Additional Nikon D850 specifications

In the past week I have received a lot of details on the new Nikon D850 DSLR camera - thanks to everyone who sent me an email. Here is an updated list of the rumored D850 specifications:

  • 45-46MP full frame CMOS sensor
  • Improved low and high ISO
  • New and improved version of SnapBridge
  • No built-in GPS
  • Tiltable LCD touchscreen
  • Memory card slots: one SD and one XQD
  • AF system from the D5
  • No built-in flash (from the teaser picture)
  • Back illuminated buttons (from leaked pictures)
  • Joystick selector (from leaked pictures)
  • Built-in Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (from leaked pictures)
  • 8K time-lapse video capabilities (from promo video)
  • The D850 will be on display at the Photo+ Expo in October
  • 4k UHD video in FX format (with no crop)
  • No EVF or hybrid viewfinder
  • Fast fps (8fps or more)
  • New: the D850 LCD will have twice the resolution of the D810
  • New: slo-mo full HD 120fps video
  • New: the SD slot will support UHS-II
  • New: improved LiveView split-screen display
  • New: improved silent shooting mode
  • New: improved battery life
  • New: lighter than the D810

Other D850 rumors that I am still not sure about:

More Nikon D850 teasers

There is a possibility that Nikon may reveal a few more D850 teasers/details in August - similar to the Df campaign, but I am not 100% sure.

Nikon D850 shipping date

The reports on the Nikon D850 shipping date vary from September to November. I am pretty sure it will not ship in August.

Nikon D850 fps rate

I am still receiving different fps configurations and I am not sure what is the correct number - here is one possible configuration: up to 9fps in CL mode (continuous low speed), up to 10fps in CH mode (continuous high speed). Another tip suggested 7fps and 9fps with battery grip.

Nikon D850 sensor made by Sony?

The obvious answer is yes, but at least one source told me that the Nikon D850 sensor is not made by Sony. All this could be tricky: for example, the D5 sensor is made by Toshiba, but Sony purchased Toshiba in 2015. Sony makes the majority of sensors used in digital cameras today with the exception of Leica (TowerJazz, CMOSIS) and Canon.

Nikon D850 price

All of the info I have been receiving suggests that the D850 will cost under $4,000. For example, I received a tip from Canada that the D850 will cost around CAD 4,450-4,500 or approx USD 3,600. Another tip mentioned a $3,749 US price tag. A UK based store sent out emails where they suggested that the price of the D850 will be "somewhere around £3,499" (around $4,600, VAT is probably included - US prices are usually lower):

Additional D850 coverage can be found here. For Facebook users: visit and like the new Nikon D850 page.

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  • Politics_Nerd

    Here’s to hoping for Dual Pixel AF, which would make for a tour-de-force for video with no-crop 4k.

  • Ivan Kutsarov

    It looks like dream camera to me.

  • jmb2560

    @Peter: another site (orange) has a rumor regarding the upcoming 7RIII using a new Sony-specific sensor rated at 60-70MP. Does that sound similar to what you hear from your own sources?

    • no, not at all 🙂 this is not even a rumor, just a random guess

    • JXVo

      36Mp 14bit lossless compressed raw files from my D810 are about 45 MB each. A lot of computing power needed to process those.
      70 Mp files will be double and unless shooting raw there is simply no point having that resolution. I suspect it is on the borderline of what modern lenses can sustain too.

  • Julian

    Looks promising, it might be enough for me to move on from my D800, but I’ll be waiting for the early release issues to be ironed out – so not until early next year for me I think.

  • Emms

    Maybe it says somewhere, but the D850 won’t have a low-pass filter, right?

    • A-Sign

      You mean the AA-Filter? The D810 doesn’t have it either.

      • Emms

        Yeah, well let’s hope they keep it out of this one to!

  • Andreas Vesper

    Looks like a good camera. But what does “New and improved version of Snapbridge” meann? Some users including me simply want Wifi back in the camera as WifI is an essential part of their workflow. Light than the D810 hopefully does not not mean the same Body material as with the D7500?

    • Vince Vinnyp

      I agree I know mini D5 does not mean that it will have the same amount of alloy as the D5. I do hope they maintain at least as much as the D810 rather than the significantly more plastic they used in the D500.

      • Adam Fo

        I think the Japanese made D800 was the last of the magnesium frame, magnesium mirror box Nikons apart from the flagship DSLR D5/D4.
        The D850 will be like the D810, made in Thailand with CRP (carbon reinforced plastic) frame, mirror box, front panel and base. The top and back covers will remain magnesium as they are on the D500, D7200 and D810

      • A-Sign

        Airplanes, tripods and bicycles are made of Carbon these days. I don’t see any issues with that. Because people scream they want everything more lightweight it is a consequence of that.

  • azur

    Zorwick wrote: “I bet it will be around 4200 euro. The D810 is still 3200.”

    Correct, in Europe 3200 EUR is still the price of the authorized Nikon import of the ‘old’ D810 with European warranty.
    I wonder how many Nikon enthusiasts will update to the D850 at the new rumored price level ?

  • nukunukoo

    As a Nikon D750 and Sony A7R2 user, I still go back to Nikon when Focusing speed and the optical viewfinder’s advantages are crucial for some events and weddings. And in Low-Light cases, I switch to the Sony. While Mirrorless is catching up on focusing speed and battery life, DSLRs still have (surprisingly) raised the focus bar even higher for stills.

