Nikon D4s firmware update version 1.32 and NRW codec version 1.7.0 released

Nikon released firmware update version 1.32 for the D4s DSLR camera and NRW codec version 1.7.0. Additional information:

Changes from Nikon D4s “C” firmware version 1.31 to 1.32

Fixed the following issues, which would in rare cases occur when RAW+JPEG photographs were taken with write-enabled cards inserted in both the XQD and CompactFlash card slots, RAW primary - JPEG secondary selected for Secondary slot function in the SHOOTING MENU, and On selected for Network > Options > Auto send in the SETUP MENU.

  • The camera would sometimes freeze on restart after users had (1) pressed the shutter-release button all the way down without first activating the standby timer and then (2) allowed the timer to expire or turned the camera off without first reactivating the timer.
  • If the shutter-release button was pressed all the way down to begin shooting with the standby timer off, the first shot would sometimes neither be marked for transfer nor uploaded.

What’s new with NRW codec version 1.7.0

  • Added support for NRW (RAW) files created with the COOLPIX B700.
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  • August Personage

    Has Nikon ever released a firmware update that added a feature, or have they all just been bug fixes?

    • Tieu Ngao

      I think it’s a wise policy to add new/improved features in the updated firmware release because it will:
      – stay competitive to newer models from the rivals,
      – keep the current customers happy, and
      – attract new customers.

      • Most of the competitors have abandoned that old-fashioned product-based-model, e.g Panasonic, Apple and Sony. These companies realize that they are really creating a platform and a service model by add new features and refinements. This shows their customers that they care and don’t unnessarily want to force people to buy new equipment if a certain feature can work on the current generation of hardware. It creates customer loyalty when people realized they are being treated well post-purchase and will make them invest in the next generation of hardware.
        As long as these manufacturers keep innovating, quickly enough there will be a moment where new hardware – and therefore a new purchase – is required / warranted.

        And that’s really the problem with Nikon and Canon. They don’t really innovate that much.
        This means every little thing that they do improve, needs to be saved up for their upcoming camera model. And this is why they are going to lose soon.
        If Panasonic wasn’t so focused on four-thirds and created a full frame camera, they would have beaten Canon/Nikon a long time ago.
        Sony is already beating them, but unfortunately their menu design isn’t that great and Canon/Nikon have a very loyal customer base because of their lenses ecosystem.

    • ITN

      Yes, lots of new features. D5 got a video image stabilizer, extended 4K recording, anti flicker for photos; D800 FW 2.0 gave it many improvements to the user interface and features. D2X got many of D2Xs’s features in a FW upgrade, and so on.

    • faocisco

      They did.
      D70 to D70s
      D2X to D2Xs

      • TwoStrayCats

        I’m still waiting for an update on my D2Xs, by the way…

    • BlueBomberTurbo

      Canikon generally include all features from the start, instead of adding the missing ones after launch like a PS4 game…

  • Doug B

    One of these days, I wish Nikon could update the Firmware on most bodies, so that secondary card set to raw + jpeg would ACTUALLY result in all raws going on the primary and ALL jpegs being written to the secondary… which does not happen. Use retouch options for example, and they write those jpegs to the primary, not the secondary.

    If I want Raw on Primary and Jpeg on Secondary, damn it, that is what should happen!!

    • Nick

      Doesn’t that happen now? The D5/4 does that right? I’m not w Jpg shooter but…

      • Doug B

        I wish people would read entire posts and not just skim them. I’ve tested this extensively and shared the results with Nikon, who acknowledged that while setting secondary card behavior to R+J and Quality to R+J, there are still situations where with those settings, it will write raws to the secondary and jpegs to the primary.

    • Uhmmmm…. I’ve been using that feature (raw to CF and jpeg to SD) since D300s. You have to remember that setting it to “RAW + JPG” doesn’t automatically set the cards recording behavior. There is another setting option for that.

      • Doug B

        Even when you do that, it still does not work properly. There are multiple scenarios where it does not follow the settings.

        • I am not saying you are wrong. But i have never experienced that issue.

  • Goran Radovik

    why not adding support for SB-5000? SHAME ON YOU NIKON!!!

    • Mateusz Antonowicz

      They should be ashamed by the fact sb-5000 is cockblocked by d500 and D5. They should release dongle for older bodies to remotely trigger that flash.

  • LEON45

    Hello, i havent install in my D4s the update 1.31. Can i update straight to 1.32 without before instal 1.31?

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