Nikon DL cameras should start shipping in October

I received some information today that the new Nikon DL cameras will start shipping in October. This information is coming directly from Nikon. The three DL models were announced back in February and have been delayed several times already. The cameras are still available for pre-order.

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  • October? At least I hope some reviews will come earlier…

  • Aldo

    24-85 @ 650 is hot. It could be very successful…. but it needs to come out first

    • Spy Black

      Well, that’s the problem, right? If Panasonic prices the LX200 competitively to the 24-85, then Nikon will lose. Panasonic may stay upscale tho, in which case the 24-85, despite being so late, will still be popular simply because of it’s price. The 24-85’s main Achilles Heel is no EVF, and probably no aperture grid on the screen, so shooting in bright sunlight will be hell.

      • Mike Gordon

        Shoot all the time in bright light with my J5. It really is not an issue…

        • wj

          It is not an issue only if you do not care much about results 🙂

        • Spy Black

          Shot all the time with my J4. It’s an issue.

          • Than get a faster lens…my J4 sports a 0.95 aperture lens and I’m quite happy…damn thing has night vision now

            • Spy Black

              What does that have to do with shooting in bright sunlight?

            • allwayzright0306

              All of you idiots crying about NO EVF … just buy a sony rx100 mark 4 and shut up . That tiny EVF is not what I need . You gotta squint to even use it . Give me a nice bright touch screen instead

            • Spy Black

              Right, better to have a screen you can’t see in bright sunlight than a viewfinder that you can.

            • allwayzright0306

              What is more important to people wanting to step up their photography from their camera phone but want to fit the cam in their pocket ?

              Touch screen or EVF ?

              Easy they will def miss the Touch screen . Touchscreens are on everything now a days you idiot . Nobody that’s new to the game wants to go back in time . Even most rx100 users have touch screen as one of the top 3 things they want in the rx100 V.

              Seems to be a trade-off unless you can tell me who can do both EVF and touchscreen THAT is TRULY pocketable in size.

              You can’t go from using your workhouse cam EVF then use the rx100 EVF and say ” yeah i’m really enjoying this ” stop the BS . The kids love touch to focus !

              Who doesn’t ?

            • Spy Black

              My GM5 has a touchscreen and an EVF.

              Once you start High School you’ll learn to appreciate things more…

            • allwayzright0306

              Woah woah woah are you gonna start comparing cameras of a different formats now ? Gm5 is a interchangeable micro 3/4 cam … you know this right ?

              Meaning it’s not gonna be a pocketable. Lens won’t fit in your pocket sir … try again

            • Spy Black

              Fits right in my pocket.

            • allwayzright0306

              Ahhh poor guy forgot to measure the gm5 w/ a lens.

              You fitting that gm5 with any lens in your pocket sir ? Do you still wear jnco pants sir ? You’re so confused

              Stop making a joke out of yourself sir

            • Spy Black

              Nope, right in my pocket with the lens. It’s 63.5 mm versus 49.8. So yes, even at a 1/2 inch longer, still fits. But see, you wouldn’t know that, because you never had one.

            • Zlatan Bogdanovic

              The EVF is a big deal if you wear reading glasses, being an idiot is not understanding the implications of something. In any case you can buy the EVF seperately as I will.

          • Mike Gordon

            You seem to be the one following me around.

            “Spy Black 16 days ago Where would I be without people like you following me around the ‘Net? It would be so boring…”

            That stair case behind you will lead out of mom’s bsmt…

      • allwayzright0306

        Hey sir .

        Stop crying about having no EVF

        • Spy Black

          Stop reading my comments about it and you won’t have to complain abour my complaints.

    • MonkeySpanner

      You can have a rx100m3 for around this price right now. And it has an evf.

      • I played with an RX100m3 for a few days and it was, controls-wise, much worse than my Coolpix A. If the DLs have the same DSLR-like interface, I’d much prefer them.

        • Peter Schut

          Sony handling maybe clumsy. Quality of pictures and camera specs are outstanding

          • Sure, but I use a small camera for ease of use. For quality of pictures, I won’t rely on a 1″ sensor, not even in good light (the DR is just too small), that’s what I have the DSLR for.

      • Aldo

        “Around the same price” that’s 150 more bh pricing. It’s a bit of a stretch don’t you think ? Also this is msrp you are comparing on the nikon… in time it will be 500 dollars.

