Nikon D500 lens kit is currently in stock *UPDATED*

As I reported last week, a second wave of Nikon D500 cameras has reached US stores. The D500 lens kit is currently in stock at B&H. It seems that even the second shipment was not sufficient to fulfill all existing pre-orders. Future D500 shipments could be delayed even further due to the impact of the recent Kumamoto earthquakes in Japan.

Update #1: B&H sold out, but now Amazon has the Nikon D500 lens kit in stock.
Update #2Nikon D500 body only now in stock on eBay from an authorized dealer.
Update #3: ‪‎Nikon‬ ‪‎D500‬ body only now in stock again on eBay from another authorized dealer.

Update #4: Nikon D500 body only now in stock at BestBuy

Update #5: a new D500 shipment is expected late next week.

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  • usa

    Good news! Just checked and mine is in at B&H.

    • Body only?

      • usa

        Yes, Peter. I cancelled my D5 preorder (a compulsive mistake on my part, after watching a video review) and preordered a D500 body on April 1. D500 body order status is “In stock, order sent to warehouse.” BTW, I picked up a D5 (ever so slightly used) after testing it, and it is an amazing body. I have owned D3, D3s and D4s. D5 has a brighter viewfinder, superior focus, and produces better colors, especially skin tones. The angry video review guy is way off on his review of the D5.

        • ok, thanks

        • Eric Calabros

          the name of that video guy starts with T?

        • NicP

          Havent seen the review from the angry guy but from many reviews Ive seen, the conclusion is that the dynamic range is less than D4/D4s and up to ISO 3200-6400 noise is the same. On the other camp brighter viewfinder and superior autofocus are long established.
          Please advice if any reviews show different results from what I’ve seen, thanks.

          • Photography Guy

            i own a D4 (owned 2 of em), the D500 has better DR, and better out of camera then the D4

            as for the AF acquisition, forget about it, the D500 plows them all in the dirt

        • Photography Guy

          D5 has an AA filter, it looks 20% WORSE at 100% magnification

          The D500 does NOT have an AA filter.

          D5 and D500 have the Xact same AF sensor, meaning the far ENDS of AF acquisition is worse on the D5 than it is on the D500.

          99% of shooters likewise are not interested in insanely grainy shots at insanely high ISO

          D500 40,000 ISO is already incredible enough, and thats taking shots in near total darkness

          So, YES, the D5 is a “bummer”

          • NicP

            From my experience from Canon, pro bodies do have faster autofocusing ability than non pro bodies if both are full frame or not with same AF sensors, maybe something has to do with the more powerful battery and signals sent to the lens.

            Dont think that matters for acquisition if AF sensors are closer to the ends, also placing the main in focus subject at the borders of the frame is something that is rarely seen and easily done with reframing or slight crop without sacrificing the more pleasing outcome of bigger frame.

            40,000 ISO is unusable at 100% magnification, as you seem to see things, also i dont think any photos are aesthetically pleasing at almost total darkness anyways.

            In any case D500 is by far the most advanced DX body so far, something I cannot say for the D5, with same ISO performance up to 6400 with previous models and less dynamic range.

            • Photography Guy

              noise reduct. software applied, 40000 ISO is usable fine for 8×10

          • usa

            Bummer? LOL. Whatever. From Ross Harvey’s D5 review: “Full marks to Nikon—10/10. It’s a superior camera to all I have ever used. If you shoot fast action, this is the camera for you. Don’t even think twice about it, buy it. Right now …. the D5 is an unrivalled, world leading piece of engineering…”

        • lorenzo

          Did you have any special connection with their Mafia to get one? I ordered mine first week or March and haven’t got it yet 🙁

          • Photography Guy

            the D500 is so darn good, people are now clamoring for it

          • usa

            No special connection. Hope yours ships soon!

        • AlphaT

          Ken reviewed the D5?
          From the videos I’ve seen, he doesn’t have one and only compared the features.
          He likes the D500 (sorry that’s an understatement) … or rather, he loves the D500. Especially, comparing similar features with the D5, it’s a bargain. According to him.

          He must be really devastated when his copy of the D500 suffered the lock up issue.

          • Scott M.

            What is the “lock up” issue? Or are you just kidding?

            • AlphaT

              I’m sorry, brain fart on my part. It was the D500 I’m talking about.