    • manattan

      The A9 focus is amazing. I would say neck-in-neck with the D5/500’s new system. The A9 can’t track quiet as well as the D5/500, but is faster in focus acquisition.

  • DonSleza4e

    I wish D750 successor would have at least same bomb improvements (and democratic price)

  • Milan

    *high pitched screaming*

    • Michiel953

      Thát excited?

      • Milan

        holding my 3 years old D610? Definitely

        • Michiel953

          I have same feeling holding my two years old D810. Still excited though, but no high pitched screaming. That price…

        • A-Sign

          I have a 5 years old D600 and for me as a enthusiast / amateur photographer it’s good enough for everything. I wish Nikon many successful years for the new D850. It seems to be a monster of a camera.

  • RobPul

    Pro, tough, specialised, high fps and “low” resolution FX D5 and DX D500 for action at different price points, and a catch all, semi-pro, high resolution, good fps FX D850 squared at Canon’s 5D. I’m not a pro, not even semi-pro, but I guess this covers all high-end needs. Wondering how they’ll introduce the mirrorless, from below with cheaper non-specialised DX, or from above with a pro and very high resolution studio and landscape FX pricier than the D850. Or maybe from the side, playing on nostalgia like with the Df.

    • RC Jenkins

      I would think the best mirrorless entry point would be similar to the D750 or Df. Either should be FX & much lower priced than the D850: Approx. $2000 USD.

      • manattan

        I disagree. I think they should target the high end (even though I could not afford it). The A9 was right on the money of where mirrorless is heading… completely electronic shutter with fast readout times to reduce rolling shutter effects. The things Nikon is good at–tweaking Sony sensors for better IQ, great ergonomics and shooting controls and menus, and great F-mount glass–if Nikon would just come out with their own re-styled F-mount version of the A9, I think it would do spectacular.

        • RC Jenkins

          Most people who want mirrorless are the people who won’t spend north of $4000.

          Even in your example of the A9, this is what Sony released years after their intro A7 series–which were priced in the D750’s neighborhood. The A7 series are what sell.

          This is Nikon’s opportunity to improve their shortcomings. They already have cameras that have good IQ, good ergonomics, and F-mount glass. So what additional benefit does a mirrorless that does the same things give the consumers? Especially ‘retro-styled’–since this contradicts the ‘shooting controls & menus’ and ‘ergonomics’ arguments.

          Where Nikon fall short is: video, size, IBIS, cost/moving-parts, EVF, lens couplings, etc. Give me a full-frame Nikon version of the X-Pro2, with IBIS & a new mount + adapter for $2000, and I’m sold. Because it actually adds some useful benefits I can’t already get in one of Nikon’s existing DSLRs.

          • RobPul

            Maybe Sony initially focused on the A7 because they don’t have sales from well established cameras to protect. A mirrorless “D750” equivalent in the middle of more expensive FX and less expensive DX would be a confusing message. Canon (more similar to Nikon than Sony) started with cheaper DX-like cameras implying that for serious photography benchmark is still DSLR. Or Nikon could go on the opposite end with a very expensive and high performance mirrorless implying technology will cascade down in the future. Or make Df like cameras that don’t really bother the DSLR sales, just to test technology and customers.

            • RC Jenkins

              The problem is that your statement is conflating price with ability.

              The D750 is in many ways a better camera than either the D5 or D810, regardless of price (just as those are better than the D750 in other ways).

              What sells better? The D750 or D5? A7 or A9?

              Sony didn’t just start with the A7 because they weren’t protecting sales…these were the best cameras they could produce. The tech in the A9 simply didn’t exist at the time. It sets a very high bar to produce an expensive camera that only performs well in limited scenarios.

              The D5 is a niche product, and a mirrorless version would be even more niche. The D750 is much more universal.

              Nikon needs to take advantage of mirrorless benefits and sell a better camera for the reasons people switch or supplement their existing gear–and a high price point doesn’t do it…especially in untested waters.

              Who complains more about not having a mirrorless camera today: D5 users or people with <$2500 camera bodies? Most D5 shooters don't really care about having a mirrorless camera for sports & wildlife yet.

              A full frame, IBIS, EVF, thin/light body, with excellent video for $2000 will actually sell. A $5000 science experiment won't.

              Especially when for the same amount of money, I could presumably get both a D850 and this mirrorless camera…

          • manattan

            Mirrorless has benefits, which in order of usefulness are: sound (silence!!!), what you see is what you get viewfinder, and speed of capture. Those things alone are significant improvements over Nikon’s current offerings and are *never* going to be matched by a DSLR. IBIS can be done in a DSLR (like Pentax has shown) and thus is not a mirrorless feature.

            I for one don’t want a new Nikon mount, nor do I really want a fixed distance optical hybrid viewfinder like the X-Pro2 (doesn’t work to well for teles). While I will take something as small as they can make it, being able to actually shoot with it and use it is more important to me than absolute size. That’s why I say Nikon really doesn’t need to slim a new mirrorless camera with a new mount. Just make the camera highly usable in ergonomics and use alternative materials to lighten the weight if needed.

