Nikon lens rebates expiring in two days

The Nikon US "lens only" rebates are set to expire on June 24th (more info at Adorama and B&H)

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  • TwoStrayCats

    Come on, Nikon: put the $200 rebate back on the 14-24… Pretty please…

  • Mehdi R

    Now I’m starting worry about D810 replacement, one month to anniversary and no sign.
    Even Canon 6D Mark II is going to release 🙁

    • j cortes

      I’m looking forward to the D810 replacement as well , but I doubt it will be noteworthy .

    • Amir

      No worries at all! The new D820/850 will come out soon,we should worry on its price tag,instead!

      • T.I.M

        I’m broke so it won’t be for me any time soon.
        I think it will be around $4000 ($3500 would be nice).
        My D800 is still doing a great job up to 280 ISO

        • Amir

          I believe time is good for both of us to upgrade our bodies to D810,then!

          • T.I.M

            I prefer the D800, the D810 is a cheap upgrade.
            I can wait for my D900, I am a patient photographer.

            • Just Me

              If you don’t need/want the D810, that’s one thing. However, it has definite advantages over the D800, even if you only photograph French cats! 🙂

        • VanHoff

          I am willing to pay good $3800 for a D810 replacement with proper video (4k FF readout / 4:2:2 10 bit uncompressed video / 1080p at 120fps) and high Iso noise improvements over what the D810 offers. If it comes without this specs forget it, many users like me will be in trouble willing to deliver fine products to our clients, but without the proper tools we are handcuffed and seriously considering jump ship despite all our love for Nikon brand.

  • Amir

    Even if that rebate takes for eternity,there is no intersting item worthy for shopping!

    • tamfox

      D810 is a good upgrade to 800 its a great camera…. I will see what the 820/850 or whatever they call the next “upgrade ” has to offer but it will probably be worth it too, except maybe the price tag. The d500 is a great camera also if you like to do sports and wildlife. Anyhow if for any reason these guys are out of our prce range, then still be happy with the camera you have. Cameras dont make pictures…. you do….so enjoy what you can do with what you have at the moment. Best wishes. Tam

  • Aditya Gupta

    Hey Peter I’ve sent you a tip on photorumours update

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