Weekly Nikon news flash #407

→ You can now use the Fujin sensor cleaner also for your Nikkor lenses with this new adapter for Nikon F-mount.

→ Vintage lens review: non-retrofocus ultra-wide-angle lenses.

Calumet UK is now offering an "Enhanced" trade-in program: they will now take ANY working DSLR.

→ Kenko announced two new Teleplus HD DGX 1.4x and 2.0x teleconverters for Nikon F-mount.

SnapBridge 1.2.0 released for iOS and Android. Expect new firmware updates for the Nikon D3400, D5600 and D500 cameras soon.

→ LockPort D500 DUAL is a new product developed by LockCircle to help avoid damaging your Nikon D500 mini HDMI and micro USB 3.0 camera ports.

Nikon invested 2 billion yen in Helios to develop practical applications for regenerative medicine.

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  • Huh, that sensor cleaner looks interesting _and_ scary at the same time 🙂

    • RC Jenkins

      That’s what she said

    • MB

      You should be scared … whole lotta sucking … literally … 🙂

  • Spy Black

    I don’t understand how that LockPort gets attached to the camera, without straining the very ports it claims to protect.

    • MB

      It is nonsense … instead of attaching simple cables you have to attach that thingy instead every time you need to transfer data … unless you want to keep your camera wide open and this contraption attached permanently … ugly and useless …

      • akkual

        It’s for video use, where you rarely hold the camera on your hands, thus the rig can be attached to camera all the time and saves the built-in connectors from continous cable attaching.

    • akkual

      It’s for video use, when you have some sort of rig system (stabilization, dolly, panning rig, etc.), which you assemble on location. Video users don’t really use anything else than the uncompressed HDMI -port and continuously attaching the cable outwears the connector (likely) way before all other components on the camera.

      • Spy Black

        Oh, so you’d be on a tripod or dolly, etc. and that locks it on the bottom? That would make sense.

  • vriesk

    I actually do hope that Nikon F mount will yet see some new non-retrofocus wideangles.

    Because that would mean that Nikon has decided to join the mirrorless game seriously (FF), but kept it’s F-mount for it. This would mean that SLR and mirrorless lines would share the same lenses, except for the non-retrofocus wideangles (and perheaps a few other unique designs, in line with Sony Zeiss FE 55mm f/1.8), which would be used by mirrorless solely.

  • crazy enough i updated snapbridge on my cheapo android tablet and it works like a charm so unless they are making it so i can always playback off my second card slot im not too sure i will be updating my firmware

    • MB

      SnapBridge working flawlessly … that’s some really good news

      • shhhh dont give it too much praise it might stop working….but i turned my camera off and on a few times (this would kill the old snapbridge for like a week) but sure enough i was able to connect in a realistic manner…they need to figure out a better way to only send selected photos ….but if you have auto send on….i dear say it simply works on a d500 and the newest app release on a android tablet. i havent tired on any ios stuff yet and i can get you guys exact specs if you want

        • Eric Calabros

          No change in wifi transfer speed?

  • Roger PhotoSkillz Skillin

    Why would you need the F-Mount adaptor for the sensor cleaner?, they have a Nikon F-Mount version anyway

    • It’s to clean your lenses with the same adapter – see the pictures in the link I provided, the adapter lets you attach the cleaner to a lens.

      • Roger PhotoSkillz Skillin

        Sorry , i misread it, makes sense now

  • No it seems faster like I said it acts like one would except. I have used eyefi cards in the past so what I’m seeing is what anyone could hope for…Now i wish they would just give us wifi in the traditional sense but I won’t hold my breath aka in the same testing I’ve done in my bed Saturday morning I now will dare try snapbridge again in actual real world shoot.

  • Play store says version, released on 2/20. Still fails to properly connect on my phone!

    I’ve a Note 4. It didn’t connect to by Note 3 either. What it does is connects briefly via wifi, then switches back to the nearest internet wifi. No love view. No fast downloads. Garbage.

    • Max

      They say they improved connection/fixed connection issues under the list of updates..

      • Maybe they did. Still doesn’t work for me! Didn’t work on my Note 3. Didn’t work on my new Note 4 either. It only briefly connects via wifi, then off again and back to a net connection, before it can transfer anything. Same behaviour whether I try to transfer some files, or connect to shoot remotely.

        • Max

          The exact same thing happened to me last month when I updated the Nikon Wireless Mobility app on my phone. (I don’t have a Snapbridge cam).
          It fixed itself after I updated the firmware on my D5300

          • Too bad there’s not update for the D500 firmware yet!

  • That Fujin vacuum looks like it would suck the pixels right off your sensor. Maybe get some cool Lomo effects afterwards.

  • bernard

    Does the vacuum thing work?

    • Have not tried it, but they have been selling them for a while.

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