            • RC Jenkins

              Those are your priorities, not everyone; and now you’re shifting the scope of the conversation. Do D5 sports shooters need a silent shutter on the sidelines? (no)

              Also, the X-Pro2 doesn’t have a fixed viewfinder. It has 2 levels of OVF magnification + an EVF (as in a full what you see is what you get EVF). It also has a silent shutter when needed and is fast.

  • A-Sign

    Astro, Macro and Timelapse photographers that wish to have full WiFi access on their Nikon cameras (which is not possible with SnapBridge anymore) should read and comment this article – it’s a open letter to Nikon:

    English Version:

    German Version:


    Will video mode allow for auto focus to anyone’s knowledge ?

    • ITN

      Yes, of course, as do previous models. However, whether you want to use it is a different question.


        Yes, precisely. I go full manual but would love a non supremely flawed af system for video

    • A-Sign

      You mean videographers? They mostly focus in manual mode regardless which camera they have.

      For example look at this “how to” video:

  • Constantine Aivazidis

    Peter do you have any tip if the D850 will be made in Japan?

    • No

    • Shutterbug

      Does it matter? D810 is made in Thailand and had zero problems. The D800 on the other hand was made in Japan and was not without issues. I don’t see any reason why they would move that back to Japan.

  • Eloise

    A UK based store sent out emails where they suggested that the price of the D850 will be “somewhere around £3,499” (around $4,600, VAT is probably included – US prices are usually lower)

    Given the current financial situation, a UK list price of £3,499 would equate to a US price of $3,499 (if not less). The UK price would likely include VAT at 20% vs no sales tax on US price – so £2,915 excluding VAT which equates to $3,850 but UK prices are usually a few percent higher than a direct US – UK plus VAT conversion.

  • Concerning the pricing and comparison to the D5 (I posted this elsewhere, but the thought keeps ruining true through these comments, so i thought I would share it here):

    In their minds, many people here have already spent the $3299 for a D800/810 upgrade based on the naming convention of the new camera, assuming it is practically an upgrade within that product line. However, if the rumors are true about price, this comes across as a price hike, because of what people initially thought what this product would be, despite the rumored real-world upgrades, thus the dangers to nikon not being upfront with all of the information. All of this before we KNOW anything officially. In the absence of information, people tend to make up their own information.

    Nikon, on the other hand, would love for you to believe that this is a baby D5, comparing it to a more expensive product–therefore the D850 is perceived as a really good deal. When compared to the the D810, the D850 seems like a price hike. The perception of price increase is even worse when compared to the D500. In fact, the D850 may turn out to be more in line with the D500 than anything (acknowledging different sensor size), but Nikon marketing would never have you believe that because it would seem like a more expensive upgrade. Still, that is why the D850 naming seems a little odd now if it is truly meant to be a baby D5–because that naming scheme begs people to compare it to the D800/810 models before it. A big mistake by Nikon in my humble opinion.

    • A-Sign

      All camera manufacturers are into a price hike due to missing sales and mass volume that was generated by trading smartphones against compact cameras. For example look how much a FUJI X-T2 or a Canon 5D Mark IV have increased.

      Why should the Sony A9 cost as much as a traditional top of the line DSLR if it contains way less parts to manufacture that don’t need the (mechanical) fine-tune adjustment?

      It’s because of profits like in the smartphone world. Apple is the best example for that to charge way more money for the same hardware that you will get for less in the PC world.

      • True statement. My comment was less on camera market trends as a whole, but more on the dichotomy of perception between “this is cheaper than the D5” and “this is more expensive than the D500/D800/D810”, and how (presumably) Nikon marketing would have you believe the former rather than the latter. Also, about how the slow release/leak of information has affected public perception of the product versus Nikon officially announcing all of the details up front (no pre-announcement introduction).

        • manattan

          Nikon would have to be crazy to not address and market to current D810 owners! What you are suggesting is someone’s nonsense and random hype.

    • Allen_Wentz

      I disagree. I think you may be fabricating a scenario not based on sound logic.

      • This looks like a _very_ appropriate camera body for late 2017.
      • No price has been announced.
      • Nikon is likely rearranging product lines to adjust to crashing industry-wide DSLR sales and an upcoming mirrorless product.

  • HKer

    So the rumours indicate no EVF, which thinking about it more makes sense to me. Nikon has more selling ammo for their FF mirrorless – EVF, high FPS, XQD, dual slots, weather sealed, amazing iso, my guess is the A7s sensor at 24mp (if there is such thing). Remember the extremely low light images of a night time shot of a forest leaked from a FB site for Sweden I think. This will be a game changer for Nikon pros, I would sell my two D4s, and save medical expenses to save my back haha. I feel once we get these we are coming close to maxing out current technology that you need to take photos and enjoy the pleasure of taking them. Maybe the future is to film everything and take still as required, but would you lose the art of photography then? Interesting and exciting times. Have to thank Sony for pushing the envelop. Personally I won’t buy the D850 as using the Fuji GFX, but so looking forward to the pro mirrorless.

  • Ric of The LBC

    Uncivilized is crashing planes into buildings, suicide bombings, female genitalia mutations, human trafficking, beheading, systematic starvation

    • Hans98Ko

      What you mentioned above would not have happened if Americans didn’t stirred up trouble outside of their own land. Who are the terrorists? Where do they get the arms? How did they learned how to make bombs? These are the people formerly trained and armed by the CIA but decided to turn against them like Osama bin Laden the head of most of the terrorist groups we now knows. But this is not the place to discuss this here. What I am doing is answering your initial question of is there still an uncivilized country in the world? But, if you have asked it differently like is there still a civilized country in the world? The answer will be none. One only needs to observe what is going on all around us.

