Nikon D850 presentation slides (part 1)

I just received this set of Nikon D850 presentation slides that leaked in China earlier today. I did not see any major surprises from I have been already reporting for months. Here are the first set of slides:

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  • BillK

    Booooo…. new battery pack required. 🙁

    Was thrilled when I got to transfer my MB-D12 from my D800 to my D810.

    • Fly Moon

      Move on. Do you still use your cassettes?

      • John Mackay

        The MB-D12 takes D5 batteries, so no need to straw man. Probably a money grab rather than engineering problem.

        • Fly Moon

          It’s not the same shape. Do you want them to keep the shape for ever?

          • John Mackay

            It depends how not the same it is, if the camera is much thinner and narrower sure. My guess is it is the same size as my MB-D12 matches my D500 pretty well. They could have made the ports and screws line up, then for a better looking match buy the new one, or if you prefer use the old one from your D810 and save some money. The grip line not quite matching doesn’t matter as only the base needs to match up.

            • Fly Moon

              What about the joystick?
              Maybe YOU don’t care, but professionally and design wise it should be different. Jamming a square into a circle is not right!

            • silmasan

              I was quite sure the MB-D17 would fit though..

      • BillK

        Yeah, not quite the same.

        • Fly Moon

          When was the grip introduced?

  • I’m particularly curious about the slide regarding the viewfinder and what is taking up all that space where the flash used to be.

    • RC Jenkins

      It says it has a larger viewfinder. 0.75x magnification, which is the largest on an FX camera.

      • nice… thanks!

  • Tomáš Andraščík

    why without AA filter?? I dont like no aa filter oversharpened artefacts

  • Pixyst

    Little translation help. My Chinese is a little rusty.

  • Originaru

    WOW! If this camera does not come with any major QC problems it will be awesome, still i think it will compete in pricing with the A9 which will limit it to be striking success.

  • Ronald604

    Where does it say anything about memory card media? What is confirmed?

    • silmasan

      Check the other post.. xqd/sd

  • Ronald604

    With a buffer this size do we really need to have the XQD card? The XQD can be around 450 mb/s well the SD UHS-II cards, say average at 150 mb/s (for the mid level range). I don’t shoot sports much, mostly fashion, portraits, etc..

  • So happy about illuminated buttons D5 AF, and AF points going to 1/2 the size, this is cool not to mention all the other great things, this camera is going to be a huge success for Nikon, Im really happy for them

  • Michał Świtnicki

    Slide 3 seems to present some selectable low-pass filter, akin to what Pentax offers on K-3, K-3II and K-1 bodies.

  • Rana

    Anything in here about video Codec? Bitrate? Framerate?

  • Frank Nazario

    YYYEEEAAAHHH!!!!!! 75 megapixels???? bye bye medium format!!! HEEELLOOO FF

    • Pics

      Like you own a medium format camera. You’re pathetic.

  • PaulDutchshooter

    I see Nikon D5s there mentioned as well !!!!!

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