The new Nikon EN-EL18b battery is now in stock

Back in February Nikon quietly introduced a new EN-EL18b lithium-ion battery for D4, D4s and D5 DSLR cameras.

The new version has 10.8V of output power, 2500mAh capacity, and 27Wh energy consumption rate. The older EN-EL18 model had a 2000 mAh capacity, but the EN-EL18a was also 2500mAh.

The new Nikon EN-EL18b battery is currently in stock at B&H.

Update - here is a report from a reader on the new Nikon EN-EL18b battery:

I was at a motor racing event last weekend shooting mainly with the 300mm f/4 PF but also the 70-200mm f/4 and a very few with wider lenses. Focus tracking and VR used constantly. I got 4010 frames from a fresh battery which was still showing 72% life left. Phenomenal! It performed like this on three separate days. I had spares with me so I wish I'd not recharged it each evening to see how it performed.

Even the internal battery performed well when I had that set to drain first (default setting) by mistake. The early talk about the D500 being heavy on batteries is absolute nonsense in my experience, both mine (bought 1 year apart) are superb in this respect. In every respect in fact.

I've attached a picture of the frame count and battery usage:

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  • doge


    • Max


  • Tadao_Isogai

    EN-EL18a is also 10.8V, 2500mAh, and 27Wh. I have several and they each work very well. What is(are) the difference(s) between 18b and 18a?

    • no idea why they released the “b” version

      • CERO

        cheaper electronics? new firmware to keep generics out?

    • Vince Vinnyp

      It’s the 100th anniversary version. Gold foil sticker and only 660 dollars.

    • Member

      A member of the Nikon service centre in the Netherlands said that the 18″b” if capable of higher peak power meaning that you can draw higher currents and the build is such that there is less internal heat build up at junctions.

      • Tadao_Isogai

        Very interesting. Thank you.

      • Max

        Maybe Nikon is going to give us a major firmware update that allows the D5 to shoot at 16fps, but just needs a different battery.
        Wishful thinking…

        • Member

          I don’t know what they are up to but those batteries are. made by Sony and as far as I know Nikon doesn’t have their own battery technology.
          However I think Nikon want to ensure that their gear will perform 100% error free in the most extreme conditions. As the new competition (Sony a9) comes close in performance and even exceeds in features but only in mild conditions

          • TheName

            I believe the en-el18 series are made by Sanyo/Panasonic. The en-el15 and others are Sony

      • fanboy fagz

        I think I read that the enel18A will also run 9fps in the d850 grip

        • Member

          True, fellow photogs have confirmed that they run 9fps with 18A batteries. However 18B should perform smoother.

  • Charles

    Will this battery work in my D500??? (just joking)

    • It can. Using a battery grip and the BL-5 cover.

      I’m using EN-EL18a on my D810, it’s just better.

      • Charles

        Thanks a Bunch! I had no idea… I figured I’d have to stay with the EN EL-15

      • Tadao_Isogai

        I hope Nikon’s D810 replacement is compatible with the BL-5/EN-EL18a(b) set-up

        • MY OB

          Good luck with that. Nikon was giving away free Grips with a D810 purchase….. making room!

        • I guess it would. They just made this EN-EL18b. It’s such a waste if they suddenly kill it.

      • chromedome

        Same here, works great, lasts and lasts on a shoot. Plus, side benefit: it seems to have resolved the occasional lock up issue. It turns out that those few occasions when I had that happen, I was just at the transition from the grip battery to the internal battery. With this EN-EL18a in the grip, have never run it down, never hit that transition, and (knock wood) have not had that lock up happen since.

        • I use it for two reasons.
          First, more juice plus I don’t need to put the smaller battery inside the body anymore (it’s annoying that you have to remove the grip).
          Second, I sometimes need that 7FPS on DX mode whenever I am shooting sports and concert gigs. I like the extra reach and didn’t mind the megapixels lost.

      • Bob L

        I am using the EN-EL18 a with my D500 with the grip & BL-5

      • I do too so can swap between D4s and D810

  • bobgrant

    Finally…I’m selling all of my bodies and lenses and ordering a ton of these to make my clients happy!

