Enjoy this new 100 years anniversary video from Nikon

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  • T.I.M

    Dxxx minus 13 days….

    • sickheadache

      D820 with 72mp and Or…54mp…and or 46mp…lol

      • T.I.M

        A D820 with 54MP is fine to me, it does not necessary have to be called D15x15x4 (even if it sound better)

        • I can see that you have finally come to terms with the name conundrum.

          • T.I.M

            I made a deal with Peter, I stop talking about the D15x15x4 and he stop posting girls add on NR.

  • “The Phantom of the Industry”

  • question, why all there videos on a 60p? i never see any 24p from nikon. =( also fyi, videos are horrible. cmon nikon, you can hire a better videographer.

    • oh and hopefully this d820 have a 6k photo and a 4k video killer cause my d810 and d750 killin 1080p game. cmon nikon! a big surprise thank you.

    • T.I.M

      The fps were based on current frequency, 60hz in Europe, 50hz in USA.
      Because at that time, the video electronic devices (TVs) used the current frequency for synchronisation.

    • Philip Wolfe

      Did you notice they used a RED camera rather than a Nikon for video?

      • If so they should hired a better team and also is there a hint on red Nikon collab?

  • Jirka

    I believe there will be 4K 60p and 6K 30p video capture on new Dxxx. mabye 8K 24p.

    • T.I.M

      You should google Canon or Sony, they make good video cameras.

      • Jirka

        I want nikon to make great photo/video camera. Is there any reason why they cant do such a thing?

        • T.I.M

          Photographer and videographer are not the same jobs.
          They have different schools and diplomas.
          Photographer require only 1-2 person team, video is a team with 5 people minimum (for professional results).
          Sony and Canon have been making video cameras for decades, it’s a new field for Nikon.

          • ToastyFlake

            They may have different schools and diplomas, but they’re just a mouse click away from each other and you can print the diplomas out on the same printer.

          • sickheadache

            I do not know how to shoot video on my D810. Not even going to try. lol

  • doge

    Can anyone translate the video?

    • T.I.M

      You can see me in the video posting a comment on NR (at 11:09)

  • BlackRipleyDog

    A DMX100?

  • IronHeadSlim

    Filmed on RED. They must have a 6K or 8K version for big screens.

  • decentrist

    4th movement…Rise of the Cellphones played to “Kill the Wabbit”

    • Allan

      The wasically wabbit?

      • decentrist

        wascally Samsung and Apple Wabbits

        • My daffy Huawei stammers backstage in jealousy.

          • decentrist

            The KFC edition Huawei is seriously wascally

            • OMG Google just informed me that that’s an actual thing. Idiocracy Edition. Desssspicable! (and hilarious)

            • decentrist

              The Chinese say finger sucking good!

            • decentrist

              my youtube link was deleted, thanks!!

            • I have not deleted your link, will check the spam folder.

            • decentrist

              thanks Peter!

            • yes, it was there – I approved it

  • T.I.M

    At 1:53 you can see the little boy playing outdoor with 2 glass elements, nothing more dangerous !
    If he point it to the sun his eye will burn out!
    Nikon get ready for lawsuit!
    Yesterday a 14 years old girl died because while taking a bath she drop in the tub the cellphone she was playing with (phone was charging connected to the wall…)
    I bet the parents will try to sue the phone maker for millions dollars.

    • Piooof

      She died of grief. 5V wouldn’t kill an insect.

      • T.I.M
        • Brubabs

          Okay, this whole subject is a little off topic so we digress, but this article says the cell phone and power supply were connected to an extension cord, so I assume it was the extension cord that fell in the bathtub. That would definitely do it.

          • Philip Wolfe

            Or one of those cheap knock-off “Apple” chargers from China that were electrocuting people a couple of years back.

        • Richard Hart

          Very sad. In Britain there are no power plugs in bathrooms (i think) and the light switch has to be a pull switch on a string hanging from the ceiling. Stops electrocution from having wet hands. And electrical plugs have something on the base so when you pull them out the wall you can’t put your fingers on the plug and get electrocuted.

      • nwcs

        It’s not the volts but the amps.

        • Piooof

          It is the volts, because the body has a given resistance. So what limits the current going through your body is the voltage (Ohm’s law: voltage = resistance x current). That’s why everything under 50V DC is deemed safe (extra-low voltage).

    • ninpou_kobanashi

      Electronics have had fuses for that kinda problem ever since the 80s. I think if she was using a cheap knock off charger, that’s might be the reason why.

      The other reason, could be that she had it plugged into an extension cord. If that fell in, that would totally do it.

      • T.I.M

        Well, they don’t have real fuse but a ground plug, if any current is detected between the ground and the phase, then the main house power is turned off.
        Unfortunately , most low power devices don’t have that ground plug.
        I have 3 kids, they all know to never use electrical devices near water, I think in that case the parents may not have done a great job teaching safety.

        • The stepmother admits to doing it as well, so I guess that’s what she was teaching. This is what society is coming to. And I thought watching a local college kid walk into a telephone pole while texting was ridiculous (and damn funny). What a shocking wake up call. I think I’m going to write a sci-fi screenplay where smartphones take over the world. …Wait, make that a documentary.

    • Mr_Miyagi

      “If he point it to the sun his eye will burn out!”

      Well before that happens, his eye will close reflexively in a normal response to bright light and avert damage to his vision. The point is to avoid STARING at the bright sun or any other bright light. Staring takes some effort.

  • br0xibear
  • ola

    Nikon does not think Nikon cameras are not good enough for a production like this.