        • MonkeySpanner

          Well, $150 more plus you get a viewfinder. I don’t know. I think they are in the same price range, but just barely. Not sure what the DL price will settle at after a year of sales. I suspect we will see some Christmas sales for $599, maybe less depending on how well it sells.

      • plainsman844

        Ever hear any of the horror stories about Sony customer service? I have. Just pray nothing goes wrong.

  • MMS

    Announced in February, finally shipping in October?! Is that some sort of record?

    • Ask the Department of Defense. They would get a good laugh out of that one.

      • whisky

        DOD would probably say thanks for the rush order. 🙂

    • Shutterbug

      Nikon can’t control natural disasters, which is one of the reasons they were delayed. If you’re looking for records, have a look at the Canon 200-400/4 announcement and release date which were ~2 years apart.

      • Thom Hogan

        The October date was mentioned by Nikon prior to the quake ;~).

        • Andrew

          They saw it coming 😉

      • Ineedmy Bobo

        The first “natural disaster” for this line was a problem with the main circuit board well before any earthquakes.

        • hje

          naturally this is a disaster.

          First of it was a problem with the main circuit board made by a third party supplier.
          Fun fact is, the main circuit boards delivered for the pre-production models just were fine. When switching to production they got delivered inferior quality. When quality control found out it was too late. I believe that earthquake didn’t make it easier to resupply.

    • Allen_Wentz

      What I call (sleazy) “vaporware marketing” like Microsoft was famous for. But unless the firm already dominates a market, it always comes back to bite the firm doing it in the butt (like it did to MS with the first generation of Surface tablets).

  • whisky

    it’s not accurate to say these were “delayed several times already”. i seem to recall Nikon stating “October” the first time around, but people were taking their cues from other non-reliable sources, like Amazon, which gave their best estimates for earlier release dates.

    • Captain Megaton

      Announced Feb 22. The first, official delay was that the wouldn’t ship until May. Then it was soft-delayed late June. Now another official delay until October. These cameras would have gone on sale in April had everything gone according to plan, so we are looking at half a year’s delay.

      That’s a long time for a mirrorless/compact camera, 25-50% of it’s sellable lifetime.

      • whisky

        i stand corrected and welcome your revised timeline. 🙂

      • Thom Hogan

        That doesn’t square with what I remember and what I posted elsewhere. First official word I remember out of CP+ was “ship in late June.” That was followed not too long after by “ship in October due to problem with the digital board.” That was followed by the quake, which severely restricted delivery of 1″ sensors for four months.

        • manattan

          What I remember out of CP+ was “we are no longer producing Nikon 1 cameras.” That was followed not too long after by “We do not give a crap if our customers bought into the Nikon 1 system, we want the same customers to buy disposable cameras from the new DL line so we can milk them for more money.”

        • Captain Megaton

          I seem to have got the DL announcements mixed up with the Coolpix A300 announcements….

  • Fly Moon

    Shouldn’t they have a new technology by now?

  • SolarSky

    The Panasonic DMC-LX200 will be around then and nobody will be interested in those, at that time, old Nikon offerings.

    • Captain Megaton

      Nobody will be interested in the LX100 either.

      Makes you think before shelling out $800+ for one, eh?

      • Spy Black

        It won’t matter what happens to the LX100 when the LX200 comes out. The important thing for Panasonic is to not screw it like Nikon has. Announce it, and release it in a timely fashion.

        • Captain Megaton

          Even so, “ain’t it cool” lifetime of all these cameras is too short to justify the sticker price.

          • Spy Black

            That’s why you need to announce it, and release it in a timely fashion. On a similar note, think of the riots that would’ve occurred if Nikon did with the D500 what they’re doing with the DLs.

    • Zoron

      They got to announce LX200 right nowww!!

  • Tieu Ngao

    It’d be difficult for Nikon to make DL24-500 competing against Sony RX10 M3 besides the price, AF and burst rate unless the IQ is on par.

    • BVS

      The DL24-500 is also quite a bit smaller/lighter.

    • Peter Schut

      True. The sony is outstanding. The problem for nikon is that the sony is extremely popular. It is sold out on the moment that they have sony rx10 Mark III in stock. Based on currentspecs the DL 24-500 loses.

      • Tieu Ngao

        If the IQ is similar I’ll buy the Nikon DL24-500 even though it’s slightly less in reach & lens speed compared with the Sony. The main reasons are AF, burst rate, size/weight, and $500 difference. Besides I like the Nikon color much more than the Sony. Nikon menu system is also much better.