  • sickheadache

    To Peter…This is getting close to next week and no advanced shot of the Nikon D830…??? Just a few days away to the big announcement of the year..maybe Decade!!! lol What gives….inquiring minds need to know.

    • Unless… there is no announcement. Remember I never got a confirmation for the D810 replacement for next week.

      • sickheadache

        So…this aint happening next week?

        • Michiel953

          You’re asking for certainties that do not exist.

        • I don’t know, it should happen but I am not 100% sure yet.

          • sickheadache

            I am now heading over to SAR…at least that guy over there…get’s it right(if you say it everyday)….lol

            • Yes, a new Sony camera is always right around the corner – confirmed from a trusted source with three (!!!) exclamation marks and highlighted in neon color. It must be legit 🙂

            • sickheadache

              My Trusted Source ( Janitor in a Drum) A New Sony Camera is coming really soon!!! Today, or within 3 years…With 72 mp and 5fps.

            • I think this sounds like a “CONFIRMED!!!!!” rumor.

            • sickheadache

              lol. very good.

            • CERO


            • lol 🙂

            • CERO

              they could make it even better, hire Dwayne THE ROCK Johnson to make the ad voice over.

  • 10.8V of output power, with a 27Wh of consumption rate, you say…. Hmmm… Unitz iz teh fun.

  • maxx

    Better than nothing… for now, we have a very good battery for the next D820… 4 days before…

  • If you bother to ask Nikon

    An ultra-light and compact lithium-ion rechargeable battery for Nikon’s D4, D4S and D5 cameras. Capacity: 2500mAh (10.8V)

    I use them in my D810 as well

  • Max

    It’s probably best to keep expectations low for next week.
    Maybe another camera strap or a 100th anniversary human battery. lol.

    • ToastyFlake

      I’ll definitely get the 100th anniversary battery, if it comes with a deconstructed battery in a commemorative glass case that lets me experience the battery’s structure.

      • fanboy fagz

        Theres nothing special in the battery. 2 18650 cells, contacts on both sides and a small pcb board. Ive opened quite a few old nikon batteries and seapped the old cells

    • BVS

      I hope Nikon doesn’t troll us next week with something like:

      “We’re please to announce that we’re working on a new mirrorless camera system and will be announcing more details next year.”

      Those leather camera straps do look pretty nice though. 🙂

  • Daniele Malleo

    good lord. 10.8V is the output voltage not the power rating. And 27 Wh is energy storage (2500 mAh * 10.8V = 27 Wh), not the consumption rate.

  • Tom Taubert

    Can’t fault Nikon for improving the power plant for their cameras. There may be internal materials, structures modified to make the battery safer and increase the number of charge discharge cycles. Exactly the reason we like Nikon products.

  • Needed to meet the processor needs of the new D820? Hmmm…

    • Michael Cary Arellano

      How does that work when only the pro (D3/4/5) bodies accept large batteries?

      • JXVo

        The battery grip for D8x0 series (MB-D12) also accepts them if the appropriate tray is purchased.

        • Michael Cary Arellano

          Why would the processor “need” an optional accessory? Since Nikon has segmented their bodies into distinctly different markets (D8xx = high MP, Dx = max FPS/ISO, D750/500 = blend of both) after the D800/D4 introduction, they’ve made it pretty clear that the D8xx isn’t meant to be high FPS by any measure. I don’t think we’ll see an *FX* FPS increase in the D8xx lineup again, it’s just not what the product is designed for. It was fun with my old D700+MD-D10 though :/

          • JXVo

            The extra voltage will permit higher current in high energy consumption situations such as burst or flash shooting and driving AF motors on large lenses. The extra capacity will permit more shots.

            It’s quite possible that fps in D8x0 bodies is limited not only by processor speed but also by the standard 7.4V battery and some voltage loss to internal resistance when processor, card, metering, LCD, AF, shutter drive and mirror drive are all competing for juice.

            I use my D800/D810 mostly for wildlife and would welcome more fps and faster focusing for those BIF shots.

            • Michael Cary Arellano

              Great points, I hadn’t considered those! I’ll still be surprised if they introduce a new EXPEED processor in anything but a D5s/D6 first…

      • Guys, tongue in cheek! Relax. 😛

  • JoCarpenter

    Will it fit in my new D820? Where the hell is my D820?!!!?!?

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