Nikon Capture NX-D 1.4.1 and ViewNX-i 1.2.1 released

Nikon ViewNX-i & Capture NX-D logo
Nikon released new version of ViewNX-i and Capture NX-D with support for the latest Coolpix cameras and few bug fixes:

Nikon Capture NX-D Version 1.4.1

  • Added support for the COOLPIX B500 and A300.
  • Added a View menu to Preferences for a custom grid display.
  • Added perspective control to the Straighten tool.
  • Sliders now show increments at all times.
  • Fixed an issue that caused blurring when Noise Reduction > Better Quality 2013 was applied to NEF (RAW) photos taken with the D610.

Nikon ViewNX-i Version 1.2.1

  • Added support for the COOLPIX B500 and A300.
  • Added support for MP4 movies.
  • Added ranges to the sliders in the Adjustments/Metadata palette.
  • The sliders in the Adjustments/Metadata palette can now be reset by clicking the mark that indicates the default position.

Nikon ViewNX-i & Capture NX-D Version 1.16.020 (just one installation package of both versions described above)

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  • Fly Moon

    Who calls a file name, “S-NXD___-010401MF-ALLIN-ALL___.dmg”?
    Can’t you at least call it, “S-NXD-010401MF-ALLIN-ALL.dmg”?

    • vousplaisentezouquoi

      Probably they feel more geek like this and think to have a better product…

  • AKH

    Nice with the perspective control, it could be a little more advanced, but still a nice enhancement. NX-D is slowly maturing.

  • Why is there View NX, View NX2, capture NXD and View NX-i. Why can’t they just roll it all up into one package with modules or something, not making it any easier for consumers with this convention.

    • Allan

      View NX and View NX2 are no longer supported. They keep the software on their download website for those who want to use it.

      • Yes, NX-D and NX-i are the replacements of the two old versions.

  • Atleast add a selection brush so that we get some feel of good old capture nx2.

    • AlphaT

      Got to be careful with that. Otherwise, Nik/Google will be jumping on them for that proprietary intellectual property.

      • Nik/google has u point patent. Selection brush is standard .

        • AlphaT

          It maybe standard, but I think the way they implemented it is that it’s using the same u-point engine. That’s why I mentioned that they need to be careful not to use technology that belonged to Nik.

          • U point uses tone based selections criteria which is patented whereas selection brush is not. Just like what others use.

  • AlphaT

    I thought I read somewhere (here or DPR?) that SilkyPix recently made updates for the latest cameras.
    I hope they’re not releasing they’re own version first before Nikon does update it’s own.

  • Heitschmidt

    Unfortunately ViewNX-i still will not open on my iMac Retina with El Capitan 10.11.4 – it crashes as soon as it opens. Same thing on my Windows 7 PC.

    • Rudi

      Same here. ViewNX-i never worked on my Macbook or iMac. Regardless which version.

      • dave

        Are your permissions right on it? Are you an admin when installing? Does your install drive have file vault turned on?Open up console and clear it then try to open up the app and it should tell you what the issue is.

        • Heitschmidt

          Thanks for the ideas Dave.

          The new version works now on Windows 7, but everything you mentioned checked out on the iMac. Here is the error in the console:

          5/10/16 8:43:30.667 PM ViewNX-i[67053]: Failed to connect (collapsingView) outlet from (NkpEditViewController) to (NkpEditCollapseView): missing setter or instance variable

          ViewNX-1 also presents a much more detailed error log, which I cannot begin to interpret.

  • Jhw

    I’m still using Capture NX2. I can’t stand the limits of Capture NXD. And I can’t stand that the changes are not saved in the raw file itself in Capture NXD. I am probably done buying Nikon bodies because even my working version of Capture NX2 can’t really work with the files. I have almost 4TB of edited files and I can’t stand the thought of starting over.

    • peter w

      Your feeling is recognised…
      However, one way or another, in future you have to adapt to working with more than one raw-convertor. Choosing a different brand camera will not improve that.

      I changed to Ligthroom, for now. I do not really like it, but the results are fast and OK (once the photos are loaded in a database, pfff).
      However, I found a simple way to know what raw-convertor was used on my files: the jpegs (or tiffs) get an extension _CNX2.jpg, _LR5.jpg, _COP.jpg, I know which convertor to use to reproduce the jpeg and possibly make further adaptions. So I’m not dependant any more on a single raw-convertor. I use a third party DAM so I do not have to re-edit all my photos in Lightroom. Or find out how to safely handle multiple files of one photo in LR.