            • Photography Guy

              i made a video on it, its linked above

          • Photography Guy

            devastated?? Its a power fault from VR and AF using NON-nikkor lenses.

            Nearly every Nikon DSLR ive owned had a total LOCKUP once in a blue moon

            3000+ shots since, no problems.

            “Features”?? Yes, D5 looks 20% worse at 100% due to having an AA filter.

            D5 in testing didnt track as good as the D500 does.
            D500 has nearly 1 stop better DR at lower ISO than does the D5

            • AlphaT

              Did you test the D5 yourself?

              By the way, I subscribe to your channel, as I find it useful and educational, as well as entertaining. 🙂

            • Photography Guy

              yes, i did test it myself, i made vids of it.

              Money being no issue, the D5 didnt impress me one bit.

              If others “love it”, sobeit.

  • Scott

    Just pulled the trigger. : )

  • tbilliar

    Thank You for the update! Just ordered the D500 kit! Was worried I wouldn’t get a copy in this go round of the refresh.

    • Very welcome!

      • T.I.M

        what about my D neuf cent ?
        Never mind…

  • Wow, no discount on the lens when ordered as a bundle, yikes. Over a grand for a kit lens…well, at least you get a gold ring.

    • Eric Calabros

      Sony 16-70 f/4 is shorter at the longest end, and darker at the shortest end, yet its priced near $1k, same as this Nikon.

      • Eno

        They are both unnecessarily expensive lenses. I’ve just tested the Nikon 16-85mm f/2,8-4 on D500 and found it optically not as good as I’ve hoped (especially for the price) and the AF speed is slow like on the dirty cheep 18-55mm kit lens. The sigma 17-70mm f/2,8-4 is a better lens at 1/3 of the price.

      • Valuable information…and I’m not being sarcastic – this just reinforces what we all know, high volume = low prices. I doubt the D500 kit lens is produced in high volume, probably numbers similar to the Sony offering, hence the prices.

        • Not really. It is just following the path of 24-120 F4. Insanely expensive at first. Half price when nikon realizes it is not at all selling as per expectation. Give it 6 months more.

          • Captain Megaton

            You mean: “Half price ’till we finish milking the early adopters.”

            • That is true. But what I actually meant was: “Actual price when suckers are no longer buying.”

            • fanboy fagz

              suckers indeed

  • Neopulse

    Canceled my D500 order at Samy’s. They didn’t get an ETA from Nikon and the waiting list was large enough to warrant that they weren’t going to get to me in time for next week to receive it. Depressed, but glad anyone else who got it. Looks like a real gem of a camera, think Nikon released this at the appropriate moment.

    • At least a couple of days ago, High-end Best Buy stores have it – you might get lucky, at least if you live in upscale parts of South Florida …

      • Neopulse

        Unfortunately I’m not in my hometown Miami for the time being since I am about to start working abroad and was relying on my sibling to get it at the mail office for me when she arrives in a few days there. But, the tsunami kind of messed up my chances on getting it early before anyone else here. I tend to test out cameras and sell them for a higher price to working pros here tax free.

  • CERO

    Yo Admin, how long do you think the D500 supply to normalize? december or later?

    • TheInfinityPoint

      Neverember. lol j/k.

    • Usually is 6 months after announcement.

      • CERO


  • Ritvar Krum

    a 1000$ plastic, DX, zoom, kit lens (that is even not so fast, nor fixed aperature)… people – why are you doing this to your self? a 600$ for previous one (16-80 f3.5-5.6 DX VR) was a joke… I picked up for 200$ minty used recently and cocluded that I wasted 200$, but at least it was not 600$… there is no way I will resell it anytime soon – cuz net is full of them minty used for low prices (they all ar mints – cuz noone uses it and there is a reason). guess this lens price after few years… and in kit it costs as much as in stand alone…. facepalm for you all (who ordered this kit or lens alone)

    • Scott

      Obviously, it’s because you must be smarter than anyone who’d buy the 16-80. Your concern admirable, however, and undoubtedly valued.

    • AlphaT

      That’s the 16-85. That’s really a basic kit lens.
      Obviously you haven’t read reviews for the 16-80. It’s significantly better than the 16-85.
      But, I agree that they’re over-priced for what they are.

      • lorenzo

        I read often disgusted feelings about this 16-80mm lens.
        For this reason I did not consider buying it yet and stay with my old 16-85 mm Nikon.

