Nikon D500 firmware update version 1.11 released

Nikon released new firmware update version 1.11 for the D500 DSLR camera with two changes/fixes:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented the touch-shutter option releasing the shutter when autofocus was used during live view with an SB-800 flash unit attached.
  • Changed the items checked when image sensor cleaning was performed using the SETUP MENU > Clean image sensor > Clean now option. We recommend that you use this option to perform image sensor cleaning after the update is complete.
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  • Joe

    Wonder what other 3rd party hardware this firmware update bricks.

    • Gary

      I nominate you, Joe, to be the first to install it and report back. 😉

    • doge

      Good news Joe, this update “re-assigns” the functioning 3rd party lens to one that is “retired.”

  • Jonathan

    Still didn’t fix anything important…

    • Is there anything important that still needs to be fixed?

      • thundrrd

        Ask Thom Hogan. He has a list on his website.

        • Lubos

          Thom used to be very good source of info, but lately, I don’ know???? :-))))

          • thundrrd

            Well, I will disagree with you, but it just means I digress. More information on Thom’s list.

            Working with his substantial list of users reading his blog, he asked anyone buying the D500 to send him issue(s) – if they find any – and he posted issues indicating if he could duplicate them.
            On his site he is keeping track of what is corrected by Nikon in Firmware updates and removing any issue once it is fixed.
            First, I do not own a D500, but I like to be updated on new camera’s – especially Nikon since I have a lot of Nikon glass – and having a site where the blogger – Thom – puts a lot of information (and yes, opinion, but opinion is based on a lot of knowledge) which can be important when you are researching a new camera or lens, I think it is an important site.

        • Eric Calabros

          seems Nikon fixes two issues per month that usually one of them is asked by nobody and another one needs additional fix with next firmware, at this pace we have to wait almost two years to see Thom’s list of problems completely solved 🙂

      • T.I.M

        Yes, transform the 20MP DX sensor into a 24MP one !

        • Eric Calabros

          You’re only allowed to ask for 48mp

          • T.I.M

            since I got married, I learned not to ask for the impossible.

            • Eric Calabros

              48 in DX, impossible? I’m afraid Sony is trying to prove you wrong.

            • Nimloth

              That’s odd. I’ve found it expedient to ask for the wildly impossible, and then compromise downwards until we end up with I actually wanted in the first place. 😉

              Edit: Though I strongly suspect my wife is applying comparable strategies against me… :-/

            • T.I.M

              I have 16 Nikon lenses and 3 Nikon SLR in my house.
              If I was not married I would have more lenses and cameras but no more house….

          • T.I.M

            Sure, but what about the noise ?
            I love the D7200 because it has very clean high ISO.
            I know Sony is good at noise (they invented the walkman) but I think we will have to wait for the carbon sensors to see clean ISO 3200 in a DX sensor.
            That will be an other 10 years…

            • KnightPhoto

              10 years not needed, D500 ISO 3200 is already very clean. Done- check,

            • T.I.M

              does it look like ISO 100 ?????

            • KnightPhoto

              Well, I’ll concede D500 ISO 3200 can’t quite compete with D30x30 ISO 100!

              But it’s pretty damn good.

          • Kamen Minkov

            Only if they keep the burst rate and buffer depth as they are.

      • Nikos Delhanidis

        Apart from the Hogan list, (and i completely write off snapbridge as ever going to be shaped up to something that actually works and has some meaningful functionality), my D500 sample (and others too as reported in interwebs) has exposure and WB consistency and accuracy issues plus blowing out highlights

        • KnightPhoto

          I do find a magenta (or is it a Cyan) cast to Daylight WB. I kind of like it, but I might set a default to correct this. Still monitoring…

          My experience for highlights, the D500 REPORTS blown highlights too early, but in post it is clear they are NOT blown and are quite recoverable.

          • Kamen Minkov

            I haven’t gone in depth on that, but if it’s still reading the embedded JPEGs for the histogram and the other info (like most older Nikons do), it’s not surprising.

      • Thom Hogan

        Yes. There are still card issues and camera lockups being reported, though far less often than before. The battery info does not seem to be consistent or accurate at times.

      • John

        The d9 option. The D5 update added it on a firmware update I believe. I get very few AF misses shooting sports with the D500 as compared to using the D4 which wasn’t bad, but I think half of those very few would not be misses if I had d9 instead of d25. Really thought this update would address that.

        And oh… after shooting 7000 images over several months, the card error showed up and locks the camera. Turning off and back on allows me to shoot for variable lengths of time until it locks up again. Have used the same two cards since shot 1 of 7000.

        I just shoot for fun, so neither is completely debilitating, but important? Yes, I think so.

      • Jonathan

        I was primarily refering to Thom Hogan’s list of outstanding issues. Especially the card / battery issues. I am leery about buying this if it gets in the way of my work.

        • I see, thanks

        • KnightPhoto

          Well most of us aren’t having D500 card issues any more (99% of us?) and if you get the black Friday grip deal you’ll never have battery issues. If I didn’t have all of the above already I’d jump on this deal. And don’t forget the ability to trade in all your type 01 EN-EL15 for brand-new type 20’s.

          • Jonathan

            Good point about the battery issue. Yes, that deal seems too good to pass up. I just worry about my card’s freaking out in the middle of an important shoot. Though, I suppose that’s what backup camera’s are for.

            • KnightPhoto

              Yes understood. In re-reading Thom’s blog, it looks like remaining card issues are wholly tied up with high-demand playback usage. So it’s not necessarily a shooting issue, but you could encounter it while chimping. IIRC the times I had it I just had to turn camera off/on. Anyway I don’t get errors any more since the camera firmware update; for me it was only related to the SD card not XQD. On my to-do list is to exchange my Lexar SDii 64Gb 2000x as they have owned up to it being a problem on their end and will replace it.

      • snapbridge snapbridge snapbridge!

        • SnapBridge is a separate software not part of the D500 firmware.

          • i know……
            🙁 I just know you actually listen to your users unlike nikon who wont fix the stupid thing or just give the people what they want…sigh

            • I think the problem is that Nikon USA or Nikon Europe read online feedback and talk to photographers, but all decisions are made in Japan. I seriously doubt there is a feedback coming to Japan from other countries. Please someone correct me if I am wrong.

  • Someone

    I think people sometimes don’t know the difference between fixing issues and a wish list of features. As a brand, if there is sn issue with the equipmente, even if it’s ‘not important’ for most users, they still have to fix it as the equipments needs to function as it’s advertised.

  • ryanyomomma

    Sometimes I wish Nikon used the Kaizen philosophy when implementing their firmware updates..

  • Hyprof

    Is it a fix to turn in th wifi without SnapBridge?
    So u can use qDslrDashboard without reroute…

    • Spy Black

      You should be able to use Wifi in and of itself.

      • Hyprof

        Nope u can’t

        • Spy Black

          So you can’t use WMU with the D500?

          • KnightPhoto

            I think what has emerged is you can trick the camera into operating with WMU once you establish the wireless broadcasting from the camera via SnapChick (Hehe).

            Guys are even doing it with DSLRDashboard.

            • Hyprof

              You can Even connect to your Desktop PC once wifi is on …

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