  • Søren Steffen

    Still no silent electronic shutter ☹️

    • HKer

      I would also like that, the current quiet mode on the D4s and D810 are like “slow thud”, quite distracting, so I never use it. I guess as the D850 uses a mechanical shutter you can only just keep on sound proofing the inners. The total silent camera will be obviously on the FF mirrorless.

      • manattan

        The 810 is by far Nikon’s quietest DSLR, so if they can improve upon that, which I have my doubts given that they are also trying to get the shutter to fire at 10fps, then it will be a win for 850 owners. However, it only takes one shoot indoors with a completely silent FF mirrorless camera to make you realize how noisy traditional DSLRs are.

      • ckuklbac

        Ever shot with a D4?? Sounds like an AK47 at 10fps . . .

    • BVS

      We’ll have to wait and see what “improved silent shooting mode” means.

  • Visual Envy

    Shaping up to be a good camera although definitely would have liked to see a more dramatic engineering milestone (cough cough hybrid viewfinder).

    I think right now the only realistic wish list items I have includes both or either a wireless flash commander and full wireless tethering (not snapbridge). Specifically the ability to send live images to your computer (Surface) so you can work completely wireless in the field. Those would be the only features i’d be OK paying the premium for since they want to extort $1500 alone for that wireless unit designed for the D4… which kills the ability to use your hot-shoe for triggers.

    I’m in a hard spot now as i really really need an upgrade for my D700 but since this one is a ways off i’m thinking 2nd hand D800E and wait to pre-order D850 or get D810 now and then wait for the D850 to release and see if there are launch defects. For those that know, i recently got a D500 but I do appreciate a good FX camera to compliment it.

    What do you all think?

    • HKer

      am sure wireless flash commander will be built in to use the new Nikon speedlights. Am guessing D850 will be only snapbridge. I am sure the Camranger could be used with the D850, I use this device successfully with the D810. Transmitting RAWs is always going to be slower. The Camranger leaves the hot shoe free. Get the D850, if you can afford it, getting the latest technology is always best in my opinion. I did have the D700 and clean iso was something like 1600, the D800E/810 of course better, and I would expect the D850 to be clean up to iso 8000. The DR of the newer cameras will be useful for landscape. It all depends on what you shoot.

      • John

        “Getting the latest technology is always best” ah the cry of the drones… the latest technology would be Nikon building in CamRanger ability into their D850 that has WiFi but they do not, The latest technology would be a hybrid OVF/EVF, the latest technology would be matching memory cards, the latest technology would be including an electronic shutter. One of the reasons Nikon continues to dribble out upgrades is because people like you are lined up blindly to make a purchase crying out “it’s the latest technology”

        • HKer

          I am skipping the D850 as am using the GFX for work. But will keep my D810 as a backup. As I said it all depends on what VE shoots, which I have no idea. If daytime outdoor landscapes then probably the D700 will still do. Yes, would make sense to see what the mirrorless spec’s are going to be, if he can wait that long. What would you suggest for VE?
          Personally I would buy two pro mirrorless cameras as currently using D4s for event and sports work. If you have carried the x2 D4s for 8 hrs with large tele lenses then any weight saving is a blessing, or shot in events where total silence is required, so the latest tech does help. There is also a tax advantage. But that is getting way
          of lion.
          He has the D700, his choices are the D750, D810, or D850 which one would you suggest and why? He just wants people’s opinions, simple.

        • Allen_Wentz

          Nonsense. D810, D5, D500 prove Nikon has not been “dribbling” at the pro-body level.

          • John

            The D810 is really how much of an upgrade than a D800/E? The D5/D500 have an improved AF system that I agree is good but covers something like 26% of the sensor with 153 AF points, Sony A9 has 93% sensor coverage with 693 AF points. Upgrading from the D800 to the 810 was a joke just to take loyal Nikon owners money, 1 more FPS base 64 instead of 100 and some tweaks to the AF allowing some darker AF ability, I used the 810 and found no differences worth upgrading at all, just for those wanting to say they have the latest camera. Take a D800 and 810 to a studio/wedding/landscape/street photography and you aren’t going to tell a difference even pixel peeping. 4 years since the A7 was released and Nikon still can’t get their act together and at the very least, release a hybrid OVF/EVF. Nikon said D850 is “Hercules rising” and “exceed expectations” Nikon can’t even design matching memory cards. So yes they dribble, yes a great AF system that covers 26% of the frame

            • Andrew

              John, you are a mirrorless sympathizer, go get yourself a mirrorless camera, end of story!

            • John

              Andrew, please explain the advantages of Having a flapping mirror or at minimum not having a hybrid EVF/OVF system?

            • D700s

              Yet it will sell as well or better than the D800. Rather than complain on a rumor forum why not just get the camera you rave about and be done with it. Then you can go to that forum and rave about how great it is. Some of us are happy with Nikon’s direction.

            • Allen_Wentz

              John you have a different concept of camera bodies than I do. To me and IMO to most buyers the D810 is measured by how good a camera it is, _not_ by how many bells and whistles were added over the D800.

