Firmware update 1.01 for Nikon 1 J5 mirrorless camera released

Nikon released a new firmware update version 1.01 for the Nikon 1 J5 mirrorless camera with one single fix:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented additional deletions after multiple shots had been deleted in succession from a single burst of pictures.

The Nikon 1 J5 was announced in April, 2015 and is currently priced from $497 while refurbished versions are selling for $380.

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  • Shutterbug

    I was hoping for the possibility to assign the Fn-Button to show more information in playback…
    But nice to see some Nikon 1-related news.

  • I’m surprised they still have people working on the 1 series, it looked like they turned off the lights in that department…

    • Yes, it is strange they released a firmware update 2 years after announcement.

      • Semaphore

        Perhaps they’re working on a new N1 camera and noticed the bug in their base code.

        • Yes, I was thinking the same

      • Captain Megaton

        Well you said it yourself, it was “one single fix” – they were made aware of a case where the camera did not work as it should so they fixed it. Good on Nikon but best not read anything further into it.

      • Someone

        I guess if the camera is not discountinued and the find a bug, the kind of have to fix it? It was probably found due to complains.

      • MiK Images

        Yep, really weird. Especially when there are many „features” to fix, eg.: no auto iso 1600 or no option to switch from view photo to view histogram (in view mode), reagrding that software update releases are expensive. Or they changed something more, but they didn’t officially announce what they fix.

        Or could be: Taiko Mitume (fictional granddaughter of Nikon V-ce president), said: Grandpa, I accidentally deleted photos. Then V-ce ordered to team “fix it or you would commit seppuku!” “Hai” said Nikon development team and fixed it. Just story 🙂

        • That’s so hilarious. But at the same time so much possible…..

    • Aldo

      They did turn off the lights… but it’s because they are trying to conserve electricity. They are just working with candles.

  • Photo Guy

    I like my J5. It is a nice “walking around” camera and, coupled with the FT-1 adapter is excellent for macro work using Nikkor lenses. I also use a pair of J3’s with the WP-N2 housing for underwater work. Good quality at a reasonable price. Glad to see even this bit of news on the Nikon1 line.

    • Markus

      I love my V3 too and I’m a huge fan of the 1 Series.

      • MiK Images

        Me too 🙂

        • Tom Taubert

          Ditto, I like my V1, 10mm and 18.5mm. The menu system works fine for changing modes or ISO or other tweaks. It has been dropped a few times and rained on quite a bit. Holding up well. Camera in one pocket, 2nd lens in the other. Light. I hope Nikon sticks with this system.

          As a programmer, I can tell you that a firmware fix may include other changes that are not noted on the list of things fixed.

    • Me too. Great cam.

  • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

    True good cameras and line; however with the same sort of size 1″ contained in the Nikon 1 line and the DL line, Nikon should not have cancelled DL series and put the same sensor in the updates to the J5 and V3. Then introduce a DX/FX mirrorless range eg in the DF sort of whacky body going forward and do it at their own pace. However it seems that Nikon have / are making mistakes after mistakes at the moment – not entirely all of their fault.

  • HotDuckZ

    I will received my 32 1.2 on tomorrow then I’m so excited with this news, I’m waiting for 70-300 f/4.5-6.3PF and N1 with EN-EL15 + standard hot-shoe. however DL 18-50 is my real dream.

    • Member

      That’s the only 1Nikkor lens I don’t have, it indeed is a beautiful lens. But I don’t use that focal length that much, at least not for portraits. But I would love it if there was a 1Nikkor 18.5mm 1.2 or even a 1.4.

      • HotDuckZ

        I use this lens for make a movie. Fast lens make I can shoot movie in any light.

      • HotDuckZ

        I shoot a movie, Fast lens make me can shoot a movie in any light.

        • Member

          Yes true, 1″ system isn’t ideal for portraits either.

          • Luis Augusto Fretes Cuevas

            A 32mm f/1.2 on 1″ sensor is equivalent in DOF and FOV to a ~55mm f/2 on APS-C sensor, I think that’s shallow enough for most purposes.

