Adobe released Lightroom CC 2015.7 released with Nikon D5/D500 tethered shooting support and more

Adobe released Lightroom CC 2015.7 and Camera Raw 9.7 with support for several new cameras:

  • Support for the Nikon D3400 camera
  • New tethered shooting support for Nikon D5 and Nikon D500
  • Lens profiles added for (Nikon F mount lenses):
    • Nikon AF VR Zoom-NIKKOR 80-400mm f/4.5-5.6D ED
    • Nikon AF-P NIKKOR 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3G ED
    • Nikon AF-P NIKKOR 70-300mm f/4.5-6.3G ED VR
    • Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 105mm f/1.4E ED
    • Rokinon 8mm f/3.5 UMC Fish-Eye CS
    • Rokinon 8mm f/3.5 UMC Fish-Eye CS II
    • Samyang 8mm f/3.5 UMC Fish-Eye CS
    • Samyang 8mm f/3.5 UMC Fish-Eye CS II
    • Venus Optics Laowa 105mm f2 (T3.2) Smooth Trans Focus

Adobe Lightroom can be downloaded here.

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  • As a old Lightroom 5 owner: Is the Lightroom 6 retail version still supplied with updates or do i need to buy the Lightroom CC subscription version to get updates?

    • vpsim

      unfortunately you have to join with subscription (from ver.2015.5)

      • Ben Bammens

        No you don’t…

      • Ok, Thanks. I am not sure if i should try out Capture One instead. I don’t like subscription based software renting.

        • Alda Smite

          tru Capture One.. I also worked for several years with LR, then changed to CaptoreOne (for same reason – did not like renting software)… but damn – that C-One is so fast… if you bring home more than few raw files – you will never been able to tolerate LR slowness. LR uses 1, maximum 2 cores of your CPU while browsing, adjusting, zooming tasks. CaptureOne tasks my 18-core xenon fully and I just fly through my pictures.

          • Thanks! That is interesting to hear because my experience using Capture One is very limited, basically i have only opened a trial version. Of course it looks complicated when you look at the user interface of Capture One the first time but It is like learning to drive a car. I really, really don’t like subscription based software and i won’t stick with LR 5 forever. So i need to look out for alternatives.

          • Helio de Mello Filho

            I wonder if it is possible to import LR catalog to Capture One… I have just done a lot of work tagging and organizing my photos in LR

            • Rudi

              You can. But it will take you days depending on the amount of images to import.

          • Rudi

            Sorry can’t confirm. Are using LR and Capture One. Capture One workflow is so clumsy. Import of D810 raw images that takes 5 min in LR takes 30min in Capture One. And the images are already on SSD from card reader! So I only use CO for certain images where IQ is really better.

            • Helio de Mello Filho

              ok, thanks Rudi… I believe it’s better to leverage a bit more current efforts with LR…

            • nek4life

              Just switched recently and I haven’t experienced that problem.

        • You get *most* of the updates with the standalone version, but some they claim they can’t update so easily e.g. the dehaze tool.

      • nwcs

        That’s incorrect. Even the link shows the update to version 6.7. CC is not currently required.

    • Ben Bammens

      Nope, the stand-alone version also gets updates

      • icenoid

        You get some of the updates. Lens profiles and such, yes, but things like the dehaze filter or the new straightening tools don’t come with the retail version, you need CC to get those.

        • Ben Bammens

          Oh yeah, I forgot about that… Sorry.

          • It’s a bit of a fucked up policy by Adobe then. Well, i am not sure if i should support that as a customer. The only alternative would be to learn Capture One.

            • So when I bought 6.0 standalone I looked at subscription costs for 24 months (reasonable rough estimate of the shelf life of 6.0) vs standalone purchase price and the latter worked out much cheaper.

              However, the Photography CC bundle does include Photoshop and for anyone who makes use of that it instantly becomes extremely good value for money. I feel I’m at the point where I’ve mastered LR i.e. I never see an online tutorial in Lightroom and learn anything new now, and my next step is to learn PS so I might make the switch and sell my 6.0 software.

