Nikon at Photokina 2016 (KeyMission videos)

The 2016 Photokina show is now over. Here are few videos from Nikon @ Photokina:

Next are few Nikon KeyMission promo and demo videos:

Ami Vitale presents the KeyMission models:

Product tours of the new KeyMission cameras:

And finally few quotes on what others are saying about the Nikon KeyMission cameras:

The KeyMission 360 feels well put together. Nikon's obviously learned from other action camera manufacturers that there should be as few steps between picking up the KeyMission and starting a shoot. This is a spartan device. That sample footage, by the way, looked great, especially on the 4K displays at Nikon's booth. (Engadget)

Plenty of 360 cameras exist, and plenty more action cams, but Nikon’s the biggest name by far to combine both in a tiny, relatively affordable package. (Wired)

The KeyMission 360 is a heck of a lot more durable than competitors: able to plunge 100 feet underwater for up to an hour, survive a 6.6-foot drop (onto plywood), keep out dust, and get chilled down to 14 degrees Fahrenheit. Of the VR action cameras that are waterproof, around 30 feet is usually the deepest any go. (Fastcompany)

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  • Alda Smite

    nikon and its Gopro knockoffs as a headliner … facepalm… nikon, at last take thisfricken lesson – everything you can take with phone (or will in next few years) is a DEAD market now (not in future, not eventually – but NOW)… ask Gopro – how is he doing now (competing with waterproof phones with even better video quality, obviously that was not the case 5 years ago)

    • Eric Calabros

      Yea, Apple now advocates sticking your gigantic iPhone to your bike under heavy rain, and if someone called you in middle of the night adventure, just answer with your $150 Airpod! Looks cool, but doesn’t work for me.

      • For some people, Apple is saint, so now that the iPhone is IPX7, suddenly there’s no need for anything more.

    • Read the actual IP spec for the iPhone stuff, realise that IPX7 Android phones have been available for _many_ years, yet GoPro is still alive.

  • HKer

    I’m keen to buy either a KM170 or GoPro. I am a total newbie in this area. But so far I see that the GoProHero5 Black has ISO3200, while KM up to ISO1600, The GoPro has RAW, which I think KM doesn’t. GPro also has different field of views from equi 14mm -28 ish (104 degs), based on Hero 4, so the KM170 is wider but the image is distorted. I am keen for KM for hopefully it’s higher image quality than GPro?? Wonder how the still images corrects for distortion. Bit of a head scratcher at the moment until I see KM still images, but so far the video’s online, in some places the video’s are blown out. I am looking for an action camera to take still shots of large crowds (1000 ppl+) at concerts at night time. At the moment a D750 on a monopod is too heavy, so looking for something small and safer to use. Any ideas folks?

    • Eric Calabros

      J5 and 6.7-13 lens is better combo for what you want to do

  • Spy Black

    Kudos to Nikon for making it seem like they introduced a bunch of new things for Photokina.

    • Alda Smite

      “…making it seem like they introduced bunch of new …”… well you have to give kudos also to various news sites (like this one) that had to cover this “making it seem like” from Nikon… I have not seen so many *news about GoPro or knockoffs since GoPro heydays

      • Spy Black

        I guess you can’t appreciate my sarcasm…

  • Morris

    better make 1 body and a set of lenses ( 3-4-5 )
    now that was really something different from GoPro

    -you see how many lens clips (zoom, macro, wide) they produce for iphones and mobiles)
    3 bodies… we are only missing a banana shaped one

  • br0xibear

    Keymissions made in Indonesia, interesting…

    • I saw that video, it was even added to my post at one point, but then I removed it – I just could not stand the first part of the video…

      • br0xibear

        Lol, it was such a dull Photokina you can’t blame them for doing something to make it more interesting for themselves.

      • Spy Black

        Why? That’s the best part LOL!

  • Doug Laurent

    The image quality of the key mission models is really bad (even and also compared to other action cams) and only watchable on small screens.

    But in general, 360VR will need at least 8K master images and probably even 60fps so it won’t be a headache.

    At least the space the key mission experience presentation took at Photokina did make some people forget that there was nothing new to see and there were no printed brochures to take home as well. Pretty disappointing.

    • Jeremy Michael Lelea

      Yeah the quality is garbage, I am happy with my $120 LG 360 cam. 360 degree video is a gimmick anyway.

  • Thylmuc

    Frankly, the entire fair was pretty boring. The number of exhibitors is now down to about 1000, while in 2008, there had been 1600. The booths get smaller every time, and the number of side exhibitions was also lower.
    When you think about it, this is not surprising. The huge majority of all images is now taken by smartphones, and hence, it can be assumed that also a significant share of the profits goes to the smartphone manufacturerers, or, to be more precice, to Apple (more than 90% of all Profit). And Apple, by this definition, is thus the biggest camera manufacturer in the world, Profit wise. It draws Money spent from the other, traditional manufacturers. But they don’t participate in fairs, and thus, a major part of the spectre of today’s photographic wealth is not reflected at Photokina.


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