New refurbished Nikon deals

Few new deals on refurbished Nikon gear:

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  • Brent

    Holy mother of God those f/2.8 deals are good.

    • Firebrand

      I dont know. Many of us bought the 24-70/2.8 brand new, about 6 years ago or so, for about $1200 at one of the 3 major stores advertised by the admin often. That was back when retailers actually competed on prices to earn your business, though. Nikon started, allegedly, price-fixing the market shortly after that. Magically everyone’s price became identical and a few hundred dollars higher — and, somehow, “too low to show” prices almost never occurred at all (meaning it wasn’t just a MAP agreement, but, allegedly, collusion to fix prices).

      That said, the 70-200/2.8 VR II was originally released at $2,200 or so, and at $1,700 is an EXCELLENT price, and should be jumped on. Even if a new version comes out, used prices won’t go much lower than this. Because that is one excellent/superior lens, despite its… er… short-comings. At 1.5 meters from your subject, the 70-200/2.8 VR II is ONLY a 135mm lens! It cannot reach 200mm. This is called Focus Breathing. Even at normal tele-distances, it doesn’t get longer than 180mm. You have to use focused at “infinity” to make a true 200mm. So.. there’s that.

      If I were to make a guess, it would be that Nikon is updating this lens to reduce Focus Breathing. If that’s true, the new lens will be in VERY HIGH demand. Retailers probably wishes this 135mm~180mm lens would just go away, RIGHT NOW, and are happy to usher it out with a mark down… before any specs are released on the new 70-200, now that the cat’s out of the bag that there’ll be one.

      That said, everything else about this lens is lovely, and if you don’t mind a 70-135/2.8 VR II (things about 5 feet away from you), or 70-180/2.8 VR II (by the time a subjects 25 feet away), then this is the lens for you.

    • DP

      Nonsense! The f/2.8 G lenses are old and shabby performers. Only a fool would spend $$$ on such end-of-life products.

  • tripod

    7200 package… WOW. That’s a lot of camera for $849 WITHOUT the lens and adapter.

    • yes, I think this is the best D7200 deal I have seen so far

      • CaMeRa QuEsT

        There’s been an even better deal from buydig@ebay, $799 for refurbished D7200+18-55mm ED II (old, non-VR version)+55-200mm VR II, they’ve posted them twice in the last couple of weeks but each time it went out it didn’t last more than a couple hours. Here’s the link (click on “[n units] sold” to see at what price they were sold for, as it currently priced at $999):

    • DP

      LOL wut?! On the eve of the D7300’s release, you’re trumpeting the virtues of the antiquated D7200?

      • CERO

        why would they release a D7300? it hasnt been that long since the D7200 and D500. right?

        • DP

          The D7xxx series is on a 2 yr release cycle. The D7200 was introduced 17 months ago.

  • Where’s the refurbished 105mm f/1.4??

    • Aldo

      Now that you mention that… everyone is so stoked about he new 105 that no one has thought about it having some sort of defect… to keep up with current nikon tradition.

    • whisky

      DxO is still testing with it.

  • FountainHead

    Do we think the cameras are actual refurbs, or moreso new-without-full-warranty?

    • ZR

      Call and ask them. You never know!

    • I think they are new, dumped by Nikon to clear inventory and get extra revenue.

      • istreetshooter

        I bought the refurbed D7200 from Adorama last week and it came with 375 shutter actuations. It was in pristine condition, though.

        • Andrew

          As the Admin said, it is new 😉 They had to press the shutter to support the claim that it is refurbished.

          • Aldo

            In the US we are spoiled with consumer protection laws that allow us to return items for NO good reason.

            • nwcs

              At this point that’s pretty much universal.

            • Aldo

              I woudnt be so sure… I know from several sources from different countries that they have a hardtime returning stuff… and when they finally take the return there is that restocking fee. Maybe not always the case.

            • dclivejazz

              Yet it was the Chinese, of all countries, who forced Nikon to seriously acknowledge the issue with the D600.