          • icenoid

            No problem, it actually pisses me off that they made that distinction. I finally choked down and bought a subscription to CC, but am not happy about it.

            • I am in the same boat except that i won’t use a subscription for any software, regardless if it’s Adobe or not. That is a no-go. It is like renting cameras and lenses – at some point it doesn’t make sense.

            • icenoid

              I went back and forth on that for quite a while and finally bit the bullet and paid for the subscription, I wanted RAW support on my iPad. I am still not sure it was a great idea.

            • Ah okay. This whole iPad thing is completely uninteresting for me. I edit my stuff on a Workstation with multiple displays or if not possible on a Notebook.

            • icenoid

              didn’t want to bring a laptop on a long trip, otherwise, I wouldn’t have done it. I was pretty shocked at how well it worked. There are some limitations, but overall, it was pretty good for a quick and dirty set of edits before coming home.

            • I need screen space and i can work better with a keyboard, mouse or graphic tablet (i am using shortcuts a lot). The workflow between apps is very inefficient/clumsy on a iPad, thanks to the limitations of iOS. For me the iPad is maybe nice to showcase a portfolio to a client.

            • It is really not the same as renting cameras. Once you buy a camera, with the exception of the random firmware update, it is what it is with no enhancements. It also wears out and requires eventual replacement. Adobe is constantly adding features to CC, so you are continually getting a better product. It is like buying a camera that has constantly improving features and never wears out.

              I believe Adobe CC is a great value and jumped on it at the beginning.

            • Believe me or not but i am not really that feature-driven, that’s why i still work with LR 5. I prefer stable software where i know the workflow like a swiss knife. Applying constant updates on software has brought already strange things to me… suddenly some workflow changes because the vendor thinks it needs to be different, functions are getting replaced, removed or the software isn’t working anymore as expected. Regardless if it is client software or the operating system – especially on a Mac with OS X i got already strange behaviors – not updating the OS on your workhorse can be a good thing, too because they can’t ruin it this way.

            • I believe it and that is why Adobe still offers the standalone product. It sounds perfect for you.

              I think what s missed is that there are many people who do look for new features from their software to improve their workflow and in some cases give them capabilities that were not available before. For these people, and I would argue that this is the bigger market for Adobe, CC is a great value.

            • But the standalone version doesn’t get the same feature set. why should i buy a product that gets crippled by the manufacturer compared to the subscriptin version. No, thanks.

            • You said you don’t want new features, so this should be preferable for you.

              By the way, you will get the new features when Adobe releases a new version. At that point you will have the option to pay an upgrade fee and get the new version with the new features or continue using the old version you already have.

              The thing I have difficulty understanding is the term “crippled.” Nothing is crippled. Either you pay for continual updates via CC or you don’t. If you don’t pay for CC, then you have to wait for Adobe to release a new version and then pay then. There is no free lunch.

            • kbb

              Yeah, not having the haze/dehaze feature is not the definition of ‘crippled’.

            • You aren’t hearing what i am saying. I said that i am not interested in a subscription model to get a software. Is that difficult to understand? It is normal to pay for a major software update to get new features but why should i pay monthly? I want to decide for myself when i want to get newer software and newer software cotains bugfixes, improvements, performance optimizations and new features. So in don’t see a need for subscriptions. Buying a software once in a while is enough.

            • I do understand you statement, but I do not see the reasoning. You can pay for an upgrade whenever Adobe offers one and get you new features then. You can pay a subscription and get your new features continually.

              In reality, it works out to about same price if you buy the upgrades or if you pay the subscription. You actually get more capabilities (cloud sync, etc.) with the subscription, so I really don’t understand why anyone would not opt for the subscription. What is even more astonishing to me that people post and moan about it as if it were a bad thing.

            • Subscription is a vendor lock-in. I don’t need all this Adobe cloud, sync and ipad stuff. They are just modern gimmicks that are not relevant for my workflow.

            • I do not see it as vendor lock in. Cancel and move to a different product.

              If you feel this way, then buy the standalone product. Get upgrades when they come from Adobe, but given that you made your choice, so why moan about it.

