Deal of the day: refurbished Nikon 1 J4 camera with 10-30mm lens for $189

BuyDig, an authorized Nikon dealer, is currently having a sale on refurbished Nikon 1 J4 camera with 10-30mm lens for $189, the regular MSRP was $596.95 (or $407.95, 68% in savings).

Update: all sold out now, more refurbished Nikon products at BuyDig can be found here.

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  • as already mentioned before, I do not believe those a “real” refurbished cameras – it’s just an excuse for Nikon to clear inventory at lower prices

    • Mine from buydig seemed like a refurb, had to get the CMOS swapped it had stripey lines when trying to do post processing work. J4 has done me well, a number of professional videos and photos from mine broadcasted and printed.

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    • Spy Black

      Apparently all gone.

      • Oh, that was fast.

  • teteouu

    I’m sad. It’s not shipping in France 🙁

  • DieMusik

    Is the J4 supported by NX2??

  • Fly Moon

    Just ordered it. Thanks Admin for the heads up.

    • Very welcome, I am thinking of ordering one myself.

      • Fly Moon

        I wasn’t even planning on buying one. But for $190, it’s a great deal. I never dealt with before so I hope all is good.

      • manattan

        So then you have some info that the Nikon 1 system isn’t dead yet?

        • MB

          Do you have some info that Nikon 1 is dead?

          • Ineedmy Bobo

            Well, the lack of new cameras or lenses, the lack of any follow-up or lenses for the AW1… Many rock bands never break up, but if they don’t release an album in decade, you don’t want to waste too much time waiting… 🙂

            • MB

              If I am not mistaken Pink Floyd released their latest album after 2 decades and it was quite a seller 🙂 …
              On the other hand Nikon sensor suppliers are mostly out of business … Aptina is now ON … Toshiba sensor is now Sony … Renesas also sold some of it factories to Sony … and Nikon ended up working exclusively with Sony … so this is how it is when you are dependent on a single supplier, especially if that single supplier is also your competition …

        • Yes, that’s what Nikon said at Photokina.

  • Aldo

    The 27 mm equiv prime plus the 50 mm equiv prime =400 bucks… make that 1200 bucks if you want the 86 mm equiv…
    I think I’m gonna give the DL 24-85 a shot….Good value for the money. If it aint good I’ll just finally give up and look for another system

  • Andrew

    At this price, this camera (J4) will not depreciate in value 😉

    • decentrist

      by that measure, get a D40

  • Alissaknowsbest

    if this price would be standard – it would be worth to get in that system

  • TwoStrayCats

    Well, that’s cute. For whomever wants it.

    • Fly Moon

      I am curious, what kind of camera do you use?

      • TwoStrayCats

        Pinhole. f/3,000 wide angle w/slip on hole plug and leather carry strap.

        • Fly Moon

          Is that your “cute” way of avoiding the answer? LOL

          • TwoStrayCats

            No. And I’m aggravated that NX2 does not support my RAW files, either. Do you know how tough it is to build a profile for a pinhole?

  • maxx

    I’m sorry… I’m waiting for the D820… and I’m just thinking… from 596,95 to 189,00 dollars?????? – 68%?????
    But how much money Nikon takes from our pockets? I’m just calculate a – 68% for a Nikon D810 for example.

  • Patrick

    Ordered one last night. Not crazy about white, but for the price could be a fun and portable upgrade from my phone. Thanks for posting, Peter!

  • preston

    Still happy with my firesale Coolpix A after 2 years! Just needs a piece of gaffers tape to keep the battery/card door closed since the lock broke. Otherwise it still works great. This was an impulse buy similar to what they are hoping for with this.

    • my gf is super happy with hers. and the battery door also broke. 🙂

  • I just received a fleabay 70-300mm CX that I snagged for $525, purchased in anticipation of an upcoming J6/Vx, putting it on my J4 I’m really quite impressed by the razor sharp clarity, the 1 series needs a new body to make this thing really shine, I can tell the lens is far sharper than the body.

    • Aaron Pepelis

      I want to go the other way.. the 6-11mm lens. I find the 10-30mm to either be not wide enough or too wide.

      • I own a number of CX lenses now and I can see clearly now the champions in the lineup are the 6.7-13mm, 70-300mm, and even though I don’t use it or own it, the 32mm(I have a Schneider 25mm 0.95 for that purpose, it gives the thing night vision). I have others in the lineup but the ultrawide and the super tele are fantastic, better than the bodies.

        • StevenS

          Agree on the 6.7-13, 70-300. I have the 32 also and it is nice. Bright, contrasty, quick and quiet. Also the 18 is very good. For a decent walkabout, the 10-100 4-5.6 (the newer one) is really quite nice for a zoom. Well controlled for a 10x zoom and the vr is quite effective even at 1/6 second on stationery subjects (just take a deep breath and pinch it off). I can’t speak for the j4, but it is my understanding it’s the same sensor as the v3. I have a v2 and a j5. No aa filter in the j5 and it does a nice job of capturing microcontrast with the better optics. The j4 does not have an aa filter either.

          It wouldn’t take much to bump the system up from what it already is. A premium zoom and a couple more fast primes and a current body or 2 and they could reinforce what they already have.

  • whisky

    dear Nikon,
    i don’t need a J4 — but i sure could use a V4 (Vx).
    sincerely yours …

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