Adobe Lightroom CC 2015.12/6.11, Camera Raw 9.12 released with Nikon D7500 support

Adobe released Lightroom CC 2015.12/6.11 and Camera Raw 9.12. Here are the direct download links:

In addition to several bug fixes, the latest versions also adds support for the Nikon D7500 and a new lens profile for the Venus Optics Laowa 12mm f/2.8 Zero-D lens. This release also introduces new color matching camera profiles for the following Nikon cameras:

  • Nikon 1 V3: 5 Color profiles + Monochrome + Green, Orange, Red, Yellow Monochrome filter effects
  • Nikon D3400: Green, Orange, Red, Yellow filter Monochrome filter effects
  • Nikon D5: Green, Orange, Red, Yellow filter Monochrome filter effects
  • Nikon D500: Green, Orange, Red, Yellow filter Monochrome filter effects
  • Nikon D5600: Green, Orange, Red, Yellow filter Monochrome filter effects
  • Nikon D610: Monochrome + Green, Orange, Red, Yellow Monochrome filter effects
  • Nikon D7200: Green, Orange, Red, Yellow filter Monochrome filter effects
  • Nikon D750: Green, Orange, Red, Yellow filter Monochrome filter effects
  • Nikon D810: Green, Orange, Red, Yellow filter Monochrome filter effects
  • Nikon D810A: Green, Orange, Red, Yellow filter Monochrome filter effects
  • Nikon Df : Monochrome + Green, Orange, Red, Yellow Monochrome filter effect

Like the new Nikon D7500 Facebook page for a more detailed D7500 coverage.

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  • Florian K.

    When will there be a new Lightroom version? Version 2015.12 shows how old the current version is. They could add some radical improvements.

    • TheInfinityPoint

      I have a feeling that the next major LR release (ie LR7) will probably have massive performance improvement, so they’re holding off for now besides the usual “add new cameras and minor bug fixes” routine. Adobe recently released a survey where you can fill out your top 3 grievances as far as LR performance goes (see my other post).

      • Jim Kiefer

        i saw the survey and responded. I’m glad they offered the survey because it shows they are interested in addressing performance. However, i’m also disappointed to see the survey because it suggests they haven’t started, and the performance tuning effort can be so massive that we have to pick and choose. I am about ready to buy a new pc, but would like to see the new performance version of LR first. Buying anything over quad core for the current version (2015.x/6.x) seems like a waste – and can even be slower for most functions if cpu speed is less.

    • Joshua

      I had enough of waiting and waiting and waiting for this to happen, and I got Capture One. Not nearly as intuitive to use, but the performance differences are just insane. Hoping for a big new LR version still though 🙂

      • Allan

        “the performance differences are just insane.”

        Faster than Lightroom?

        What other differences do you see?


        • Joshua

          They offer a free demo, and I recommend to try it out, they are radically different in many ways, so it’s tough to just list out the differences.

          Re: Faster…I sometimes do shoots for a specific client that don’t require many, if any, spot editing, and it took me about 4 or so hours with Lightroom… It takes me UNDER ONE HOUR in Capture One.

          Biggest things I miss from Lightroom are easier and better perspective corrections, and easier crop and leveling.

          • nwcs

            I would miss the library organization. I don’t organize the way C1 wants you to organize. I can make LR and C1 look about the same but C1 does have a nicer starting point. LR also has some nice extras like panorama merge, hdr merge, and if you do GPS it’s convenient.

            C1 is nice. I like it, but it’s expensive and just not quite what I need. I’m really hoping Adobe does something good with LR, though. The status quo is lame.

  • Off-topic, but the new releases also add support for the TG-5. Which is an awesome little camera, with RAW support, unlike the Nikon AW ones. Thanks! Looking forward to finally see what Lightroom can recover from those RAW files.

    • doge

      Is that the waterproof panasonic? how’s the image quality in the shade?

      • Yes, that’s the one. I can’t comment on shadow recovery yet, as I need the new Lightroom version to see that.

        If by shade you meant simply lower (not low!) light, it’s (subjectively at least) better than I expected from such a small sensor. I’m very happy with the camera (again, for its sensor size), and looking forward to see the raw files in Lightroom.

  • Jeffrey G. Bank

    Keep getting a download error. I wonder if the site has crashed?

  • I don’t have that update listed on my CC panel at all. I’m currently running 2015.10.1 and it says I’m up to date.

    • ninpou_kobanashi

      Today’s is 2015.12.
      Maybe minimum system requirement?

  • sickheadache

    Off Topic Exciting News..D830 4k..46mp..7FPS, Rain Maker.

    • Bob Thane

      D850, 4k, 46MP, 6fps, touch screen, D5/D500 AF, 8 fps in 1.5x crop. Mark my words.

      • Jim Kiefer

        same or better DR, ISO, MP than D810 plus D5 AF, and i’m in!! Multiple AF fine tune values would be a plus, as would improved live view for the occasional contrast focus. I don’t care about FPS or video.