            • Look. I already told you my reason and you are saying that you don’t see any reasoning. I want to have control and the decision when it is time to pay for a new software. I want to own the software. In fact i hate this whole software from the cloud thing… look what apple is doing in the mac app store for example – if they release an update that is not compatible anymore with your current operating system you can’t go back and download the last version that was in fact working for you. that is pure ignorance.

            • So, buy buy the standalone version and be happy.

            • But i am repeating here again: it is not just normal that adobe keeps features away from the standalone version that are included in the subscription version like a comment has already stated above. And you said it already: you pay the same price for it. What is the dumb decision for that?

            • I guess you do not get it. In the old days, to get new features customers had to purchase an upgrade once a year or so when the vendor released it. Now some vendors are offering a subscription model. This model provides new features on a continual basis, but you pay on a continual basis. Adobe gives you a choice. Buy the subscription model and get the upgrades (new features) or buy the standalone product and get upgrades when the release a new version if you choose to pay for it.

              You seem to want it both ways, pay once and get new features forever. Unfortunately, Adobe could not stay in business that way.

            • “You seem to want it both ways, pay once and get new features forever.”

              I don’t know how you come to this conclusion. That is not true. I just simply don’t want to have less features in the standalone version if i pay for that. Otherwise Adobe needs to clearly communicate that you don’t get the same software when you buy a new major release as standalone version.

            • Now I understand your issue, but you need to look at the standalone version and the subscription version as two different products. Because they are on completely different release schedules. They even have different names – Lightroom 6.x and Lightroom CC. You get you get the current version of the standalone product when you buy it. It is likely it will never have all the features of the CC version, for example sync and probably others.

            • If you need new features quickly delivered maybe CC is the right way but i know none of the more advanced or professional users that need constant feature updates per quarter or per month of a year – that is more of a consumer thing. In fact professionals are happy if a vendor doesn’t constantly change the workflow of the software to sell you new features.

            • I don’t agree with that. My experience is that some people want the new features quickly and others rather wait. I have a team of over 20 designers and they are all on CC. Some install the newest thing the day it is available and others don’t

            • There are always people that want the latest and greatest. It is the same with iPhones or cameras but that doesn’t say anything about the quality. That’s the reason why manufacturers can run beta tests of their new operating system or software without paying the beta testers because they’re getting the pre-release for free.

            • There are always people that want the latest and greatest. It is the same with iphones, cameras or other software (even iOS or OS X) but that doesn’t say anything about the quality. That’s the reason why manufacturers can run beta tests of their new operating system or software without paying the beta testers because they’re getting the pre-release for free.

            • Max

              I find it can be frustrating when suddenly you find that you can no longer resize arrow heads in InDesign or something stupid like that. Other than file compatibility issues there is little need for me to have the latest version of InDesign or illi over, say, cs5.
              That said, the longer I’m working in the industry the more I realise how false Apple and Adobe’s monopoly of the industry is.
              I can still achieve results in Corel x13 on a good Win7 machine faster than my fancy overpriced constantly updated ituned imac

            • People get too easily fooled by marketing and convenience arguments these days, that in reality do not turn out to be so well as advertised. For example the quality of Apple software on the Mac has dropped a lot if you know their computers since 2003. Fanboys are another story – they read the brand name and believe everything must be always excellent what the company has to deliver.

        • Spy Black

          The dehaze filter is a joke. Nothing you can’t accomplish far better with curves and levels.

          • i guess that was made for dummies that dont know how to work with contrast.

    • nwcs

      They make it a bit hard to find but you can absolutely get retail with bug fix updates. It’s evident in the link itself which references both retail and subscription.

      • Yeah. Buried really deep!

    • zorwick

      I have the 6, but no updates.

  • Matt

    the biggest update in this version imho is the ability to use the smart preview for editing even if the original is available because it can be much faster! I did this by renaming the folder if I was working on my Surface now you can simply select the option in the menu.

  • TheInfinityPoint

    Anybody install LR 6.7 yet? In other words, anyone here brave enough to do some free beta testing for Adobe?

    I’m still glad I never had to experience the “improved” import module around version 6.1.

  • jojo

    Nikon must be glad Adobe and Sigma were at Photokina!

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