Third party battery grips for the Nikon D500 camera (Meike MK-D500, Pixel Vertax D17)

In addition to the already existing Meike MK-D500 (see this post), Pixel recently released their D17 battery grip for the Nikon D500 DSLR camera (check pricing at Amazon US, Amazon UKAmazon DE). Here are the specifications:

  • Model: Vertax D17
  • Power source: one or two EN-EL15 battery
  • (2) eight AA/LR6 alkaline batteries
  • Power switch: power switch of camera
  • Work temperature: 0℃-+40℃
  • Work humidity: 85% or less
  • Dimension: 150.8 x 77.4 x 52.5mm
  • Weight: 200 g (excluded battery and battery clip)
  • Bar code: 4895152309677

Additional information:

Additional pictures:


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  • fanboy fagz

    they really should get a native english speaker to do their marketing.


    -ultra high cost performance.

    -superstrong adaptability

    -microspur and antishake.

    and a bit misleading when they say

    -double battery clip

    as its multiple tray with different batteries. but I dont think the tray takes 2 en-el15

    you know what? I dont give a rats ass about the terms used, at $70 thats a kick ass price. id take that over the $400 nikon grip anyday. Id work it like a boss.

    • “work it like a boss” ? Is THAT what you call it?

      • fanboy fagz

        what you never heard that phrase?

      • Michael Dean

        I think he should have gotten a native English speaker to write his comment for him; don’t you?

        • Well, I was gassing him over it. He was talking about grabbing his grip and working it like a boss.

          • Michael Dean

            Same here 😉 lol

    • A1, Until I got my D4s and D810 (which came with a Nikon grip (NOT made BY Nikon by the way)) all my cameras had either Meiki or other grips, when I bought a grip for a D80 I got a Meiki, £45 with built in IR remote, interval timer and clock.

      I have never ever had any problems with known third party grips or batteries, in fact the only grip that annoys me is the D810 Nikon which comes lose

    • decentrist

      the minute they hire an english speaker, costs are tripled

  • T.I.M

    Third party grips are like no name brand sodas, it’s cheaper, may look the same but it will never match the real Coca-Cola flavor !

    • C_QQ_C

      mm I do not lick my grip, so i do not care whther it tastes like coca cola… 🙂

      • T.I.M

        Back in the film days I bought generic battery grip for my F801 (N8008) (with motor drive inside, not just a battery holder)
        The quality was bad and it finished in the trash.
        I never bought a non Nikon brand grip for digital cameras, but since they do not have mechanical parts (like the film motor) I guess they could be matching Nikon’s grips.
        You can find Nikon grips for digital DSLR used in like new condition on Ebay for half price.

        • T.I.M

          My fault, it was for the Nikon FA (the F801, N8008 had a motor drive in the camera itself)

    • Paul H.

      My experience has been the opposite. After buying a few OEM Nikon grips that crapped out, I got tired of paying way too much for what was going to break. Now, when I buy cheap knock offs, I never get pissed off that I paid too much when they fail…

      • yes, and whilst I do have a Nikon one on my D810 My d7000, 7100, 7200, Canon 60D all had Meiki with third party batteries and I never had a problem, MOST people do not have Ford, renault, and other manufacturers parts, they use MOPAR or Euro Parts and are happy

      • T.I.M

        Maybe Nikon grips are now better because they are made in China !

    • Remember Nikon and canon do NOT make their own grips

      • T.I.M

        Because they can’t handle it ?
        (I know, I’m bad)

    • Gmck

      I have Meike grips bought from Ali Express for my 810, 500 and 750 and never once had a problem with either. Feel free to pay more for privilege of it saying Nikon on the label.

    • Generaklly I would disagree but in the case of D500 grip you are right. All these grips are made like all others whereas nikon one has joystick which would allow a perfect vertical shooting experience just like horizontal.

    • Tommy Botello

      I used Neewer grips on my D700’s for 3 years shooting weddings (15-20/year) and roughly averaging 50 engagment/portrait sessions each year and neither grip lost any functionality. I switched to D750’s this year where both were purchased used. One came with a Nikon grip and I purchased a Meike grip for the other. The Meike feels just like the Nikon and they both worked great over 14 weddings and 30+ portrait sessions.

  • TL Robinson

    I’m using the DSTE grip and it works perfectly and after 3 months no issues.

  • Clifford Martin

    I considered a 3rd party grip for my D500 but quickly found out that only the Nikon grip could take the big battery, used for the D5. Using the big battery I only need the D5 battery charger when I travel, instead of two different chargers.

    • Tommy Botello

      Nikon sells the BL-5 battery chamber cover which “should” fit 3rd party grips that will allow you to use the big batter from the D5. I had 3rd party grips on my D700’s but I was able to use a genuine Nikon batter cover for the D3 which allowed me to use the big battery for the D3 in my grips. I’ve even seen some 3rd party grips for the D500 include that battery cover that will allow you to use the D5 battery.

    • many batteries fit many grips, I use the same battery in the D810 as D4s just need the adapter

    • TL Robinson

      I have the DSTE branded grip on my D500 that accepts both the DSTE branded EN-EL18a and the BL5+EN-EL18a combo…very solid grip and 1/4 the price. Use it every day.

  • Nikita

    price? don’t see it anywhere…

  • dabug91

    Wow, these grips are absolutely atrocious. They’re substantially bulkier than the official Nikon MB-D17 grip and I doubt they fit as solidly as well.
    I just received my Nikon D500 the other day from B&H with the official grip and it is noticeably better than the $55 Neewer grip that I bought for my D750.
    The D750 Neewer grip isn’t terrible, but it’s not great either. The command dials feel more slippery and it can be more difficult to precisely adjust them at times.
    Before my D750 I was using a D7100 with the DSTE grip. That one was excellent for the $60 price.
    I’d give the Neewer grip a 6/10, DSTE grip an 8/10, and the official Nikon grip a 9.5/10, losing only a half a point for the high price alone, nothing more.

    I suppose these grips are ok for those who already have a D500, but anyone who doesn’t really needs to take advantage of the current deal of getting the official MB-D17 grip for free with the purchase of a D500.

  • TheInfinityPoint

    I definitely don’t mind 3rd party grips. In fact I have one for all but 2 of my bodies (so that would be 5 grips total). I think it’s reasonable in this case since 5*300 (where the average battery grip is on average ~$300) is $1500 which is ridiculous. Put in terms of lenses, that would be about an 85 f/1.4G lens. The main reason I use them is for the extra battery, so I can run longer time lapses and even switch out batteries for really long ones. Vertical shooting is definitely a plus as well. And all of my grips have been holding up pretty well despite the fact that they’re not Nikon’s Magnesium constructed grips.

  • Jacek Siminski

    I had a Meike grip on my D300s. Until it almost killed my camera, giving me a mirror up error.

    Third party grips? No, thank you.

  • Brent Rawlings

    Does anyone use a Black Rapid strap or similar with their 3rd party grip? Thanks

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