            • Andrew

              This deal may portend to something more serious coming down the line, the D7300. I considered the D7200 as a stopgap towards the D7300. The D7200 is a competent camera that never wowed anyone. Nikon was too distracted with the D500 and DL cameras to give it much attention. But the D7200 sheds enough weight and size off the D500 for it to be more of an all day camera for serious photographers on a vacation.

              I think the D7200 is going to be like the exciting D750 with a similar body/tilting LCD screen and added to that some of the niceties of the D500. It sure will inherit a capable AF system just like the D750 or better. And inheriting the flicker reduction system of the D500 will make the D7200 a much more versatile camera for indoors sport situations.

              And if Nikon puts the D500 image sensor with its amazing ISO 51,200 performance in the D7300 including its superb auto white balance and impeccable JPEG image processing, the D7300 will indeed have reached a major milestone for an affordable prosumer camera that many professionals would also appreciate. Sure, it will put sales pressure on the D500, but in a competitive world, a company should be willing to compete against itself.

              So for me the D7300 will be the pinnacle of affordability for a feature-rich professional caliber digital SLR camera if Nikon follows her recent trend. Now there it is, hoping again 😉

            • The D7x00 was a stop gap to the D500. I think they’ll let it sell for a bit before introducing a downspec version.

            • Andrew

              Maybe 😉

    • Mark Coleman

      My D7200 was a “refurb”. It was a brand new dump, the first picture I took was the first picture when I had the shutter count checked. Paid $679 back in March

  • Kyle

    Man I paid $1899 for my 70-200 vr2 about 2.5 years ago.

    This price is incredible!

    New one is just around the corner I bet.

  • jec6613

    Why bundle the WiFi adapter with the D7200, which includes WiFi and can’t use the adapter?

    • MB

      Because Nikon has surplus of wu-1a nobody needs … and also some d3200 and d7100 … so somebody at Nikon got all mixed up …

  • Eric Calabros

    No D5500? Interesting.

  • Firebrand

    DEAR ADMIN — SOME SCRIPT, OR SOME ADS are slowing down your page (and my brand new 8GB ram i7 computer) incredibly. It makes your page freeze and typing stutter. Can you please look into this? (When I refresh the page, it doesn’t always happen, so I guess its related to particular ads; but when it happens, its really bad).

    It doesn’t happen on any other webpage. And my entire computer cools off/fans off, when I close your page. Something is malicious/incorrect. It might be related to the video ads, not sure though.

    • Captain Megaton

      Problem is the content doesn’t come from him, and varies from person to person.

      Nothing unusual for me when I browse the site for example – though rendering it takes a couple of seconds at 25% CPU load.

    • Nikos Delhanidis

      Disqus platform also causes such issues often

    • The scrips are not the problem. Today every website has scripts. This was most likely a temporary slow down.

  • Nikos Delhanidis

    Is WU-1A compatible with D500 ??

    • Why would you want to combine these things? The D500 has wi-fi built in…

      • Nikos Delhanidis

        Because my D500 doesn’t connect anywhere. The snapbridge is a fiasco. While though my D7200 VMU works just fine and IT DOESNT need a WU-1A…

        • That’s interesting to hear, since I’m in the market for the D500.

  • Nikon1isAwesome!

    Ordered the 50mm f/1.8G. Been using the 50 mm f/1.8D for years and it is great, but a bit noisy. I’ve heard that the newer one is even better.

    • Hans Bull

      Unfortunately the G has much more distortion

      • …but is much sharper. You have room to fix the distortion, since you have more resolution.

        • Hans Bull

          Sharper? At f1.8-2.8 perhaps.
          “room to fix distortion” = loss in resolution.

          • True. But it’s not A or B. It’s a factor among many.

            Even vignetting can reduce resolution–if you correct for it and noise is introduced, then you reduce that noise, you’ve reduced resolution.

            By my estimation, the G comes out ahead. The D versions I’ve used have had horrible resolution. Maybe the five I tried were all bad. But…I’d take the G if I only had those two options.

            • Hans Bull

              Put the 50 1.8 D on DX, it’s fantastic From 2.8 on 😉

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