        As you seem to state the contrary, maybe if you own it, why do you think it is better compared to the old one? I doubt you will say that f/2.8 makes it 10X superior than f/3.5 or the golden ring makes it faster. If at least it was constant f/2.8 from 16 to 80mm I can agree.

        I would like to have it but are $1K really justified as it strongly beats the old one – and how? Thank you.


        • KnightPhoto

          My 16-80 on my D500 compares favourably to my 24-70G on my D800E. It seems very decent so far…

    • Max

      So do the fact it’s “DX” and “Zoom” make it bad?

    • Allen_Wentz

      You are welcome to your opinion; I totally disagree with it. I have not bought the 16-80mm yet but I have tested it and will buy it. It is a good lens.

      Your experiences with some other lens of similar range have no bearing.

  • Many of the people in this thread have blinders on re: price. . . . . the reality is that, based on demand, Nikon underpriced the D500. The extra $1000 for the lens is minor inconveinance, to may affluent buyers (for instance, your dentist) who ‘need’ to have this camera so they can show it off at their local camera club before heading out to the park to relax and take some wildlife photos. For them, this is their escape.

    These people have far more significant expenses in life, including full-boat 60k per-year tuition for their kid to attend a liberal arts college in Vermont that you’ve never heard of, their new $80,000 Audi S6, and worst money pit of all, their ex-wife. $1000 is never nothing, but if you have it, it’s easy to stomach for something that makes you happy.

    • doge


    • WBR

      You sound a little twisted, but I like it!

    • Ric of The LBC

      I think you nailed it.
      Ban Dentists!

      • ZoetMB

        I was going to say, “No, no, no. Don’t ban dentists. Just ban them from buying expensive cameras” but then I realized that the fewer people who buy these cameras, the more expensive they’re going to get. So let the dentists (and similar other folk) buy them. Those are the used bodies you see for sale that look brand new and have the shiny original box.

        • Ric of The LBC

          P Mode is for Professional. Right?

          • ZoetMB

            Is that what it is? I thought it stood for “Pussy” mode. (Although decades ago, when autofocus cameras first came out, I really laughed and wondered why anybody would need a camera that would focus itself, since it was so easy to focus and here I am like everyone else using autofocus.)

            • I’ve been using AF and have been disappointed by the inconsistency of some of the lenses (although some are fine). I’ve gone to a Df and bought a bunch of manual focus primes and they work great. Focusing is easy with most of them. I have a 24-85mm for when I just need to shoot a corporate event and get on with it and it’s OK.

          • SpecialMan

            Indeed. In some situations cameras are smarter than we are so why not take advantage of those times?

        • AlphaT

          Yeah, let them buy some.
          Keeps them from buying guns.

    • Photography Guy

      D500 really is underpriced, this is true.
      thats nearly a FIRST for Nikon.
      Ive got mine, and its silk, sex, & sugar

      • The D800 was big time underprice and so was the D700.

        • By not buying the D5 I can afford both a D500 and D850 and still have spare change for XQD Cards 🙂

          • Photography Guy

            wise choice

            • I was struggling to shoot Birds in Flight with a D800. Now it’s too easy with a D500 and I can still do landscapes with a D800 and maybe upgrade if Nikon comes up with a killer upgrade to force me to retire two months late 🙂

            • Photography Guy

              darn right! shot i took D500

            • I’m delighted with my D500.

            • fanboy fagz

              meh, needs work

            • Excellent!

        • ZoetMB

          I don’t think the D800 was underpriced. It killed me to spend the money for that camera while I was waiting for a D400. But the D70 might have been, although one of the reasons why it was so successful was because of it’s remarkably low price for the time.

          • For an Fx and according to features, It was underpriced.

    • AlphaT

      Oh, that shooting dentist again.

      Anyway, I itched for the 16-80 f/2.8-4, and bought it early this year to satisfy my lens lust … oh, and there’s a need too for travel. And I would say it’s amazing. But, just like the D500, it’s priced higher than I wanted too.

      • Max

        Have you got any portraits taken with it at 80mm?

    • AnotherView

      Well the D500 is priced at nearly $3k Canadian and for a DX camera that’s a lot of loonies. The D810 is a relative bargain at $4k. I shoot the bargain Camera. Oh, and I get better images too.

      • captaindash

        If the D400 came out 3 or 4 years ago, it would’ve been priced at par, eh?