      • T N Args

        Surely you buy the one that meets your needs most? The two cameras are not interchangable alternatives IMO. Based on current specs the Nikon wins on about 5 fronts IMO and loses on two: lens reach and lens aperture. For all we know the Nikon lens might actually have higher IQ: certainly the lens spec reads like Nikon care very much about its IQ.

    • bgbs

      Doesn’t DL have the superzoom and Sony doesn’t?

  • Captain Megaton

    Ok, serious question: why would anyone pre-order? Are people really so desperate that they’d pay the full retail launch price for a six month old camera? I mean, I’m sure Nikon loves you, but still…

    • Paul H.

      Now I can wait for the Christmas season fire-sales…

    • MB

      Even more serious question is why would anyone order … ever?

    • Andrew

      Well, if you add the six months of testing before the launch then you could claim that it is one year old. I am sure they are giving you added value by doing additional testing, adding updated firmware, and who knows what additional features/touchscreen capabilities you will be getting. But ultimately a product is not old or start aging until after it is released (unless of course it is delayed significantly enough to miss out on technological advancements).

  • Frank Foster

    There is contradictory information in this article. A lens is listed as being available in October. The DL cameras are scheduled to start shipping after June 30 and then states it is October. I guess both dates are true, October is after June 30.

    • vousplaisentezouquoi

      Did they say the year?

      • Frank Foster

        As long as they only mention months, it can be any year. This is frustrating!

  • James Donahue

    Should be obsolete before they hit the stores.

    • MonkeySpanner

      Yup, maybe they can just start with the fire sales right from the first shipment.

      • manattan


  • Ritvar Krum

    october 2016… just the right time to EOL these… I mean these will be announced for about a whole year at that point… what do you think – other manufacturers slept that year (if they felt that there would be an interest for DL typ of cameras)? so basically at october 2016 you will get a whole year retarded nikon or brand new something form other company – pretty clear choice for me.

  • HKer

    My guess is that the DL pricing may change depending on what comes out at Photokina in September and what price point. It may be that a new interchangeable (pro?) full frame mirrorless comes out by Nikon, yes a wish. I believe Nikon has the technology. This may then take over Nikon 1. My two cents. Am sure any buyer of Nikon DL would be also waiting to see what comes out at Photokina.

    • ZoetMB

      Photokina is generally an announcement show, not a “release” show. So like CES, whatever is announced won’t be available until many months later. Assuming Nikon makes the October date, that gets the cameras into retail in time for the holiday shopping season, which Nikon has tended to miss in the past, so that’s all good.

  • MonkeySpanner

    I don’t get nikon. The reason people are interested in the DL is the LENSES! Why didn’t they support the 1 system with these lenses? If they had, maybe it could have gained some popularity.

    • manattan

      It could also be that the Nikon 1 controls sucked for the price point. They needed professional controls and for less than a thousand dollars. Nikon thought they were marketing to soccer moms with the Nikon 1 cameras and that was the main problem. They at least did their homework for the market for the DLs but I would argue that really the segments should have been reversed. The DLs would have been better for soccer moms who don’t need a bazillion lenses for specialty purposes and the Nikon 1 would have been better for professional photags who need the flexibility to better adapt the lens to the given shooting situation.

      • MonkeySpanner

        Well, I only had the v1 j1 and j4. Sold all of them. And yes, they didn’t understand the market for these. Controls was a big disappointment in addition to lenses.

  • maxx

    Hot news!!!! Please Nikon, please… FF Mirrorless + D900 + D760!

  • jvm156

    will anyone care by then?

  • Adam Fo

    Why is the sensor classed as 1″ when it’s only 13.2 x 8.8 mm ?

    • nwcs

      The diagonal is roughly 1″.

      • Adam Fo

        15.9 mm is a long way off 25.4 mm

        • nwcs

          Ahh, we are both right. Found this answer elsewhere: “Digital camera sensor format-size names have their roots in television camera tubes. These were measured in inches diagonal, but for various practical reasons, the entire circle isn’t used. So, from way back then, there’s a concept called “the rule of 16″, which says that the usable, actual sensor diagonal for a 1” tube is 16mm. (Yes, it mixes imperial and metric measurements.) So, for each “inch” in a sensor format designation, translate that to approximately 16mm of sensor diagonal. Or, for formats smaller than an inch — very typical, e.g. 1/2.5″ — use the corresponding fraction of 16mm.”

