Nikon D4s is now discontinued

Nikon D4s front
The Nikon D4s DSLR camera is now listed as discontinued on Nikon Japan's official website. The D4s was announced in February, 2014 and was recently replaced by the new D5. B&H still has few Nikon D4s cameras, while Adorama is already out of stock.

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  • May your soul rest in peace. You have been a good one, but your successor is better.

    • ArkadiiShapoval

      Rip 🙂 awaiting for new D5s

      • MattfromNikon

        Or the D7S 🙂

        • ArkadiiShapoval

          Nikon F6 film camera was the last one in film era, so d6 must be the last digital slr. New M1 (mirrorless) camera is coming 🙂

          • MattfromNikon


          • Captain Insane-O

            Considering 2 years between updates, I can see a Mirrorless “M1” in 6 years. D5s in 2018, D6 in 2020, M1 in 2022.

            With Mirrorless you can build a more robust platform with less moving parts. Something that the D5 exemplifies.

            • Eric Calabros

              I doubt even at 2020 mirrorless AF system can reach the high end DSLR. People dont like this but its a fact that mirrorless AF had no progress this year, it was DSLR that experienced a huge jump.

            • Captain Insane-O

              No new Halo MILC came out this year, while two FF and one apsc dslrs did. So I’m sure when new top of the line Mirrorless cameras come out they will have progressed. How long did nikon peddle the D4 af? Quite a while. That’s how it works. No one releases game changing af every year.

              Don’t stiff me 33% of the time I said. 6 years is quite different than 4. Said the senator to the president.

              But tech moves quickly. Look how well dual pixel af with servo motors (not wave motors) works.

              Imagine having a shutterless system that can track while imaging and have a goal shutter.

              In 6 years, the power of computers have migrated into cell phones.

              Not saying it will happen, but I wouldn’t be surprised if it did.

            • JL

              The year is not over and Photokina is yet to come. A6300?

    • Aldo

      “Sucessor is better” not always

      • Why is the D5 bad? If it’s about the 3 min video limit, it’s gone. If it’s about the low dynamic range at base ISO, you clearly don’t know know what’s the D5 for.
        The D4 and D4s were great cameras, but I just think the D5 has significant improvements over its predecessor.

        • waterengineer

          Not if you consider low ISO performance. Look at ISO vs DR curves for the 3Ds, D4, D4a and the D5. Low ISO performance of the D5 was compromised to make the high ISO better.

          • I just said that. That the low ISO dynamic range is less compared to it’s predecessors. But you get the D5 to maximize it’s high ISO capabilities. Because if detail and low ISO DR would be the features I’ll need. Then I have the D810 for that.

            • waterengineer

              I expect a $6,500US camera to be near perfect. Shame on Nikon for not being able to just take the entire, say D4s, curve and shove it upward. No, they make base ISO not that wonderful forcing me, you, all of us to go buy an additional $3,000US camera. Wonderful.

            • Tim Burke

              Shame on Nikon for not making me a unicorn. I WANT MY GODDAM UNICORN!!!!!!

            • I do understand your point, but the D5 isn’t that bad. I have tried it for a quick portrait shoot and it was like shooting with Canon’s 5Dmk3 base ISO DR, which is not bad unless you are planning to pull out details from blown highlights and dark shadows.

              I will have my test unit from Nikon soon, and it’ll make me understand the capabilities and the cons of D5.

            • Unfortunately, your expectation may not be possible with current technology. The good news is you can just save your $6,500!

          • what is considered low ISO?

            • waterengineer

              For argument sake, say 360 and below.

            • I almost feel like I can actually say I have never really shot that low before on that body type, ….. I don’t really do much panning my shots.

          • outkasted

            …and many of those ridiculous Hi iso’s cannot be utilized by many.

        • outkasted

          Thwe improvement of the D4s is only on the Hi ISO end and AF, But that low ISO blunder really halted the sales of the D5 especially when its counterpart D500 blew the sales socks off. What needs to happen is a significant upgrade on D5 such as low iso improvement and forget about the 1million Hi ISO hype. The D5s may have the new RGBW sensor or the will keep it for the D6. but to push sales of the D5s line its better to improve on what Nikon has. After all WORLD CUP 2018 is just around the corner. Surely Canon will be dropping something. Nikon big lens update could be expected for the 300mm- 600mm line such as an improved autofocus/image stabilizing module VRIII maybe?

  • MattfromNikon

    R.I.P. The D4S is discontinued, long live the D5.
    The D7S launches in 2021 with clean ISO all the way up to ISO-819200.

    • The Nikon D7S is a drone that follows you around takes all your pictures for you. And when you’re done shooting it will go walk your dog for you

      • MattfromNikon

        That’ll be the D9 in 2026! 😀

      • Tommy Brown

        Hope it wipes my ass too! lol

      • PG

        But don’t forget, you’ll still need to buy the new Nikon WT-9000A Wireless Transmitter for the low, low price of $1800 in order to communicate with the D7S.

  • catinhat

    Who would have guessed.

  • Time to buy a heavily discounted D4S

  • PhilK

    Wow, 2-year lifespan for a flagship.

    That’s a bit crazy.

    I remember when it was ~10 years, in the film era.

    No wonder they get released with bugs.

    • waterengineer

      Wrong. The “lifespan for a flagship” is way, way more than 2 years. It is the march of technological integration that is the 2 year life span,, or half life, if you will.

      • PhilK

        “Lifespan in the marketplace” is what I was referring-to. No one can quote a “usage lifespan” for a product that could either be shooting 5000 images a day or sitting in its original box unused.

    • Mike

      It’s 4-5 years. D4 generation came out 2012. ‘S’ designation is a mid cycle refresh. But yes, it took 50 years to have 6 generations of Nikon F bodies. And 17 years to have 5 generations of the D# body.


    Spending $6500/- per equipments is for just 2 years ?
    canon is better than Nikon

    • HF

      We are not talking about service here.

    • Nikon1isAwesome!

      It’s still just as good after being discontinued. I still shoot the D700 and can still get service and support.

      • So would you for D4s, D4, D3s etc. Nikon just recently stopped spares support for D100. For that matter your D700 also is discontinued.
        Oops. Sorry. Was supposed to be posted to K Sunder.

  • Photobug

    Long live the D4s in the used market as advanced amateurs pick them up for BIF & sports photography. Local dealer had a few last week with unbelievable low shutter activation counts. They sold immediately.

    • waterengineer

      I am sure that is true.

  • NursultanTulyakbay

    Good. Take that sensor and cram it into a mirrorless body already.

  • trying to remember the last time Nikon made a crappy Dx camera, ….. hmmm

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