        • Bob Thane

          Ah man, I’d kill for multiple AF fine tune values. I have some lenses (good Nikon lenses at that) that really require 4 values, maybe more. Thanks for reminding me – fingers crossed!

      • Jim Kiefer

        guess we’ll find out in a couple days!

  • IndyReader

    The most reliable Adobe Lightroom download link has recently been this page on their website, you have to expand the LR6 page to grab a specific update version:

    Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 6

    • Andrus Taal

      But do I understand correctly that if don’t have LR6 serial number, then the only way to go is ver 2015 subscription ?

  • lorenzo

    You are very right Peter: despite your good suggestions I couldn’t find the way to download the new LR update, even signing up on their site.

    Adobe sucks! They got our money for perpetual licenses and now they want us to pay also for CC.

    I do not own a D7500, I can stay with all the bugs of the previous version of LR that I have. You can SHOVE IT Adobe!

    • yes, they have been doing this for a while – they want to push you to the Cloud because this is how they make their record earnings:

      • lorenzo

        Exactly! I helped them to get rich buying the very old PhotoShop 5.0, 6.0, then LR, CS-5 and CS-6. They won’t get any more money from me.
        If I will be in a stuck situation when both LR and CS-6 don’t work anymore, I rather give money to Nikon and buy Capture 2 Pro.

        Thank you anyway for the update.

        • br0xibear

          I think you’re right.
          There’s going to be a tipping point with Adobe Lightroom, and Capture One Pro looks like a great option.

          • Randy

            I see that Macphun is offering a beta of Luminar for windows. I don’t know anything about Luminar, how does it compare to Adobe’s products?

            • br0xibear

              I don’t personally know anyone who uses, or tried it, so I can’t say.

          • Allen_Wentz

            I hate Adobe subscriptions and need to upgrade from Aperture, so I will check out Capture One.

            • br0xibear

              Their YouTube channel is a good place to start…


            • Allen_Wentz

              Looks like a good editor but I saw no substantive images management.

            • I have tried capture one and it gives much better starting point results compared to LR. And I would say that it compares to LR and not PS in it’s capabilities.

            • Allen_Wentz

              Really? Images management (DAM) is what I need but lack; not editing which I have covered multiple ways.

              Aperture rocks but is defunct, and Extensis Portfolio is too pricey for a small biz.

              Does C1 have decent digital asset management capabilities?

            • Yes. Better than LR.

            • Allen_Wentz

              Thanks for that. The pure image editing in C1 looks very good, and pretty straightforward but I did not see text layers, which are critical to me. I intend to do a trial but right now have other work to do.

              If I can readily round-trip to PS CS6 in High Sierra when it is out that would suit me fine too I guess.

            • Ric of The LBC

              DXO is another option. I used it for a while, good results but not as good as Capture NX2 and I hate the sidecar files. This was several versions ago.

          • The tipping point is that stupid monthly payment. I still have LR6 standalone version. It is a pain to update even these minor updates. Everything is hidden in theire flashy animated overcomplicated website. Adobe want me to use the online CC by giving hard time. Well I have switched to Capture One a few months ago and I am not going back. I am sure there won’t be standalone LR7.

      • Jim Kiefer

        i like the subscription model. it seems like a win-win. it encourages their customers to stay current, lowering support costs, and allows us a customers to get all new features as soon as they are released. I think $10/mo is a bargain for both LR & PS.

        • Allen_Wentz

          I hate the subscription model. Win for _Adobe_ because they more than doubled what many of us paid who renewed every other time or so (I own a Design Master Collection).

          But “encourages their customers to stay current” means breaking workflows every time Adobe makes a tweak and effs up operation with plug-ins, hardware or sometimes with other Adobe apps. That is why folks like me renewed every 3 or even 4.5 years since the 1990s, because every renewal is a huge PITA.

          The CC model effs users by corrupting one’s work product if you fail to renew. IMO immoral and unethical. I have not bought an Adobe product since CS6 boxed and will hate it if I am forced to LR.

          And note that I have been a big Adobe user (and _was_ a supporter) since the early versions of PS in the 1990s. Modern Adobe angers me a great deal; Adobe is now just a large corp that screws users for money with their CC model.

      • IronHeadSlim

        I also like the subscription version because I was paying $1200 every two years to upgrade the whole suite anyway. Maybe many others like it also and that is why they have record earnings. : )

        • They should have both options available.

        • ZoetMB

          The main reason they did it is because they wanted consistent and predictable earnings. They would have huge earnings when they released a new paid version and then very small earnings as new customers drifted in.

          The subscription (if you’re able to get the $10 a month one) is not actually a terrible deal, but I don’t like the idea that it’s basically a contract for life and if you don’t renew, I’m not sure what you’re left with, if anything. I’m still using CS6, but there’s going to come a point when that no longer works. The next Mac OS, coming soon, is going to be the last one that supports 32-bit applications and if there are any CS6 components that are 32-bit, they’re not going to work starting in the Fall of 2018.