              Most knowledgeable folks consider the D810 to be one of the best all-around camera bodies. The newer D500 is the best DX camera body. If the D850 turns out to be an FX D500 it will likely be another great body, not a “dribble.”

              Go get yourself a mirrorless body if what you want is the very latest bells and whistles; there are lots of them. My guess is Nikon will have one too within the next 18 months.

    • John

      Just get the D810, coming from a D700 you will be in Heaven. I shoot D800E and D500 for sports and never had a quality issue from any editor/publisher. Anything over 36mp is complete overkill only less than 1% of photogs have any requirement for. More and more the D850 seems like another unimaginative model from Nikon, larger sensor/back lit buttons/wifi/joystick is a joke for a 3 year refresh. Good luck with your decision and don’t buy into the hype machine.

      • Andrew

        You are throwing out statistics like 1% with great confidence 😉 The D850 is the awesome new D500 feature wise in a higher megapixel camera with a wonderfully new ergonomic body. Why would anyone buy the D810 if they can afford the D850?

        You really must not care about better image quality, higher ISO, advance autofocus system, advanced metering system, better tracking of fast moving wildlife, wider focus coverage, and higher frame rate, if all you can do is reduce all of these innovations to the joystick only.

        Your recommendations are a joke!

        • John

          Better resolution for what? For what. You won’t see the difference, what print application are you going to see a difference? Yes I said 1% and that was being generous. People may “want” more resolution because they think they need it but that’s amateurs with deep pockets trying to impress people.
          Pumping out a new model and throwing in the D5 AF system and larger sensor isn’t a huge deal, it is for people who have little skill and allows the camera to do the work, is that appealing to some, sure. But that shows Nikon dribbles out tech just like Apple does. Nikon releasing the D850 without a hybrid EVF/OVF is Nikon laughing as they take your money and ass rape you.
          There is a super minority of print options a 24-36mp sensor isn’t cut out for.
          Plenty of 60′ tall images in Times Square that look great done with 24-36mp sensors and plenty of huge 80″ wide prints that look beautiful.
          So funny you actually brought up a better metering system and af coverage, 26% coverage is so awesome when aontbis doing 93% with 693 points.

          • Allen_Wentz

            Actually, I would think that the D5 AF system combined with the more than doubled frame rate and buffer IS a huge deal for anyone shooting sports like you say you do.

    • Ric of The LBC

      Used D810 or D800E

    • tomskyphoto

      D810 either used from a trustworthy seller or new as the street price seems to come down further unless you absolutely need the speed of a battery gripped D700 in your new camera. Regarding everything else the 810 beats the 700 hands down. Never wanted my D700 back after buying the D800E.

      Having used both the D800E and the D810 I personally prefer the 810. It delivers a more well rounded shooting experience, but if you should come across a super deal for a used good D800E I wouldn’t call buying it exactly a mistake.

    • Allen_Wentz

      If your D700 is not broken, for sure wait to test-handle the D850 at a road show before making any decisions. The D500 works fine in the meantime as a primary body.

      I am in the same boat. I like having FX+DX versatility and own a D3+D500. Time to update the D3 to D5, D5s, D5x or D850.

      The big attraction of the D850 is it looks like it may be an FX D500; i.e. with fairly identical controls to the D500. It could be a huge value add to have both FX/DX bodies with identical controls. We _must_ physically handle the new D850, however. The D800 for instance sounded good but was poor in-hand to me.

  • Oz Baz

    Any news of autofocus in live view? Looks like a great upgrade from the D810

  • Practical Builds

    Ick! country pricing at it’s finest (sarcasm). For me at least the best price would be 5118$ CAD the 4450$ hinted at cost doesn’t include the taxes and obviously it will be higher if it’s shipped.

  • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

    Admin Delete if not appropriate:! For those punters who don’t want to upgrade to D850 and want an excellent camera of a trusted, feature packed D810 ….. Park Cameras UK are selling the D810 UK £2199.99 (£200 off if you enter in code ‘D810-200-OFF’)

    • Tony

      Yes, this is becoming the standard (reduced) UK price of the D810 (e.g Wex also). “Coupon codes” are just marketing nonsense.

      • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

        True on that and a good ploy to add positive kudos to the buyer in believing they are getting a good price in the end and for the seller in being generous and knocking off a £nnn of the price.

        • Tony

          Actually Jessops now offer the D810 at £2099. Again they give you a choice as to how much to pay – if you really want to then you are also allowed to pay £2299.

    • And Amazon marketplace sellers have the D810 from £1899 …

      • Adam Fo

        I paid £1585 from HDEW cameras 18 months ago but this was for a new non-official import. They might go down to that again when discontinued…

  • VanHoff

    Slo-mo 120fps Full HD, lighter than the D810, up to 10 fps in CH mode… Now those are tasty rumors!

  • Gilboa

    Most of these additional specs seem to be also on the D500 too.

  • Ric of The LBC

    Get the quote right. “Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists”

    • Hans98Ko

      Now everyone is treated as terrorist. Don’t believe me try going through the airport and see what one has to go through. Oh! By the way this includes every Americans too.

  • KT

    One of the side benefits of the D850 coming to market later this year at a predicted price of US $ 3800-4000 is that it will bring the price of the Sony A9 down below $4K. Although not exactly direct competitors, they will be placed essentially within the same price bracket, aimed at the same Pro/rich amateur segment.

