Nikon: study reveals that majority of Americans are ready to experience life in 360

New press release/infographic from Nikon about 360-degree cameras:


Study Reveals That Majority of Americans are Ready to Experience Life in 360

Nikon “Life in 360” Study Explores Americans’ Awareness and Attitudes Toward 360-Video and Virtual Reality

MELVILLE, NY – Today, Nikon Inc., a world leader in digital imaging, has released results from the Nikon Life in 360 national survey, indicating that 90% of Americans believe content they currently watch would be better viewed in fully immersive, 360-degrees, and 92% of Americans are ready to capture and share their own personal experiences using 360 cameras. The study also revealed massive potential for growth in the 360-space, as while only 25% have used a 360-camera, and less than half (49%) are at least somewhat familiar with the technology, nearly three quarters of Americans (72%) are interested in trying out a 360 camera to help share their missions in an exciting new way.On the heels of Nikon’s entry into the 360-degree camera market with the KeyMission 360, Nikon commissioned the Nikon Life in 360 Survey to study awareness and attitudes toward emerging 360 video technology and gain insights into what Americans want to view and capture in 360.

It’s Better in 360!

Respondents were asked what content, if any, that they currently watch would be better if shot with a 360-degree camera.

An overwhelming nine out of ten (90%) Americans indicated they believe some content would be better viewed in 360, while 3 in 5 (60%) believed sports and travel content would be better with a full 360-degree view

Other responses included: live entertainment (55%), movies (39%), news programs and documentaries (31%) and television shows (30%)Capturing and Sharing Experiences in a New Way

Respondents were asked if 360-videos can capture content in more exciting ways than traditional video technology and what types of experiences they would like to capture using a 360-camera.

An overwhelming number (92%) of Americans want to use a 360-camera to record personalexperiences, including vacations (60%), family moments (53%), milestone events (45%), outdoor activities (42%), sports they play (19%) and even getting intimate with a partner (15%)

Nearly all those surveyed (98%) agreed that 360 videos can capture experiences in more exciting ways than other video technology on the market

An Emerging Platform

Respondents were asked about their overall familiarity with 360-degree cameras and VR content, alongside their interest in trying this new technology in the future

Only one in four (25%) of Americans have used a 360 camera and less than half (49%) indicated that they were at least somewhat familiar with the technology, indicating that 360-degree video hasn’t quite gone mainstream just yet

However, interest in the technology indicates that the platform is on the rise, as nearly three quarters (72%) of Americans responded that they wanted to give it a try

“As Nikon enters this emerging space with the new KeyMission 360 camera, the Nikon Life in 360 study sheds intriguing light on the interest of consumers in capturing and sharing their experiences in a new, exciting way,” said Lisa Baxt, Associate General Manager of Communications, Nikon Inc. “Nikon is committed to innovation in this space and providing creators with the tools to capture, experience and share their lives in 360.”

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  • Schtatten

    Wow, “Getting Intimate” – got tingling sensations everywhere upon reading that. lol
    I guess I’m still human and that’s a very good thing! :p

  • Schtatten

    Life is a beautiful thing – capture it with Nikon.
    They should pay me for that slogan. : )

  • Hans

    Really? More people are interested in 360 video technology or people who have tried it are getting out of this technology instead. I seen a few people buying this and within days putting it up for sale because they don’t like it distorted and squeezed view. Not only that it is only good to watch video taken on a fix tripod but not for action video because it will give you a bad headache because of the distorted view.
    Not only that for the price of over $500 for a video camera from a company that was not known to be good in video technology, just forget about it!

  • SickVodka

    To Bad the Quality of the Nikon 360 is terrible.
    they should focus on Cameras and not toys.
    the videoquality is even worse than from the 360fly 4K..
    I tested both and the 180 and 70 “actioncameras” are waaaaayyyyy behind sony and GoPro cams… and to bulky to use as an actioncamera.
    Sorry to say.. but if nikon doesnt deliver something fresh and GOOD they will be the next kodak.
    I would love to see a Df Camera as a Mirrorless. Sleeker design, lighter and yeaaa sure keep it with the F Mount.. it that works.
    but stop releasing crap nobody needs or do it right.

    • Zenettii

      It doesn’t matter what you, or any other customer would love to see Nikon do. All their staff are locked away in blacked-out boxes with no contact with the human world. They don’t listen, don’t care to hear what the customers say. Look at the D500, its a great camera, its also a camera that came 5 years too late and no love in the lens department because Nikon just don’t care. It’s a sports/wildlife camera with no DX lenses to match it for quality.

