Nikon D5600 DSLR camera now shipping

Foto Hans Keuzekamp in the Netherlands already received their first Nikon D5600 shipment last week.

The Nikon D5600 DSLR camera was announced in early November but it is still not officially released in the US - I expect this to happen in early January during the CES show.

The new Nikon D5600 is currently in stock at:



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  • David

    The January rumor sounds about right. Nikon informed me on Twitter they’ll announce it at “a later date.”

  • Spy Black

    I don’t understand Nikon’s modus operandi of making products available after the Holiday Season. No one will give a shit then. They will already have their Canon, Sony, Pentax, Panasonic and Olympus cameras.

    • KnightPhoto

      Or their D5500 or D5300…
      At this level of the market it’s probably OK to hold back the new model until a given local market has cleaned house somewhat. At the 7200 on up your point is taken as many buyers would hold off for the newer model knowing it had been released in other markets. But at the D3400/D5600 level buyers are more on the consumer end so the strategy is viable…

      • Spy Black

        “Or their D5500 or D5300…”

        Not if they want the latest and great.

        • Fly Moon

          Lots of great deals for D5500 over Black Friday and Cyber Monday (and D3400 for that matter). I almost grabbed one from Bestbuy!! (I already have a D500)

        • Not sure many of them would look beyond what’s already available in their local electronics store or online retailer.

  • T.I.M

    Nikon DSLR are getting smaller and smaller….
    In few years you could use it as a rear cap for your telephoto lens !

  • Fly Moon

    Makes sense

  • Fly Moon

    I’ve had the 5200,5300 and 5500. Those are really great little cameras.

    • Aldo

      how dare you skip the d5400… it was their best one!

      • Jim Huang


      • Fly Moon

        I know 🙂

    • Jim Huang

      What makes you upgrade from D5300 to D5500?
      Flat Picture Control
      Touch Enabled LCD Monitor
      Eye Sensor
      A Smaller Body Design (maybe?)
      Improved Battery Life (820 shots vs 600 on D5300)?

      • Fly Moon

        I’ll have to admit it. I like to get the latest (if I can can/afford it). Image quality was very similar. I couldn’t differentiate between them. I love the touch screen for sure. I wish they had a front wheel though (true for all D55xx)

      • Max

        5200 to 5300 is even less significant a jump

        • Jim Huang

          At least it adds features and not remove any.

  • 247th

    I’m still waiting for the Nikon DL series of point and shoots. : /

    • waterengineer

      Just imagine how great it would be if Nikon wouldn’t have screwed this up by having no eye level viewer as part of the camera.

  • When do you think the Expeed 5 will show up in this product line? We shouldn’t expect them in a year, should we? Not to mention other Nikon camera models…

  • A-Sign

    Will Nikon ever compete against the great APS-C line-up of FUJI X?

    • Max

      How are they not competing?

      • A-Sign

        Well, let’s look at the FUJI prime lenses line-up for example. It is a very dedicated high-quality set for the APS-C image circle. Telephoto zoom lenses are not their strength.

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