    • manattan

      I was thinking the same thing.

  • Practical Builds

    I find it hilarious that when they leak product images the files are so small and people scramble to enlarge and enhance them right away. That one +___- dial that looks like a volume control certainly caused enough speculation. Watch it be just a diopter correction, why else would put a +/- on a dial.

    • NotPartisan

      That dial on the right side of viewfinder with +/- markings is the same diopter adjustment knob that has been on Nikon models for many years. The mystery new addition seen on the D850 image that has caused speculation is the piece above that diopter adjustment, appearing to be a port with rubber come to some or a lever to others. Whatever it is, is something we have not seen on the viewfinder of any other Nikon DSLR.

      • silmasan

        If you’re holding a D8xx in your hand though, and visualize that little bump, it seems too small to be a port of any kind, as it would be about ~3mm, maybe 4mm in width. Unless that ‘port’ is needle-sized.

        • NotPartisan

          I was simply correcting what Practical Builds stated, he mistakenly thought the +/- diopter knob is what had caused speculation and it’s not. From the pic you can clearly see that whatever the new addition is, it’s larger than the diopter adjustment knob itself. Thom has acknowledged this new item and he seems to know what it is – perhaps he will clue us in.

          • silmasan

            Yes, I’m just too late to chime in on that and randomly reply. 🙂 You’re right though, it could be ~6mm wide, I got my memory mixed up.

      • Practical Builds

        That was my point. I’l re-wite it.

  • MB

    So if D850 is Hercules D5 must be Zeus ..,
    D500 is Phil, and Sony A9 Hades …

  • tom

    it dazzles and then fizzles. d850 will be the last dslr star

  • MB

    On the second thought something is fishy…
    4k UHD video is 16:9 and FX sensor 4:3 so there must be some cropping at least vertically, and if video is full frame horizontally then sensor should be 40Mpix …
    But what do I know, we will see soon enough…

    • NotPartisan

      FX is not 4:3. It is 3:2.

  • Senor Magnifico

    This Nikon D850 rumored specification is so BORING!!!…

    Nikon, give me something exciting, like:
    – GPS – I really need to geotag my travel photos without unhandy external scrap
    – EVF – there is so many applications…
    – In body image stabilization – I’d like to have f1,4 stabilized lenses

    I don’t want to be cheated by Nikon’s marketing bullshit.

    I want to see the real technological progress.

    • JasonsArgonauts

      What you need is a Sony to stop you whining.

      • Senor Magnifico

        Jasons Argonauts splutter

        • JasonsArgonauts


          • ToastyFlake

            I had to look it up: “make a series of short explosive spitting or choking sounds.”
            “she coughed and spluttered, tears coursing down her face”

            • JasonsArgonauts

              Haha! I know what the word means LITERALLY, I’m just wondering why he said it to me! 😉

            • ToastyFlake


      • John Alexander

        nah he whines on the Sony site all the time

    • Ric of The LBC

      You should seek your needs elsewhere.

      • Senor Magnifico

        You are boring…

    • D700s

      I can’t imagine saying GPS being exciting. I don’t care if they include it or not since I have no use for it. They add it great, they don’t, great.
      EVF can wait for a Mirrorless as far as I’m concerned. I only have one MF lens. The only video I shoot is cheesy crap for YouTube. If they include it ok, if they don’t ok.
      IBIS doesn’t thrill me. Again, the video thing and, VR takes care of everything I shoot when needed. Save it for the Mirrorless.
      I don’t feel Nikon’s marketing is cheating me. So far the reported specs are things I’m happy with.
      You should save yourself much anguish and jump to the camera that fills your needs. I doubt Nikon will add or change anything on the upcoming D850 based on your wants.

    • Iceman

      All your wish can find in many cameras recently, the only thing is that the IQ and egronomics, user experience is different fron this.

  • Terapixel

    If the D850 can shoot 4K/8K without any crop, doesn’t that mean the horizontal resolution has to be some multiple of 1920, most likely 7680? Which would mean this camera would has a 39.3 MP sensor?

    • EnPassant

      I think that information is not completely exact. Instead of any insert almost no. Crop factor with a 46MP sensor would be 1.1x.

    • Andrew

      The native resolution of 4K is 4096 × 2160 or 8,847,360 pixels. That is approximately 9 million pixels (megapixels) or 9 MP.

      The resolution of 8K is 7680 × 4320 or 33 MP. So in both scenarios, they will be below the threshold of the D850 resolution of 46 MP before the need arises for a higher MP sensor.

      Now your conclusion is not accurate because of the following reasoning. You are assuming that the resolution of the video is a limiting factor of the resolution of the image sensor. Nikon could have decided to limit the video resolution on the D850 to only HD 1080p (1920 x 1080) while still sporting a 46 MP image sensor.

      The image sensor resolution (MP) determines the maximum video resolution that can be attained. But the video resolution does not impose any upper limit on the image sensor resolution (megapixel count).

      • While you are absolutely correct that “video resolution does not impose any upper limit on the image sensor resolution”, there is a performance related issue to consider. We are told it does 4k UHD using the full sensor width. To achieve the required capture performance it would make sense to keep the processing simple. Having a sensor width that is a multiple of 4k would require much less processing for video than one that isn’t.

