Weekly Nikon news flash #426

→ Dpreview posted sample photos from the Nikon AF-P DX NIKKOR 10-20mm f/4.5-5.6G VR lens (in stock at AdoramaAmazon DE | Amazon UK).

→ Sigma 12-24mm f/4 DG HSM Art lens ($1,599) + Nikon D800E report on Sigma's blog.

CameraLabs reviewed the Nikon 8-15mm f/3.5-4.5E lens (pre-order: B&H | Adorama).

→ The ShutterCount app now also supports Nikon cameras.

→ Nikon has a "Test and Try" roadshow in Germany - additional information can be found here and here.

Nikon has voted to distribute its "surplus" in the form of a stock dividend of 4 Yen per share.

Nikon’s new ad campaign in NYC.

Winners of the Nikon Photo Contest 2016-2017 selected.

→ AP: 12 iconic Nikon cameras that defined the brand.

→ The new Fotodiox DLX Stretch adapter is available also for Nikon F-mount lenses.

→ New Commlite ENF-E1 PRO ver.05 Nikon to Sony autofocus adapter released (hardware modified version with a new firmware).

→ Nikon 100th Anniversary: David Douglas Duncan.

→ Nikon USA: capturing the Solar Eclipse with Nikon.

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  • animalsbybarry

    When I came across the notes on the board meeting I was very surprised that Nikon had a surplus to distribute

    • I was not 🙂

    • nwcs

      It’s for their bank investors. That’s what keeps the “system” going sometimes.

  • Fly Moon

    RE:The ShutterCount app now also supports Nikon cameras.

    Why would I pay $2.99 if I can get it for free at http://www.nikonshuttercount.com?

    • doge

      for real.
      For some reason I couldn’t get your link to work (i think because I renamed the jpeg.) but this other free site works fine. (and you can upload nefs) https://www.camerashuttercount.com/

  • Amir

    Seems that Nikon 8-15mm f/3.5-4.5E lens is almost superior in every aspects than its rivals.

    • EarlFargis

      I’m having some fun playing with mine. So different lots for an amateur like me to learn.

  • Fly Moon

    Cool. Thx

  • saywhatuwill

    Your link for the Commlite ENF-E1 PRO ver.05 Nikon to Sony autofocus adapter goes to coins on eBay.

  • Aku Kankaanpää

    Agree with Sigma 12-24 ART performance

    I sold my 14-24 2.8 for this lens and as difficult as it was to sell one of my favourite lenses, this replacement is truly better. Edges are sharper, no CA, no vignetting, very good results even wide open. Only strange thing is that when focusing to distant landscape, if center AF point is used, the edges are not as sharp, however when edge AF point is used, also the center looks good. Like 14-24, also this one is optimized to the wide end as it should be. Anyway I dont hesitate using it in longer end also.

    2mm difference in focal length is remarkable and Nikon offers no lens beyond 14mm in wide end. Hope they do one day, but the price will be very different from this one. Having seen how well 12-24 compares to Canon 11-24 I wouldnt spend double price for it if I used Canon setup.

  • EddieClark2

    A few things: that CameraLabs review on the Nikon 8-15mm f/3.5-4.5E lens, just yeah no. Opening photo with super shallow DOF should be the first red flag, next is how they go on about using it on old bodies, like the D300 they have pictured, and the other rambling nonsense which isn’t worth repeating. I got this lens last week (NPS priority) and have shot two events with it so far, and think it’s far superior to the 16mm 2.8D in many ways except max aperture and price. That said putting it on anything older than a D600 is a waste of time as sensors before that model (like the D700 or D300, I owned both) do not have the resolving power to take advantage of the lens qualities or justify the cost and benefits of using it. Now for the good stuff, with newer bodies, it kills it with clarity/detail/contrast/overall image quality and incredibly better AF speed and accuracy, which is why you really want it. I’m not settled on the use of shooting it under 14mm on full frame due to the partial-to-full circular images you get once zooming out past 14mm, but 14mm-15mm yields wonderful complete frame files. When shooting it on my D500 (my primary ‘event’ body), WOW, it’s the wide lens answer I’ve been waiting for to complete my lens kit for the D500. I say ‘answer’ because previous Nikon DX wide lenses mostly look like crap on the D500 due to it’s superior resolving power over the previous generation of Nikon DX glass. Now, on the D500 we’ve got an effective 16.5mm fish-eye that zooms to 22.5mm (11mm-15mm on the actual lens) without the extreme distortion you get on an FX sensor, but with nearly instant totally accurate AF and awesome image quality- Bingo!

    • Thomas Rubach

      If you’d actually read the review, you’d notice the lens was tested on a D810.

      • EddieClark2

        I did, but I didn’t say it wasn’t tested on a D810. I also didn’t mention the part about shooting a D810 in DX mode to prove the pop-up flash works ‘relatively well’ without citing where the manual states, “Avoid using a flash, as it will not cover the lens’ angle of view”. Again, yeah no.

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