  • Chaitanya

    So how long before this becomes a vaporware? I was really interested in getting DL24-500 but now I will just wait for Panasonic FZ1000 replacement which might come sooner than these.

    • Allen_Wentz

      These cameras have now been announced long enough without delivery to clearly fit the (broad) modern definition of vaporware. Yet another big black mark against Nikon’s sophomoric marketing.

  • Tieu Ngao

    You should not complain about the delayed shipping unless you really really want those models and have been patiently waiting for them.
    I think what matters is whether the DL models can compete successfully against other models available at the time.
    Personally I’d wait until I read several reviews and compare with all other models before making a buying decision. In the mean time I’m enjoying shooting with my D750 & Coolpix A, and reading all the news and reviews about photography.

    • MonkeySpanner

      I think some people here want these cameras. But I think most are commenting more on Nikon’s business philosophy and what DL means for Nikon 1.

  • Peter Schut

    Sorry Nikon. Could not wait longer. The summer holiday is here. Bought a Sony RX10 Mark III. Based on sales numbers of the `Sony, I think Nikon missed a lof of existing or potential customers. They should ask themselves of they really want to issue the DL’s. To late to little.

    • Nobody Knows

      And where exactly would you have dug up actual sales numbers for this £1250 “compact” ?

  • Duncan Dimanche

    I don’t understand why they would have to stick to this 1″ form factor with fixed lenses !

    The lumix x100 ha a great lens with a 4/3 sensor 24-70 f1,7-28….
    the nikon Dl equivalent has 24-85 f/1.8-2.8 …. I see no point in getting it…

    the lumix is 114.8 x 66.2 x 55.0 mm for 393g
    nikon DL 104.9 x 61.3 x 49.8 mm for 350g

    The lumix is significantly bigger but not by much. I’m just waiting for the lx 100 II with a higher pixel sensor

    • Captain Megaton

      “The lumix x100 ha(s) a great lens”

      A lot of your argument hinges on that statement being true. (it’s not) The rest of your argument hinges on whether a cropped 4/3 sensor is meaningfully better than a full 1″ sensor. (it’s not)

      And you can’t ignore that with the LX100 you have to deal with Panasonic’s ratty-assed image processing and noise reduction.

      The DL’s worst enemy is the RX100 models, maybe those new Canons, not the LX100.

      • Spy Black

        Don’t know about the lens, but the cropped 4/3 sensor was the dumbest idea I’ve ever seen, especially when they made a camera even smaller that used the full 4/3 sensor in it, the GM5, which also has the ability of interchangeable lenses. The full 4/3 sensor of course definitely has an advantage over the 1-inch sensors.

        Panasonic’s image processing isn’t bad however. Noise reduction is about average.

      • Mike Gunter

        The Lumix LX100 usually gets good marks from a lot of camera reviewers – the usual suspects :-). It shouldn’t be dismissed so easily.

        The DL line OTOH is pretty easy to dismiss – at the moment, it doesn’t exist except in _currently empty and overdue_ promises.

        As others have said, more or less, at release as a new product, ‘you pays your money and you takes your chances’. That’s a mixed bag at best for early adopters. Great when it works out, a bag of rabid monkeys if it doesn’t.

        The DL doesn’t have any enemies. It has zero market share now, and zero next month, zero in September, too.

        With an announcement in February and the wait and buzz it’s getting, and not all of it good, it really needs to make a splash when (and if) it debuts or it might enter the market with a deficit from which it can’t recover.

    • bgbs

      Probably to keep a small form factor.

      • Duncan Dimanche

        yeah but pana did it..

    • T N Args

      I must say that from reading reviews and looking at uploaded images, the Lumix lens is not of the required standard. Being a Panasonic fan, I am disappointed. So if the Nikon lens is a cracker, it will produce better images than the Lumix almost every time.

      You don’t want to make every call by the spec sheet!

  • Dan E

    The majority of these comments are ridiculous. Should Nikon have just released it with defective parts like many other do?! I’ve never owned a faulty Nikon camera, not saying they were all perfect, but they never failed me, ever. My list of previously owned Nikon’s since 1987: F3, FM2, F4, S2, S700, P5000, P7100. The DL24-85 will replace my P7100.

  • crash

    October’s almost over. Any news?

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