        As MB says, it also shoots 8k timelapse. Is that 7680 (UHD) or 8192 (DCI)? So the sensor width must at least 7680. A bit wider than that would give the claimed 45/46MPx and also allow for sensor-based IS for video. It might even do DCI 4k and DCI 8k (8192 X 4320) timelapse. That would probably attract the digital cinematographers.

        • Andrew

          I would expect there to be more processing to extract a 4K image from a sensor that has 5 times as many pixels as is required to generate a 4K image. In this scenario, the EXPEED 5 image processor may need help but then again may be up to the task. Why may it be up to the task? Because the amount of detail in each video frame will not require the same level of processing or quality that is done for individual pictures or picture frame (as individual pictures require the matrix metering working in conjunction with the EXPEED 5 processor to compare each snap shot to a database of over 30,000 pictures).

          Now if anything, the fact that the D850 is speculated to have a frame rate of 10 fps for individual shots for such a high pixel count may indicate that Nikon has incorporated a co-processor to offload some of the processing for their algorithms. Now if that is the case (a co-processor), then additional resource may be given to the video processing such that the larger image sensor will not be an issue for attaining full sensor wide 4K video processing.

          The issue of the RGB Bayer mask intrigues me. If each 4K pixel has 5 pixels to choose from, then an average value may be obtained for each of the RGB colors to get a more accurate reading.

    • MB

      Not necessarily, you could implement some image resizing like bicubic but it would require very fast cpu for video.
      On the other hand it would not work well for 8k timelapse…
      All that if using full horizontal resolution as rumor implies…

    • Graham Blaikie

      I would guess that they would use straight 4:1 pixel binning for 4K as it would not require video processing (bicubic?) which would take 7680 pixels and if it works the same way as it does for still photos you would also get consequent noise reduction. On a 46MP sensor having an additional margin of unused pixels could still count as uncropped as a crop factor of say 1.1 is insignificant enough to ignore.

      • Graham Blaikie

        It just occurred to me that if Nikon were to include Electronic VR in-camera as they do for the D500 on 1080p it would actually require a margin of pixels around the uncropped 4K video capture area. So a sensor size of 45-46MP still adds up. If they are able to do that they may also carry over Active D-Lighting for video but apply it to 4K instead of limiting it to 1080p as they do in the D500.

  • david keogh

    from the photo it looks like there’s timed exposures slower than 30 seconds. If i’m not mistaken the LCD screen up top reads 60 seconds. As far as I am aware this is a feature solely found in the D810a with exposure times up to 900 seconds. Could hint at this been heavily geared towards astrophotography when paired with its initial promo video been shot at night.

    • D700s

      I agree it may support astrophotography but I don’t think it’s specifically geared toward that. Seems it’s being groomed as an all around camera being very capable in each.

  • Synono Maus

    4k @ 120fps?

    • Visual Envy

      HD = 1080

  • Regarding the XQD, I’m guessing that Nikon and Sony hope the release of the D850 will boost sales volumes of the cards and make them more ubiquitous. Maybe more manufacturers will start making them and it won’t seem like such a “dying format” if a slightly less expensive camera starts using them, especially after the D850 goes down in price. I wish Sandisk made them. Strange that they abandoned the format after co-developing it. Those CFast cards are insanely priced.

    • John Albino

      I think what will make XQD “Dead” is non-support from the computer industry. I just bought a new Dell XPS 15, and it comes with Bluetooth, 5G-capable WiFi, Thunderbolt, HDMI and 3 USB 3.1 ports, plus a built-in SD card slot. Lack of a built-in on-board XQD slot will pretty much make XQD dead to me, and an AWFUL lot of others, I believe…. Nobody wants dongles anymore to transfer stuff. It’s just another hassle to carry around a separate card reader.

      And latest tech SD is now up to 300 MB/s, just about the same as XQD anyway, and it comes from Sony. In other words, Sony is killing its own XQD tech. I’m afraid Nikon is way out on a shaky (XQD) limb here, and the limb is seriously sagging.

      • ckuklbac


      • Allen_Wentz

        1) XQD has no need to be ubiquitous. What it needs to be is top-quality and FAST, and it is.
        2) SD is NOT “…just about the same as XQD anyway” and it never will be. XQD is 50% faster than the fastest SD, and the “ubiquitous” SD often referenced is almost ALL UHS-I, i.e. even slower. Much slower.
        3) Large files like we see from a D850 deserve 128 GB cards, and fast SD cards COST MUCH MORE THAN XQD!

        • ToastyFlake

          How do you transfer from xqd to your computer?

          • Allen_Wentz

            Via a Lexar XQD card reader. Currently USB 3 but I hope to upgrade to Thunderbolt when I upgrade my Macbook Pro ~December.

            Note that the XQD card reader is smaller than the slow SD card reader I also carry.

            • ToastyFlake

              Thanks. Those don’t look terribly expensive, especially while I’m already dropping a rumored $3.3K to $4K 🙂

            • Allen_Wentz

              Yup. 128 GB looks to be the sweet card size for a 40+ MP sensor, and XQD is substantially cheaper than SD.

        • John Albino

          You seem to think that I was referencing the *old* SD world — I wasn’t. Both Sony and Sandisk have new SD types coming. Here’s the blurb about Sony…

          “Sony’s upcoming SF-G series of SD cards will be available this spring, the company announced today. When that time comes, Sony said they “will be the world’s fastest SD cards.” Boasting a maximum write speed of 299 MB/s, that claim is right on point.

