Nikon Coolpix A900 and B700 cameras delayed again

Nikon COOLPIX A900 cameraNikon COOLPIX B700 camera
Nikon issued another delay for the Coolpix A900 and B700 cameras as a result of the 2016 Kumamoto earthquakes: the new release date will be in October. The good news is that the three Nikon DL cameras were not further delayed, which means they should still start shipping in June. Update: Nikon never provided a release date for the DL cameras in their last press release:

"The new release date has yet to be determined and we will announce the information as soon as it is decided."

Here is the full press release:

Update on the release of the new COOLPIX A900 and B700 compact digital cameras

TOKYO - Nikon Corporation announced delays in the release of new digital cameras and the effects of the 2016 Kumamoto earthquakes in a press release dated April 20, 2016. The following is an update on the release of the new COOLPIX A900 and B700 compact digital cameras (announced on February 23, 2016).

On April 20, we announced that release of the COOLPIX A900 and B700 would be delayed until July as more time was required for software adjustment. However, due to the effects of the 2016 Kumamoto earthquakes, release of these cameras is now scheduled for October 2016.

We sincerely apologize to our customers, business partners, and all those who have expressed interest in these models for the delays.

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  • In June, as in the next 6 days? I’d be pleasantly surprised…

    • Me too, but they did not announce another delay for the DL and today was the day to do it with one press release.

      • Thom Hogan

        Maybe they don’t know for sure ;~).

        • Eric Calabros

          Now I see why Sony predicted dooms day for this quarter

      • Captain Megaton

        According to what stores in Japan are saying, the June release has been delayed further.


        means “no release date, delayed until after June”

    • AlphaT

      Countdown to June 30 ….

  • Ineedmy Bobo

    Hmmm… I would also be pleasantly surprised. Seemingly minutes before your last post saying that the DL’s weren’t delayed, Amazon changed their “shipping June 30” status to the vague “this item has not been released.”

    • It will be a bad move If Nikon delays the DL without making a public statement, after they just delayed the Coolpix cameras – this is my only logic here, but everything is possible.

      • Gregory Roane

        The “…everything is possible” is very … quanta of you, admin. LOL

        • those are the times we are in – Nikon basically cut any information to subsidiary, many get a notice about new products just few days in advance

  • hoglundtw

    The link back to your April 20 post quoted them at that time saying the DL would be delayed from it’s original date of June. Now they don’t comment on DL at all. Don’t see how you conclude that the DL will be released in June unless there is something other than the April 20 and this most recent press release.

    • hoglundtw

      No DL announcement, no shipping on June 30. I don’t see why in the absence of new information, you stated on June 24 that the DLs would be released in June, when Nikon clearly stated in their April release that DLs would be delayed later than June. If you’re keeping score on your track record, mark that down as a big miss that could have been avoided. For future reference, Nikon not saying anything about camera A in a press release about camera B does not mean a reversal of what they said in a previous press release about camera A.

  • BestInDaBizz

    Sooo. you’re telling me Nikon quality control after an earthquake is better than before…mkay. Lucky for those who got a pre-earthquake D5 / 500.

  • sperdynamite

    I’m honestly surprised that they still make cameras like this…

    • Aldo
      me too… these files capture way more info.

      • Eric Calabros

        Smartphones are still terrible for travel. Because, other than sensor low quality, having only a fixed 28mm prime doesn’t cut it.

        • Gregory Roane

          But, but, but, you still have “digital zoom” and “panoramic” formats on the 6s+!!! 🙂

    • whisky

      don’t blame Nikon. blame Sanyo.

  • Eddy Kamera

    Shortage in sensor supply?

    • david wilson

      As of yesterday,delayed again until Nov 13.on Amazon UK anyway.

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