Detailed Nikon D7500 camera specifications


More specifications for the upcoming Nikon D7500 camera - no surprises so far from what I already reported here on the blog:

  • Price: body only for ¥159,300 (around $1,400), 18-140mm VR lens kit for ¥199,800
  • Pre-order start date: April 12, 2017
  • Shipping date: June, 2017
  • Same CMOS sensor as in the D500
  • Image processing engine EXPEED 5
  • Photometric sensor: 180K pixel RGB
  • Up to 50 frames at 8 fps
  • Tiltable LCD touchscreen
  • Carbon fiber composite camera body
  • Viewfinder magnification: 0.94x, view ratio: 100%
  • Number of AF points: 51 points
  • Maximum sensitivity: ISO 51,200, Extended Hi 5 (equivalent to 1,640,000)
  • Size: 72.5 × 135.5 × 104 mm
  • Weight: 640 g (body only), 720 g (including battery)

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Via Nokishita

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  • TheMexican

    Two SD cards UHS-II? Or XQDs?

    • It uses SD cards. It looks like a single slot from the right hand side

      • TheMexican

        It’s not even UHS-II… lame

    • David Ross

      1 SD card…I don’t understand…

      • toinks

        i completely agree! i dont see any reason why would cripple it with 1 slot. otherwise its already perfect

  • Captain Megaton

    Officially released now.

  • Ken

    Will the AF Module be the same(or better) as D810’s ?

    • Same generation. 51 point. I’d say it’s probably more sensitive but has slower acquisition speed by an imperceptible difference.

      • Max

        The D7200 already had the mkii version. Not sure about the D810

  • MNguy

    Does it require a new battery grip?

  • Actually Woah

  • David Ross

    Wow. And the price is great. Who wants a D7200 for the same price? Hell I’ll even give away a $300 rebate!

  • David Ross

    So what happens now with D500?

    • Elvin Tan

      For the sports/nature shooter, the D500 is still the choice for speed and autofocus coverage.

      • Don’t forget weather seals on the D500. I also like the D500 for having the XQD Card and I only use SDs for my age old D800

    • Nothing, I used it half an hour ago:) D500 is D500 🙂

  • David Ross
  • David Řehořka

    Does it 4K video?

  • T N Args

    What exactly is the advantage of the D500 sensor over the D7200 sensor, and how big is that advantage?

  • charles westerman

    Downgrade of d7200 for a few features that really do not make up for the loss of 4mp and 2 card slots. I am not interested in 4k movie mode as I am a stills photographer. Not a serious upgrade IMO. I will not be purchasing this as my D7200 is good enough and I remember when 4mp was a whole picture size on older cameras. Nikon are dying slowly and I think it is time I moved to a truly innovative company like Sony or Fuji. I have been loyal to Nikon for thirty years, film and digital but I see nothing particularly impressive about either the D500 or D7500.

    • Max

      If they increase resolution people complain that it’s unnecessary. If they shave resolution for better noise and dr people still complain.

  • Matt_XVI

    Food for thought, but if you’re leaving “detailed specifications” you may want to provide the actual megapixel count as opposed to referencing the D500. Not everyone knows it off by heart (or some may just want to confirm incase they’re not 100% sure) and saves them from leaving your site or opening a new tab to Google “D500 specifications”.

    Thanks for this great site BTW.

    Green Tea Photography

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