      • Justtakethepicture

        The Canadian prices have gone crazy. Only a couple months ago you could pick up a D810 for $3300 CAD from Vistek.

        • CERO

          same, it now costs more to buy in canadian USD than American USD.

    • Allen_Wentz

      Sorry but to me the dentist analogy does not work. I think the 16-80mm is good glass priced along typical (high) Nikon pricing. The D500 is a good camera priced along typical (high) Nikon pricing. However the D500 does hit a body sweet spot that makes it a particularly good deal.

      The D810 is a great all-around camera and current discounting makes it a good deal too, but the body is not quite right for me. Personally I am hoping to see a D8xx in D500 body come out to upgrade my FX to.

      The more I use the D500 the more I like it.

  • lorenzo

    Still haven’t received mine, hope to see it for Xmas :-(.
    Possibly the quake slowed the production even if I highly doubt that they are made in Japan.

    Where do they actually come from this time, China, Thai or Malaysia???

    • Peeps27

      Thailand. I assume that some components are manufactured in japan and hit by the earthquake. Hong Kong seems to have a ready supply!! 🙂

      • AlphaT

        Hong Kong stores are very creative. Inventory supplies come from different sources/connections, thus mostly grey.
        They mark up the price too high with a straight face even though it’s grey, especially if the model is in high demand.
        Oh, have I mentioned they’re expert in bait and switch? Yup, worse than Brooklyn stores, if you know what I mean.

        • Peeps27

          Yes I agree there are some sharks in HK but there are also some reputable stores. I have been there 5 or 6 times and know where to avoid. Delivery in 2 days to UK, when I had a camera failure a while ago (Canon) it was returned to a known UK Canon/Nikon authorised repairer in UK who verified the failure. Full refund issued within 5 days. Have been using the same store for many years and know they are trustworthy.

          • Please tell us the stores one can go to in HK. Would be useful for us.

        • whisky

          is that the same thing as NY values? 🙂

  • AlphaT

    Sony planning to resume complete operations soon. Hopefully, no more excuses for Nikon.

  • usa

    Peter, Looks like D500 kit is out of stock again at B&H.

  • A few Nikon D500 with kit arrived to Italy and they were sold out immediately. I ordered mine in the same shop but don’t know how long I have to wait. I ordered it immediately when it was possible to order it here in Milan.

  • D700s

    Picture line camera in Salt Lake City has 4 D500’s in stock right now. Also D5 XQD and D5 CF ready to ship. Hurry before they go.

    • D700s

      I just picked mine up. I saw the others waiting for owners.

      • D700s

        Did anyone receive a XQD card and reader with their D500?

        • Allen_Wentz

          Not me. But they have been available from Amazon since day one of the D500.

  • Nikon D500 body only now in stock (authorized dealer):

    • Photography Guy

      amazing, those are the first peeps on Fleabay to not GOUGE ($2500+) on the price of the D500

      Dat is inkredible

      • whisky

        they’re not gouging, they’re CAPITALIZING.
        cuz that’s what capitalists do. 🙂

  • SpecialMan

    I just want my DL18-50.

  • lgrub002

    FYI, I found a D500 body only at Best Buy. That always seems to be the best way to find a hotly anticipated camera body.

  • D700s

    D500 still available in Salt Lake City Pictureline Camera. 1 x Body only and 1 x Kit. Last two they have.

  • Donald S

    Just looked on WEX website hardly any Nikon cameras in stock, awaiting stock D810 D750 and D7200, D5 and D500 are on pre order them story for a number of lens

  • one more in-stock alert – ‪‎Nikon‬ #‎D500‬ body only now in stock again on ebay from another authorized dealer:

  • nwcs

    Well, looks like Nikon’s next quarter will see a bit of a lift from all of this. If only they had enough units out there while the desire is strong!

  • fiziks

    My D500 shipped yesterday from Adorama (I order 3 weeks ago) and their “availability” of the D500 body-only was upgraded to “coming soon”, so maybe they will have some stock after they fill their back-orders?
    Two Best Buys in the Minneapolis area have at least one D500 in stock.

  • zorwick

    How many cameras were sold with these two waves?

  • usa

    Mine arrived today from B&H (early April order).

  • DaveyJ

    We have paid for our D500 and yet to see it…..hope it gets here soon and works out as well as PhotographyGuy says his has! B&H has been our trusted supplier for years and have never let us down, but the demand on th is camera is up there!

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