a IR receiver you think ?
    Not mentioned on the Spec page on here.

    • Vince Vinnyp

      That will be a blinking light for the self timer.

      • DafOwen

        Ah yes – with the absence of the AF assist light – they could have replaced it with a LED – you’re probably right.

    • Spy Black

      Probably IR receiver.

    • DafOwen

      Has replaced the AF assist lamp……

    • Ric of The LBC

      Microagression warning light.

  • Mike

    This might be the perfect camera. I do wedding and commercial stuff and to switch between 26 and 45 with one camera is a dream. All that remains is to hear about the IQ between the smaller RAW files. I think with Canon’s sRAW, it’s not really RAW. But if someone knows about this I’m all ears. 🙂

    • MB

      If it is the same as with D4s and D810 small RAW, and I believe it is just S and M are different down-sampling, it is actually 11-bit YCbCr coded image … something like JPEG on steroids … so nothing like a RAW file …
      Besides sRAW file size (at smallest S settings) is just a tad smaller than full resolution 12-bit Lossy Compressed NEF file … so you will be far better of with using this if the file size is an issue for you and resample at will IMHO …

      • Mike

        Cool, thanks MB.

  • Murray Miller

    Something I have seen in the slides that I don’t see anyone talking about is the ability to zoom in on autofocus for very precise focus. Maybe I’m missing it but this seems like a very nice/useful feature to me. I don’t see this on other cameras in Nikon’s lineup.

    • JXVo

      On current Nikon bodies with Live View you can zoom in using the LCD to assist focusing.

  • Ed Hassell

    Assuming these images to be accurate, then approximate DX mode pixel count should be:

    Large: 5400 x 3600 = 19.4 M
    Medium: 4050 x 2700 = 10.9 M
    Small: 2700 x 1800 =. 4.9 M

    That’s essentially 93.7% of the D500 numbers.

  • MjR

    Is it possible the lever/button that may be on the right side of the VF (not the dioptic, but the “mystery” one) be a way to preview the focus steps you have set for a focus stack? It could be a 2 finger operation, one on the DoF preview button and then hit the mystery lever/button repeatedly to observe the focus steps? Or it may work with/without DoF preview. It seems logical to have such a thing…..

    • Interesting idea but would such a button need to be on the viewfinder?

      • MjR

        You are correct. it does seem an odd place unless they somehow thought it made sense ergonomically. I was trying to tie one of the features we already know about to the need for an additional button of some type and it is the only logical one I could connect.

        • It would seem that it might be:
          1. a button or switch
          2. a cover over some kind of connector
          3. a bulge in the casing to accommodate something.

          If it’s 1 then surely ergonomics mean it wouldn’t be for use whilst taking a photo. If it’s 3 then that could be something new and significant or not. I had thought 2 more likely. Now I think it’s 3 and not significant. Possibly gears related to the dioptre adjustment as many have suggested.

    • Antonio

      How would you preview the focus steps via the optical viewfinder for jobs so diverse as landscapes and macro beyond 1:1 looking at the result of each step at a time and ending up with a clear idea of the final effect resulting from as much as up to 300 shots?

      And, would the camera shoot all the images or just simulate the focus variations (a facility that would be another première for a DSLR)?

  • Do yourself a huge favor and test the raw formats for yourself to see if there’s actually a difference. You’ll be surprised at just how identical a 14-bit uncompressed file is to a 12-bit compressed file. Even the most diabolically bad editing won’t reveal posteurization or artifacting. Over the past decade I have shot well over 1 million 12-bit compressed NEF files and have not once had an issue with the “pliability” of a file. Seriously, just do the test, no matter how skeptical or, “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”, you feel…

  • Mike

    Ha ha, no. I have no expectations. But I am eager to hear it from the horses mouth, so to speak. The D4/s and 800 series small RAW was too small for me to use anyway. So I never played with it. But the D850 specs are intriguing in this regard. Storage I’m not concerned wth. Storage is cheap. It’s more that I have different cameras for different strengths (D750/810), and to equalize the resolution at point of capture when shooting dual cameras but still being able to switch to the a higher resolution when needed it’s quite appealing. Guess I’ll just wait for the press release. 🙂

  • Greg Smith

    This camera really looks like it is going to be amazing. I’m not gonna be switching from Canon because of my lens investments and the cost of converting, but I hope these sell in big enough numbers to really shake Canon up. In the meantime, looks like Nikon shooters have yet another great camera that comes a big step closer to being the ideal high end all-in-one DSLR than anything that has come before it.

    If, down the road, Nikon comes out with a D850 evolution with optional EVF and OTIS, (or perhaps their high-end mirrorless offering, which could well use the new D850 tech and be EVF and OTIS equipped), I might need to rethink that system conversion cost.

  • Naomi404

    Love the raw and jpg options. I have never been a fan of that silly tilting LCD screen.


    When’s show time?

    • I don’t think it’s tonight, but check back at midnight EST to make sure.

    • Tom

      The suspense is killing me!

      • Ed Hassell

        Given the accidentally published place holder tonight (Tuesday), it could possibly be tomorrow night (Wednesday) about midnight. Maybe. Hopefully.

  • PaPaJ

    Maybe it is nothing but…when you go to press releases page on Nikon Cameras USA there is a weird “test” page.?

    • Hmmm, this is interesting….

    • jbourne
      • Ed Hassell

        It’s Latin. Took 2 years of it back in high school. Still remember “Gallia est omnis divisa in partes tres” …. Someone on Nikon’s site is up to something strange.

        • Ed Hassell

          My translation skills are very rusty and Google made a complete mess of it; however, some of the phrases might be NSFW.