          The cards (available in 32GB, 64GB, and 128GB sizes) also have a slightly higher top read speed of 300 MB/s. Speed is a priority, so the cards also support the UHS-II interface, which adds a second row of connecting pins to the card for increased transfer rates on compatible hardware. More than any card before it, the SF-G series will be able to handle quick-shooting cameras smoothly, as well as capturing 4K video and other technically demanding uses.”

          I stand by my belief that IF noone other than Nikon supports XQD, and computer makers especially don’t seem to be interested, XQD will die a Betamax-type death.

          I may be an old guy, but I live in the real world where reality bites, not some imaginary “Gee Whiz” fantasy=-land.,

          • Allen_Wentz

            Sounds like you ARE in fantasy land. Even when “the world’s fastest SD cards” you brag up come out, they will still be much slower than XQD was a year ago. And probably still cost much more than XQD in large sizes.

          • MB

            CFA published new CFexpress standard in April this year that is actually based on XQD, same form-factor and connectors based on PCIe 3 so it should be backward compatible with PCIe 2 based XQD cards.
            In first version it should support 1970 MB/s …
            It is ment as a natural evolution of CFast cards too and this will effectively kill that standard.
            Curiosity is that this happened during a Canon representative mandate as a CFA co-chairman of the board …
            This means that XQD with a new name will be around for many years to come … and it seems to me that actually SD will disappear and will remain only in micro-SD form factor …

          • C-M

            Sony has XQD in their professional video cameras

  • John

    Try again, a hybrid EVF screen would be positioned behind the pentaprism, the same live view could be viewed on the rear screen. The monitor would be on the pentaprism just below the word “pentaprism” on the attached diagram

    • Hans98Ko

      Not necessary and definitely not true.
      Wait and see what other patents are coming next.

      • John

        #32 is where the hybrid EVF screen would be positioned, not a few mm from your eye like 24×36 mentioned. Great more patents, I agree there are many ways to do this. But I can say for sure is Nikon is dragging their feet, you can file all the patents in the world but it means NOTHING if you don’t put them to use.

    • 24×36

      Suppose you then need x-ray vision to see it through the prism?! LMAO.

      You asked for advantage of flipping mirror and I gave you a biggie – you “try again.”

      • John

        Your shared link to “computer monitor light” is a really far stretch comparing to an EVF. Try again dumb-dumb.

  • sickheadache

    For all the Flim Flopwell Fan Boys out there…Flim has written about the new Nikon D850. If you want a good damn laugh..go to his site and look at the new D850…aka D810. IT is a hoot to see Flim miss quotes and predicts a massive failure. Thanks Flim Flopwell…I got a good damn laugh out of you.

    • Allen_Wentz

      I would not give that bimbo even one click.

  • Hans98Ko

    This substantiate my point here on NR a few months ago about the detrimental effects on our eyes using EVF, and also confirmed why some US state troopers were issued with amber night driving glasses and why some of our F15s & F16s used for night missions have amber canopies.

  • Peter

    Any word about the shutter? Durability, flash-sync time, fastest shutter speed… I guess we won´t see a global shutter or 1/16.000th of a second but maybe a 1/320th flash-sync!?

  • SmarterEnu

    Meh, still obsolete, consumer insulting bloated over-hyped cameras.
    Leica can put a full frame in a point and shoot. Why this huge over-weight camera?
    Canon and Nikon – the future for them is with Atari and Sega companies. Not relevant to photography in 2017.

  • Josh Boak

    I hate Nikon. This is gonna cost me so much money… And there is no way I can go without this camera. 1080p @ 120fps and 4K in FX is a game changer for my video needs.

  • Just hope that it has a WR-R10 built in or is that bump on top for plugging it in without an adapter?

    • C-M

      Nikon would be stupid not to integrate the RF flash controller into the D850

      • Lets hope they’re not stupid

  • Fred

    Quad Pixel AF…….would be a very, very pleasant surprise.

  • Matti6950 .

    3500 dollar means for certainly a fixed (never going lower) price of 4000 euro in EU (mainly belgium) ‘nikon pro service’ shops.

    Conclusion it remains an expensive camera for EVERYONE but EU citizens. We’ll see if you are wrong about EU price. I hope not. But i suspsect you will be.

  • Dr. Richard Head

    Take my money.

  • Bob Newman

    ‘ Sony purchased Toshiba in 2015’. No, Sony did not ‘purchase Toshiba’. They bought Toshiba’s image sensor operations. Toshiba still carries on.

  • Alessandro Brezzi

    Some leaked info from the Italian distributor (the official press release was exposed by mistake for a moment yesterday) :

    45,4 MPx effective (45,7 MPx real)
    no built-in flash
    64-25600 ISO

    Focus-stacking on camera (JPG only?)

    3 RAW format : 45,4MPx Norm 25 MPx Med et 12 MPx Small
    6 Fps – 9 Fps with MB-18



    • All of those specs have been reported already.

  • Idrees

    Actually this is a D500 body, but Nikon change only sensor and AF system and video capability no surprise. the body of the D850 is not redesign completely, only some cosmetic change.

  • Riooso

    I will say this about the battery life. I have the D810 and the battery life is the envy of many and I can’t image more battery life. When I am on the move I can get a couple of days out of one battery! I love the battery life now!

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