    • TheMeckMan

      You should be able to update from within Lightroom, that was at least the case back in LR5.

      Your other option is to convert to DNG and suck that into LR.

      I jumped to cloud last year on a “too good deal to pass” for both LR and photoshop thinking by the end of my one year LR 7 would be out… Otherwise I would have purchased LR6 if I knew it was going to go on like this. It’s closer to 2018 and they keep releasing patches, this is ridiculous. No new features as promised to subscribers. If there is a stand alone LR 7 I’ll be buying it and never go cloud again for LR.

      • lorenzo

        Honestly, I haven’t tried yet. I usually do as you do, look for updates from LR itself.

        My LR is on a Win 7 PC that I rarely use because every time I turn it on it takes half day to download all the MS security updates. So I thought to download it on this PC and eventually copy it to the other one.

        I totally agree: don’t give Adobe any more money!
        I doubt that they will ever release a version 7 in perpetual license… they want all of us on CC… won’t get me.

    • tomherren

      I am following with much interest what competitors to Adobe are doing. As long as my hardware works I continue using Capture NX-D and Nik Collection, and CS5 occasionally. When a replacement is due, I will try out Affinity Photo, ON1 Raw, Luminar, Topaz Studio and other affordable solutions that cover my needs. I have LR5 too, but colour rendering (especially in skin tones) is not on par with the Nikon converters.

      • Ric of The LBC

        Long live Capture NX2!!!!

        • tomherren

          Indeed, for the NEFs from my former D700, D90 and D80 I am still using CNX2

    • A. F.O.

      good link about Adobe new business/profits:

  • Aphidman

    This is welcome news; time to switch to raw on my D7500, get some shots, and check it out.

    I wondered why it took almost two months for this update to arrive after the camera came out, but over on the sister site, there are more details; support for four other cameras, 15 lens profiles for multiple vendors, and a lot of colour matching profiles was included. It makes sense for Adobe to balance update frequency with update content.

    (Oh, and a friendly shout-out to the folks who swear by two card slots. I respect your reasoning, and regret any bad feeling I caused.)

    • Philip Wolfe

      You’ll be even more upset when you find out that all you had to do to get the previous version of Raw/LR to process the D7500 images was to rename them as D500. Adobe didn’t have to do any work other than add the camera’s name to their hardcoded list.

      • Aphidman

        Oh, those scamps at Adobe! I wasn’t upset at them, but it would have been nice if they had told us that officially. These are occult matters; one might think that cameras with the same sensor would have the same raw format, but would they really? Apparently so.

      • Allen_Wentz

        But does ACR convert D7500 NEFs _optimally_ when one simply changes the name?

  • Brent Rawlings

    Hmmm… I found the standalone Lightroom upgrade process very easy via the Adobe Application Manager. Did others not have the same success?

    • Fly Moon

      Yeah. It’s very seamless!

  • TheInfinityPoint

    Since this is a LR related rumour post I thought I’d mention that Adobe recently released a survey where you can fill out the top 3 performance-related grievances with LR. You can take the survey yourself here:

    • Brent Rawlings

      Done. Thanks for sharing.

    • This appears to be a survey pertaining to the box version. There was nowhere to indicate CC version.

      • nwcs

        It’s a poorly thought out survey. Likely done by someone who has never really done any surveys in the past. Just like when they assume certain screen types. I just put the closest values.

      • TheInfinityPoint

        Sure, but I thought people complain about performance issues on both flavors?

        • I’m sure they do, just curious that they didn’t give an option to indicate that you are using the CC version, which is the one they’re pushing.

          • TheInfinityPoint

            Ah I see, yes that is an interesting observation then lol!

  • Allan

    Off topic.


    When I see, “This comment was deleted.”, is it the author or you?


    • usually it’s the author unless it’s spam – then it’s me

  • Ric of The LBC

    Autodesk is following the same model. We have until September to pay to convert our perpetual licences to the subscription method. If we don’t then it will cost $$$ future conversion and the only way for upgrades. Close to $30k for our office.

  • TwoStrayCats

    I wonder if Nikon have given Adobe information so they can get the D820 support programmed?

    • Allan

      Highly unlikely. I think Adobe does reverse software engineering, once a camera is released. Somebody here will understand this better than me, and use the correct terminology.

      Nikon should either 1) bring out better software themselves.
      Not going to happen because there is no profit for Nikon. ViewNX-i and Capture NX-D are poor replacements for ViewNX 2 and Capture NX2. (Interestingly, Steve Perry in his D7500 review mentioned he does not use NX-D, if I remember correctly.)

      Or, 2) partner with a company that are experts in photo editing. For whatever reason, they have not done this.

      Unfortunately, Nikon screws up our workflow by not doing either 1) or 2).

  • nwcs

    You’re left with a mostly functional Lightroom CC that disables the Develop section and one other section (I forget with). It would be better if they left us with the last paid for version but that isn’t going to happen it seems.

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