      Nikon would rather spend time on silly little pointless projects like an “actioncam” in a market that is already dying, wasting time and money developing crappy post processing software, stupid on-line storage for photos that doesn’t compete with the already-established service providers, crappy camera’s to go on pets, and old-out-of-date firmware/software used on their cameras when it’s clear as day that updating the Android/Linux kernel and sticking this on the camera would be much more flexible.

      • ITN

        Android may be more flexible but reliability of Android based devices is poor. I find them to crash, hang, lag, and malfunction more often than average. It’s not the OS’s fault but simply poor testing. Nikon uses their own proprietary system in their cameras and has total control over it, which leads to the desired level of reliability in their professional products. They have a poor track record of developing software for general purpose computers (tablets, phones and computers) and by introducing Android in their cameras would lead to this poor reliability to be a part of their cameras as well, and nothing we could do to make them work correctly. At least in the current situation we can simply use the cameras (with Nikon firmware which is generally very reliable) and 3rd party software, which is better quality on our computers.

        Nikon, Canon, and Sony all want to push 35mm full frame cameras for high end users. All of them would like to see 1.5x/1.6x to go away or be limited to entry level and mid grade equipment, with full frame at the high end. This is because they don’t have the resources to develop fully fledged lens lineups for various different sensor sizes, and full frame gives better quality than DX, and is more expensive so they can make more profit. Nikon only started the D500 project when Canon forced their hand with the 7D Mark II, which in turn took a very long time to be developed after the original 7D. Both companies are dragging their feet in this area and would prefer people to get the message and buy 1DX II / D5’s, and very expensive long focal length telephoto lenses. This is a business after all and in a declining overall camera market, they need to make more money from each sale than before. Sony also puts more emphasis on 35mm full frame cameras and lenses instead of 1.5X. They all have the same reason: DX is too intensely competed market with too small profit margins.

    • Eric Calabros

      170 image quality and digital VR is way better than Hero5. Just check YouTube compare videos.

    • Hans

      The 360 video are really…really…really bad, not just bad.
      I really wondered if their executives have ever tried them before approving it to ship?

  • Zenettii

    25% of Americans have used 360 cameras….. REALLY?.. Shut up Nikon and learn to run a business before you start lying about your research.

    • Hans

      Nikon Melville must be smoking pot to dare to say 25% of Americans have tried it, when they don’t even have 25% of the DSLR or compact market.

    • Fly Moon

      ~ 75 Million Americans!!!! That seems VERY high.

  • maxx

    Europeans are ready for the new Nikon mirrorless fullframe camera (or Nikon D900).

    • Eric Calabros

      No they are not. European enthusiasm for mirrorless is already stalled.

  • Eric Calabros

    25% already used 360 camera? is this survey done by same guys who predicted Hillary will win landslide?

    • lordbaldric

      Nikon was probably able to hire those guys at a big discount now to save some Yen.

      • Eric Calabros

        Found another survey results in the company website I can hardly believe:

        “We masked the TV brands and asked consumers to evaluate, side-by-side, the quality of three TVs: Hisense 50H8C, Vizio E50UD2 and Samsung 50KU6300.
        The results of Wakefield Research’s blind test indicate that consumers rate Hisense’s picture quality at the same level as premium brands like Samsung and significantly above a budget brand like Vizio”.

  • jstevez

    I must hang out with the wrong people, everyone I know hates 360 cameras.

  • dikiz

    “Are ready for/to” it is typical marketing bs you can hear in focus groups. Doesn’t say if people are willing to buy, will buy and so on. I’m glad if it makes them feel better at Nikon, it’s going to fail anyway

  • Horshack

    Interesting how “90% of Americans believe content they currently watch would be better viewed in full/y immersive, 360-degrees” when less than 5% of Americans likely know that 360° imaging even exists.

  • BayouBill

    90% of Americans lie when contacted on surveys like this.

  • S S Sharma

    I am waiting for nikon to come out with imptoved version of nikon p7800 with 1 inch sensor and 24 MP.

  • FountainHead

    92%… of statistics are made up om the spot.
    –S. Wright (attr.)

  • MonkeySpanner

    Wow – so it just so happens that 92% of Americans are into whatever the Nikon product dev teams are into – amazing. Come on Nikon – give us a good DX mirror less and STFU with all this other BS.

  • Fiatlux

    The majority (?) of Americans recently did something much more unexpected than experiencing life in 360, so you never know 😉

  • Gerard Roulssen

    1 in 4 Americans was already using a 360 camera? Pure nonsense. I would have trouble believing 1 in 40 did …

  • 247th

    Still waiting on that Nikon DL series of large sensor fixed lens point and shoots with Bluetooth.

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