          • JXVo

            Its a standard nonsense passage sometimes used by web page developers and others as a placeholder or to test and set up formatting while developing content .

            Something is on the brew

            • Ed Hassell

              Have you actually translated it? Some of it seems rather off color. Taken as a whole, it is mostly jibberish.

            • JXVo

              No. Wikipedia has an entry on the Lorem Ipsum passage. It is a scrambled version of an old text with additions ….. Not meant to make sense

            • Ed Hassell

              Thanks. I’d never encountered it before. Just looked it up. Cicero on pleasure and pain. Guess that describes website creation aptly.

            • Well it’s the main press room page and obviously temporary. Either a mistake or someone making an out of hours change for something ….

            • I think it’s a template. For the D850 press release.

            • Ed Hassell

              So the S&M references are aimed at us! lol.

            • Yes, it’s just a template. They were working on a new post on the website and forgot to remove it.

            • Tom

              Yes, it looks like the web developer published the page instead of saving it as a draft.

            • yes, they were preparing for something….

            • silmasan

              What JXVo said. It’s traditional placeholder/boilerplate text in webdev or typography/layout design etc.

        • Steve Timman

          O S T mus tis nt? Caesar es mortua, sed Latina vive. Or something like that.

          • Ed Hassell

            LOL! At almost seventy and trying to remember enough to translate that nonsense, I feel Caeser’s pain and, at this late hour, am amazed that my Latin is alive enough to have recognized even a few phrases.

  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    Less than 15min to go?

  • tomskyphoto

    It’s almost 06:00 PM in Tokyo.

    Think we can call it a day – delay? – now. Maybe some Nikon employees and affiliates in China know a little bit more by now.

    • No, not a delay – this date came from the leaked slides. We just assumed it was the day of the announcement. I never got a confirmation for that.

      • tomskyphoto

        Had the tongue-in-cheek “delay” reference removed from my post pretty quickly as it wasn’t exactly appropriate.

        Like you said correctly – there was no serious information for an announcement on Aug. 16th other than that date picked from some dubious Chinese presentation.

        • No problem, just wanted to clarify because some people will make a headline out of it.

  • JasonsArgonauts

    500! Woohoo! 😀

  • JXVo

    The test page is still up on Nikon USA website. For a website that showcases your products to several hundred million people in one of your largest markets this is not particularly professional. I’d be wanting to project a more polished image if it was my company. I wonder what’s going on?

    • It’s perfectly clear. TEST TEST. it’s just to say that they are still testing the D850 🙂

      • JXVo

        Lol 🙂

      • Having said that, i am discovering these last few days how unreasonably impatient i am!

        Com’on Nikon!

    • I can make a post about it and they will fix it in 5 minutes 🙂

  • silmasan


    hump hump hump hump hump
    Nikon just show it already

    • Coffee

      Give it another week or so. Next week would line up with their first event (August 24) and give then 4 weeks after the announcement. Also co-inside with an astrological even next week involving light.

      The stars are align for marketing.

      • silmasan

        I know… there’s the Obon festival in Japan this week, but… but… I mean, just one more leak on the hump, please… 😛 nvm I’m just biding my time.

      • I wish Nikon marketing is that good 🙂 We shall see.

  • Keith Walls

    I still contend the pre-announcement announcement was poor marketing. They should take a play from the Apple playbook and just announce it. For certain products (e.g. iMac Pro) Apple announced it 6 months before it would be available. Ostensibly, I think, to keep their “pro” buyers from jumping to Windows. See the analogy?

    • Apple recently “pre-announced” their new Mac Pro desktop. It will be available at the end of the year. When you screw up something, I think pre-announcement makes sense.

    • BigEater

      To me it is fun the way this is dripping out. It builds anticipation and cuts down on whining about “when is the D810 update coming.”

  • Michiel953

    Didn’t know where to post this, but I’ve got my invitation for the Meet & greet on the 24th…


    • silmasan

      Great! Hope they’ll let you have some hands-on time with the bastard uh.. D850!

      • Michiel953

        Don’t know yet if I can go…

        • Allan

          Maybe you can sell (auction) your invitation to one of Nikon Rumors readers. 🙂

          • Michiel953

            Ahh. Now there’s an idea…

        • silmasan

          Just think of the possibility of an unexpected door prize — a free d850… to be shipped as soon as they come…

          • Michiel953

            That does it. I’m going.

  • BigEater

    I love that you can shoot 11 mp raw files. Forward into the past!!!!

  • outkasted

    Nikon needs to release a Stils only mirrorless camera. No holds barred decent price with contrasty lenses. Improved focus detection via manual focus superior low light for street, concert, durable body and wifi. Do this and watch Nikon grow

  • Dim_dim

    Δεν πηδιέστε ρε μαλάκες που είστε όλοι πρώτοι;

    • Allan

      Google translates this from Greek as:

      You do not jump on the balls that you are all first.

      I do not understand the original Greek nor Google’s translation. (But it sounds interesting.)

  • Luis F. Vidal
  • donna

    The 850 is way out of my price range so this new Nikon wil be for rich folks. I am lucky to have a D7100 which takes 2nd place to my iPhone 7 plus.
    This is always with me and the quality of the photos get better with every new IPhone. It would be amazing for Nikon and even Canon to work with Apple to improve the iPhone cameras.
    Although iPhones escalate in price, the cameras seem to be giving DSLRs a run for their money. If increased numbers of photographers is a goal of all the big camera builders, helping iPhone users get some breath taking shots with additional camera settings would make your cameras within reach of us lower socioeconomic groups.

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