      (Be sure to keep a platform on which Capture NX2 runs, until you have made a clean copy of your 4 TB raw-files. This can be done in batches on directories. Not all raw-convertors can handle NEF-files with capture NX(2) adaptions embedded, like Capture One Pro.)

    • JXVo

      I am also a long time fan of the power and simplicity of Capture NX2 but let’s face it….sooner or later a new OS is going to come along on which it will no longer run.

      I find myself favouring my D800 over my D810 because of the integration of the in-camera settings with CNX2 and the easier workup but sooner or later I have to settle on a new workflow that is future proof…..

      NXD is an utterly deficient alternative so I guess I will become an Adobe subscriber eventually…..kicking and screaming…..why oh why do they have to strip out my camera’s built in raw file enhancements on import?

      Can’t believe it is not mutually beneficial for each major camera manufacturer to produce and maintain raw plugins for PS/LR instead of wasting effort to develop their own deficient in-house alternatives that can’t really compete

      • Jhw

        I didn’t know that it won’t even retain in-camera settings even on newer models where it otherwise “works.” I’m distraught over here. Really.

        And I am really blown away that no other software can save edits to the file in the file. It’s ridiculous. While one of the responses notes that my situation won’t improve by jumping ship, I’m not angry with Sony or Canon.

        • peter w

          I do not think I would like my NEFs to contain information from both Capture NX2, Capture NXD, Lightroom, Capture One Pro and DxO after a session of trying which suits me best. I’m forgetting a few more interesting raw-convertors.
          Which version of the photo will be shown?

          • Jhw

            Well, the raw files will contain the settings from the camera, and those setting can be modified in View NX2. Capture NX2 can adjust those same settings, and so much more, including local adjustments. All of those are baked into the NEF file. But — as I understand it — Lightroom, Capture One Pro and Aperture never change the file. Instead, they keep those changes in other locations, called “sidecar” files. But those sidecar files do not move when the files move. And every experience I’ve ever had with linked files is that the links break, particularly where you move the files. So, what happens when I put a couple days’ shootings on my laptop and work them. Then I get home and move them to the desktop for further work and storage. Do the sidecar files on my laptop somehow come with those images? Or am I starting over. Can I go back to files from years ago, as I did yesterday with Capture NX2 files, and pull out largely finished images to which I can still make tweak adjustments, perhaps changing the cropping and changing the sharpening because I now know the media I will use them for? Or do I have to do the edits all over again. If I spent an hour or two editing out weeds from a lawn or scratches from a photo of an old photo, will those edits still be there? The answers to these questions scare the hell out of me. It’s for these reasons that I absolutely want my NEF files to have built into them all of the edits I’ve made (which by the way, I can turn on or remove or add to or further adjust).

            • peter w

              Now that I think of it. Lightroom allows you to move the photo from within Lightroom to another directory or disk, or to reset the link in the database to the physical position of the file.

              And Lightroom allows you to make a new database for your journey on a laptop and move/copy this database to your main computer, possibly also import this new database in a bigger database.

              If you move directories rather than photos (raw-files), you will not lose sidecar-files.

              After storage in my definite place I never change the place of the original files anymore except incidentally moving an entire project-directory. Since the directory structure and the photoname are based on date and time, I have never had difficulty finding a ‘lost’ photo.

              The only problem is when you want to make this kind of couplings in a different DAM.

              Lightroom is quite good. You could start by reading about the the data handling. Don’t be affraid, a lot of people use it with pleasure. (I am a bit ambiguous about it). And, there are also other programs.

  • Reilly Diefenbach

    The worst software on earth gets better?

    • AK83

      Lr has been improved? 😛

  • vousplaisentezouquoi

    I don’t understand why Nikon continues to lose time and money devellopping a software that (almost) nobody uses…

  • Munchma Quchi

    Did you know that Nikon support requires that files were imported with their software? If you import with C1 (or other) they will ask you to submit files imported with Nikon’s software. Sometimes impossible to do if the Nikon bug in your files is found days or weeks later.

  • AKH

    Does anyone know why the tool buttons (NR, Camera and Lens Correction, LCH, Straighten and Perspective Control etc.) are not working anymore?
    They should jump to the corresponding area in the Edit Palette when clicked, but nothing happens.
    Verified that they simply don’t work anymore, by installing Capture NX-D version 1.4.1 on another computer and reinstalling on my own computer.

  • AKH

    Ok, I found out that Nikon didn’t test the software well enough before releasing NX-D. The tool buttons actually work when the View Mode is set to “Image Viewer” – in all other viewing modes like “Thumbnail” etc. they don’t work.

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