The Nikon Museum will hold a 100th anniversary exhibition on prototype cameras

This sounds interesting, I would like to see some pictures if you are planning on visiting the exhibition:

The Second 100th Anniversary Special Exhibition “Prototype Cameras — Developers' Memories”

Dates: April 4, 2017 (Tue) – July 1, 2017 (Sat)

The Nikon Museum will hold a second 100th anniversary special exhibition entitled “Prototype Cameras — Developers' Memories” from April 4 to July 1, 2017.

In this exhibition, Nikon will exhibit approximately 40 prototypes made from the 1940's to the 1980's, including interchangeable lens cameras. Each prototype was developed to test and verify new camera designs, functions and mechanics, and is the embodiment of the hard work and dedication of the developers. However, since many such prototypes were destroyed after testing, even among company employees only the developers saw them, and there has rarely been an opportunity to exhibit them to the general public. This is a very rare exhibition that includes prototypes that never reached the mass production stage.

The “Nikon F prototype” (1957) and “Nikon F3 prototype” (1975) are exhibited with special commentaries by Tetsuro Goto, Fellow and Laboratory Manager of Imaging Product R & D Laboratory, Imaging Business Unit, Nikon.

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  • Allan

    See – there was a major announcement prior to this week’s show.


  • DonSleza4e

    Year 2067. 150th Anniversary Special Exhibition “Prototype Cameras — Developers’ Memories” – Nikon DL

    • Good one 😉

    • nwcs

      Nah, there would be a sign saying “Coming April 2068”

    • MB

      Nice … the only problem is it will be a part of annual Xiaomi exhibition …

  • NikonFanboy

    HI Admin,

    I am heard that D900 54mp camera tested in africa?

    release date in sept /oct timeframe>?
    Is it true?

    • Max

      Last time you posted your English was normal lol

      • manattan

        Maybe he is just following the rest of the world in regressing 😉

      • NikonFanboy

        lol….missed out by long way….sorry..typo…

    • No

      • NikonFanboy

        strange….i heard it from couple of others too…;(( may be a rumour…

        • I mean everything is possible, I only heard about the D820. You have to looks at the source, today everyone can make up a story and post it online.

  • Not related to this post but nothing new about possible announcements for the CP+ ?

  • mosswings

    And here’s your opportunity to see the DL series in the flesh.

  • manattan

    If someone goes to the prototype exhibit, can they kind share pictures of the full frame mirrorless and D820 cameras. Thanks in advance.

  • Thom Hogan

    What seems somewhat disconcerting is that here we are at the 100th anniversary and the company seems to want to get all nostalgic, but during those first 100 years we now find that they were systematically destroying pieces of their history rather than collecting them as they probably should have been. You can’t have it both ways ;~).

    One hopes that they’re doing a better job with their software code (including firmware), but something tells me that they aren’t.

    To put that in perspective, if you asked me to document Osborne prototypes or disclose software source code, I’d likely be able to do that because we were careful about keeping those copies as opposed to destroying them. As it turns out, this is sometimes useful in unexpected ways. I’ve delivered a few things from my collection that resulted in patents being invalidated (previous invention). I don’t know how you manage a large company and not have a comprehensive archival process.

  • jmb2560

    Pathetic… simply pathetic.
    Is this company on autopilot or just managed by a group of idiots? For how long are they going to keep damaging the brand equity? Hopeless…

    • They are re-evaluating all of their future products, plans and product lines. Once they are done, they will start releasing new products. I hope this will happen before the end of 2017.

      • jmb2560

        I hope it does not translate into an “analysis-paralysis” syndrome. AFAIC, Thom and Tony Northrup (recent video) pretty much nailed what needs to be fixed and what the road map should look like. Do you know if senior management in Shinagawa reads this forum?

  • Member

    “Nikon will exhibit approximately 40 prototypes made from the 1940’s to the 1980’s”

    Nothing digital, no product road maps,
    As could be expected from Nikon, nothing to be excited about.
    However they do make some pretty good workhorses. I know I’m not unbiased, I’m too heavily invested to be unbiased.

  • Lilla My

    We’ll have to wait a bit more to finally see the “Nikon D400 prototype”, it exists, that’s the new rumour.

  • BdV

    Cool. I see they’re already working on a digital SP.

  • Licheus

    Good lord, the SPX. Too bad not in Japan.

  • Max

    Shouldn’t DL be included with these too?

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