            • Member

              When I said that the 1″ system isn’t ideal for portraits I should have mentioned why it’s not ideal to me.
              When you say 55mm f/2 is perfectly fine on APS-C, you’re right about that.
              There are no rules on what to use for portraits and what not. In fact I do use the 1″system (mostly V3) a lot even for portraits but for pro work I prefer fx as the 1″sensor needs a lot of light to produce crisp noise-free photos.

  • Craig Bailey

    I’m just gutted it doesn’t work with my 200-400 f4 lens. Great wildlife set up then. Bring the update to allow that. Love the 1 series.

    • Nemmondom Meg

      I am amazed by nikon j5. I don’t see big quality differences between that and the d7200 of mine. However it can be used, it is not really good with long tele. For that i would recommend the v2 with viewfinder. I think it is able to handle your lens as well ( i had the same issue with the sigma 150-600. Not working on j5 but does well on the v2. On the other hand j5 has significantly better picture quality, so it is only good option in a country with bright sun 🙂

  • Spy Black

    One wonders if a continuation of the 1 series is a possibility by A) an update such as this and B) the earlier comment of “multiple” mirrorless models in the works. I guess we’ll see.

  • Gosh1

    The J5 shattered the Nikon tradition of compatibility with its F lenses, especially telephotos. This renders the J5 useless for a wildlife and action photography with serious Nikkor glass. Still waiting for update to the overpriced V3 as the 1 Series has great potential, but Nikon’s wasting of salaries on jobs-worths who undermined a great system with stupid decisions on lenses compatibility.

    • Mike Gordon

      Oh please, you cannot use it on the exotics. If I would dish out $6000-$12000 on a lens, that last thing I would put on is a $500 body with no VF…

      • Citizen Kang

        It doesn’t work with the Nikon 200-500mm and nobody considers that an exotic lens. It’s certainly not in the $6,000 plus range of the exotics.

        • Mike Gordon

          Ok, I missed the 200-500, forgot that lens existed. Same point, no VF and one center point of focus with the FT-1. Not sure why anyone would use these lenses on a J5.

          Especially with the excellent 70-300cx…

          • Citizen Kang

            I have the 70-300 CX lens and there are times when you want even more. I have a Sigma 150-600mm, but that doesn’t work with the J5 (using the FT-1) adapter. It does work with the V3, but the V3 has significantly lower image quality when you try to pull details from the shadows. It’s times like that I’d consider purchasing the 200-500mm Nikon lens, but, of course, it doesn’t work with the J5 and buying yet another super-tele lens to get sub-par image quality from the V3 (again, on high contrast days where I need to pull shadows) just seems like a waste of money. I take photos of my daughter’s college rowing competitions and you don’t have the option of getting closer. A J5 with something like the Sigma 150-600mm or Nikon 200-500mm would be ideal. Of course, atmospheric distortion comes into play at those ranges which is why the added IQ of the J5 makes it superior to the V3, but, again, those big lenses won’t work with the J5 which Nikon saw fit to prevent for whatever reasons. However, there is the VF question, but I’ve been able to get around that by using a Hoodman loupe and a few pieces of aluminum and it works very well.

    • MonkeySpanner

      It makes no sense to put an F Mount on a 1″ sensor. I do think the 1 series has great potential as a wildlife camera and I wish they would make at least 1 serious telephoto lens in CX mount. Maybe a 100-500 equivalent, maybe f/4.

      • Gosh1

        Obviously. That’s precisely why Nikon designed their adapter Ft1 specifically to mount Series 1 cameras on the back of F lenses…with J and V cameras. Opens up a powerful reach with Nikkor telephotos. Then comes Nikon’s stupid decision to remove this compatibility from the J5. Hopefully the V4 will regain sanity on this versatility.
        Read more here:

        “Sadly, Nikon has removed the ability to use many of the longer F-mount lenses from the J5. With all prior Nikon 1 bodies, you could mount things like the 500mm f/4 on them using the FT-1 adapter. Now if you try that on a J5 you get a “lens can’t be used” message from the camera. ….”