    • Philip Wolfe

      Really surprised they let that (RED) appear in there. Look for a re-cut version of this video soon.

  • Brubabs

    Nikon has a right to be proud of their accomplishments and products, and 100 years is no small feat, but I found this video to be way overly dramatic. They’re just cameras, after all. Perhaps another video in a more lighthearted vein will come out later.

    • br0xibear

      “Perhaps another video in a more lighthearted vein will come out later.”
      No problem, Nikon Japan have you covered, lol…


      • Brubabs

        I did not know about this one, so thanks! It’s actually pretty clever! Not directed at my age group I am sure, but kudos to Nikon for producing it.

  • RC Jenkins

    That’s a wrap. Roll the credits!

  • karayuschij

    The music sounds like the OST from an Hollywoodian production… Not very adapted for a Japanese company IMHO

    • Piooof

      Japanese composer. Besides, Japanese are big fans of western music. So much it’s nearly impossible to listen to traditional Japanese music in Japan, or anything remotely inspired by it.

      • Kitaro would’ve been a much better choice, and much much cheaper, lol.

      • karayuschij

        Japanese have so good composers like Ryuichi Sakamoto, a composer able to compose music accessible to occidental ears, but with a very strong Japanese feeling

    • At 7:18 you can hear him rip off both Star Wars and Star Trek TNG in the same phrase. Talk about crossing the streams…

      • Philip Wolfe

        I was hearing a lot of John Williams in there.

        • Piooof

          And you hear a lot of Richard Strauss and Gustav Holst in John Williams.

  • Hans J

    11:22 Nikon shows its mirrorless concept.

    • ToastyFlake

      Looks like it had no problems tracking those geese in flight.

  • ToastyFlake

    That was a good nap. I shouldn’t have tried to watch this after lunch.

  • T.I.M

    At 13:49 the king F6 !

  • Delmar Mineard Jr

    Good symphony orchestra and an interesting video.

  • Bukakke Comet

    From my end this is the 3rd video that had exactly 36 comments when I first saw it. Am I in here with 36 bots that instantly post when a video comes out on NR.

  • I like this film, saw it at the Nikon Museum in January. The Japanese are very knowledgeable about western music. I made a video slideshow for some friends in Kyoto and set it to the Brandenburg concertos. Several of them named the music immediately. Lovely film.

    • njtrout2000

      I wish there were English language subtitles.

    • peter w

      I think Johann Sebastians Brandenburg concertos are of a slightly higher artistic level. Also, Bach was said to be ‘alt-modisch’, however, this music directly refers to end of 19th century. American or English style music. A nice performance of an easy going piece.

  • Wow, I’m so used to coming here to read a sea of scathing comments by critics such that there’s not much left to add unless I have something to defend, lol. So I’ll be the bad guy this time–this is hideous. Has a totally thrown together quality about it. Complete lack of any emotional connection whatsoever between the soundtrack and video, and showing more of the orchestra than the history of the company and its products. Did they run out of footage? It’s cool and trendy to show the “man behind the curtain” and let us see the orchestra in glimpses between the main visual narrative here and there, but this? Looks like they blew a ton of money on hiring a room full of top notch musicians and video cameramen and equipment but forgot to hire a real director or video editor. Not to worry, they can make the money back by cutting some of their engineering dept. But seriously, even stock prefab music well placed would have been able to compliment the video better. Thumbs down.

    • Max

      I agree, this lacked art direction. It reminds me a bit of a Powerpoint slide.

      It also reminds me of our CEO. I work in the art dep for a company where she pops up at our office once in a while with a “great idea”, and tells us to work from it.

      But she wouldn’t allow us to direct the project creatively and visually, because she is terrified of the idea that a concept may need some degree of conceptual or symbolic interpretation on the audience’s behalf.

      We always end up with something that makes me want to cringe and distance myself from it.

      I think it would have been more effective if the video was of the process of creating a lens. That’s what I thought it was going to be when I saw the molten glass (or metal?) at the beginning.
      Then they could have used a classic piece about creation, and directed the process along with the music.

      • Same here in regards to the beginning. It started with some big aspirations but ended up being a smattering of random footage coupled with a “making of” style of overly injected segments from the backing music. Not indicative of a 100th anniversary IMO.

        • Philip Wolfe

          Especially when they used and showed a RED camera used to video instead of a Nikon. Talk about sending the wrong message.

          • Piooof

            Why wrong? This sends the message that Nikon is interested in making lenses for professional video, but not in making professional cameras. Not a surprise here. But do they really believe that including this cryptic ad for RED will undermine Canon and Sony’s efforts in this segment?

    • Piooof

      I believe the orchestra/conductor are there as an allegory of the company (employees/CEO).

  • Bill Slattery Jr

    Thanks I enjoyed that.

  • Richard Hart

    is that mark zuckerberg playing percussion 11.39?

  • geofflivingston

    Elegant, old-fashioned, and out of touch. It feels as if Nikon sees itself as prestigious brand, which makes it anything but exciting for today. This only caters to older users. How many would-be customers under 40 would appreciate this ad?

  • Thomas Hurley

    Excellent music. Now, if I just had a modern 200 mm micro Nikkor lens to go with the music that matches the capability of the D5 or D500.

  • TheInconvenientRuth

    Am I the only one who felt it sounded very John Williams like? I swear I heard bits that sounded very Star Wars..

  • Kári Jensson

    Enjoy? More like fall asleep. This video & the Nikon anniversary lenses & bodys shows how out of touch nikon is.

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