  • animalsbybarry

    What is Nikon doing to restore confidence and maintain market share ?????????
    FF mirrorless to compete with A9 ????
    D820 ??????

    Nikon where are you ?????

    • Ande Notos

      Ok ok calm down they can’t materialize cameras out of thin air… You have to wait a bit.

      • MonkeySpanner

        We have been waiting for years.

        • Ande Notos

          Then why are you still so upset? All these years, have you been waking up every morning thinking “WHERE’S MY FF MIRRORLESS AND D820”? I mean, this is an unrelated article. Also, if you’ve read the rest of the articles, you’d know that you’re not going to see a D820 for at least a couple of months, and in all likelihood you’re not going to see a FF Nikon mirrorless this year, so you’re not really gaining anything by complaining. If the D820 doesn’t come this year, or if it’s a bad camera when it comes out, or if Nikon releases something stupid instead of it, then complain all you want.

          • MonkeySpanner

            Who is upset?

            • Ande Notos

              The OP guy. He seems pretty upset. Why else would he complain on an unrelated article?

    • br0xibear

      Holy Shit !
      Is every single new article Peter posts on Nikon Rumors going to result in unrelated comments like “FF mirrorless to compete with A9 ????”, “D820 ??????”, ” Nikon is dead, I’m switching to Sony” ?
      We get it, some people are angry, they need their annual fix of new gear, they feel other camera companies are somehow ahead of Nikon blah f*****g blah.
      Maybe Peter should open a seperate article just for those who want to moan and complain about the same thing over and over and over and over ?
      Personally I’m sick of it.
      Sorry for the rant Peter…but I’ve had enough it.

      • MonkeySpanner

        Then step away from the computer. No one is forcing you to read or reply

        • Eric Calabros

          Its like somebody complain about junk emails in his inbox, and you say no one is forcing you to sign in!

          • MonkeySpanner

            I hardly see how the comments section on some rumors website is in any way equivalent to your personal email inbox. The comparison is just silly.

            • Eric Calabros

              Given the common “annoying junk” issue, the comparison is valid.

            • MonkeySpanner

              Does that even make sense to you?

            • Eric Calabros

              Yes. With a difference that NR (or any rumors site) is not mine, though I’m not sure we really own our emails​.

      • I agree…

      • manattan

        I do really like the Sony a9 as I think Sony is focusing on the right things for mirrorless (minimal rolling shutter with great AF and completely silent shooting with a decent full RAW buffer). But that does not mean I am abandoning Nikon, and in fact I actually bought a wireless remote for my D810 and D500 yesterday.

        Some things about Nikon cameras are far more advanced than other systems, and its nice to see things like being able to have full AF and shooting mode control through a tiny10-pin connector and wireless remote. Note that even Sony with all their technological wizardry has not been able to achieve the compact solution that Nikon cameras enjoy in this area. We need more of that from Nikon! As an owner of the V1, V2, J4, and J5, I can tell you that I am trying to find a Nikon solution to my mirrorless needs but really want the folks who make the nice stuff in the D5 and D810 to show some love towards the mirrorless branch of Nikon.

    • ITN

      Just last year they released some excellent products: D5, D500, 105/1.4, 70-200/2.8 FL, 19 PC. How much more new stuff do you need? I am still saving the money to buy some recently released new Nikkors.

      • bgbs

        That’s last year

    • We get it Barry, do you have anything else to say?

  • Daniel Högberg

    What would have been needed: Fix the problem with only thumbnail-sized jpegs possible to send through the wifi-function. The wifi function ia useless is it is now!

  • MonkeySpanner

    I agree – it is definitely important to be able to delete images from the J5

  • jstevez

    Average people : Great news!! Nikon still care and provides updates to cameras released about 2 years ago.

    Nikon Rumors forums : Darn you Nikon, losing time on useless work, where’s my D820, Nikon is lost, I’m switching to Sony

  • Chewbacca

    This system could have been amazing for people who backpacked into remote areas for miles and who sought a portable, lightweight system for outdoor activities with good enough image quality.
    I was one off these people. I bought the V1 on closeout and for that price it was a deal. It just seemed too dumbed down and maddening in ways.
    It did not have one of the greatest benefits of a mirrorless camera, the What you see is what you get nature that others have. They seemed to lose track or never really figured out what the purpose for this system was. The price was kind of insane as well. This sent mixed signals and caused me to delay buying some better lenses. I bought a small cheap Olympus since. It’s been perfect for this.
    I hope Nikon can find a way to get it together with regard to some other products such as the DL, CX, or whatever because one product can’t fulfill every possible need in one package anymore. The days of Shlepping a backpack of food, water, pounds and pounds of full frame gear up a mountain look to be numbered as other companies are making some products that make this more enjoyable.

    • Allan

      “I hope Nikon can find a way to get it together with regard to some other products such as the DL, CX, or whatever … ”

      This might not happen because:

      1) The reasons Nikon gave for cancelling the DL’s still exist, and 2) Nikon said they probably will concentrate on high-end cameras.

      • Member

        “Nikon said they probably will concentrate on high-end cameras”

        Ah that’s good to hear, I’m waiting for a high-end “CX” camera. Let’s call it a V4 or maybe V5.

    • Allan

      “I bought a small cheap Olympus since. It’s been perfect for this.”

      Somehow, Nikon doesn’t perceive this as a major problem.

      • Chewbacca

        That’s the problem with Nikon. They don’t perceive anything they have been doing lately as a problem and it may start to catch up with them.

  • Citizen Kang

    I saw the headline and thought that, on occasion, pennies indeed do fall from heaven. When I read what was in the firmware, I realized it was the same old Nikon.

    • Shutterbug

      Would you prefer they discontinue support of their older cameras earlier? Also, firmware almost always contains unlisted fixes and improvements. Sometimes I wonder why half the posters are even here – all they do is think of the most negative thing possible for every news item and post it in the comments.

      • Citizen Kang

        I was going by what was tangible: one single fix. I wasn’t going on wishful thinking. As for being thankful, they admit it was a bug which means it really shouldn’t have been there in the first place. If it was, I expect a speedier fix than 2 years after the camera’s release. That’s terrible and anyone who says otherwise has awful standards of what they expect as customer service.

      • MiK Images

        But could we treat this “one fix update” as continuation of support (in contrast to “dscontinue support of their older cameras”)? 🙂
        Or hiding fixes?
        IMO, great that Nikon did something, but as Citizen Kang wrote “the same old Nikon”.

  • Christopher J. May

    So, is this a sign from Nikon that the One line isn’t quite dead yet or are they just trying to make it seem that way so they can clear out old inventory without the fire sale pricing that would come with a discontinuation notice?

    • manattan

      Probably the later. But perhaps someone at Nikon HQ was told to actually shoot with Nikon cameras and realized there was a bug. I mean it took 2 years to get this firmware update, which could have been done long ago, so perhaps that is a good sign?

  • John

    I didn’t know that the J5 didn’t function with the longest lenses. Too bad.
    I’ve been dreaming of having just that setup, it would be fun to have that long reach. Meanhile, I just stick to my D40 with 18-300. But I am ready for some new and better gear.

    • Citizen Kang

      If you absolutely need that long a lens, then one of the V series cameras is your best bet. I bought a V3 specifically for that purpose and use the J5 for everything else (if I don’t feel like carry my FX or APS-C cameras). However, none of the V series cameras has the IQ of the J5 so…there’s that…

      • Spy Black

        Try a J4.

        • Member

          J4 has same sensor and IQ as V3. But yes more than acceptable to me.

          • Spy Black

            I thought it was 14 megs for some reason. Not gonna miss the 1.6 megs and marginal increase in IQ of the J5.

  • BVS

    I’ve always liked the look of the J5. I hope that if they ever make a DX mirrorless they retain some of that aesthetic.

  • whisky

    this could be a good sign in that while designing new firmware for a newer N1, they discovered/corrected this bug and passed it along to the J5. that’s my hope anyway.

    • yes, I was thinking the same

    • BVS

      Or maybe one of the engineers owns a J5 and got fed up with that bug. 😉

  • bgbs

    Interesting. Nikon 1 is still on life support.

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