Weekly Nikon news flash #363

Nikon-SB-5000-Speedlight-flash-4 Nikon-SB-5000-Speedlight-flash
Nikon-SB-5000-Speedlight-flash-3 Nikon-SB-5000-Speedlight-flash-2
→ The new Nikon SB-5000 Speedlight flash is currently in stock:

→ The release of the Sony MRW-E90 XQD card reader got postponed till June 15th (from Sony Japan).

Lexar Memory Cards specials at Adorama
New Lexar memory cards specials at Adorama.

→ "Used - like new" Nikon D5 listed for almost $500 off on Amazon (fulfillment by Amazon).

Nauticam NA-D5 underwater housing for Nikon D5 camera Nauticam NA-D5 underwater housing for Nikon D5 DSLR camera
Nauticam NA-D5 underwater housing for Nikon D5 camera announced.

→ New Nikon D500 review.

→ Basics of RAW processing using Capture NX-D.

→ Nikon D5 review by Tony Northrup.

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  • decentrist

    I love the way Chelsea slaps her D5

    • Michiel953

      You mean when she pats that long lens on the billiard table?

      That’s sick.

  • Eric Calabros

    Sony postpone release of a does-nothing-more-than-reading-a-card card reader, and here we are complaining about shipment delay of the most advanced DX camera ever

    • Jason Ortiz

      Totally agree….. only problem is I need a review of the d500 so I know if I should dish out for it. So I need it to ship now! Lol

      • JoeFunny30

        A thorough review would be excellent.

    • captaindash

      Still a valid complaint about the D500 being delayed. This thing was announced over 3 months ago, was supposed to ship a couple weeks ago, and there so far hasn’t been so much as one raw file floating about? You have to admit that’s pretty pathetic for a consumer electronics company in 2016. There was definitely something wrong either in the supply chain or the camera itself I’m assuming the camera itself since there hasn’t been one single untouched RAW file made available. I’m calling shenanigans. Canikon seriously need some competition because in most other industries if companies did stuff like this they’d get buried.

      • Eric Calabros

        Black Magic exactly does the same thing, but not buried yet 😉
        Other industries are not under pressure as ILC industry is. They rush to announce to send the signal that they are alive, and they are still relevant.

        • captaindash

          You’d think the industry the way it is would be even MORE incentive to do things properly. I guess camera folk just don’t care. Allen_Wentz below is a perfect example. Why step up when you don’t have to? Still, I feel little sympathy for companies that are hurting that have gaping holes in their execution.

      • Allen_Wentz

        Sorry but I feel no need for an untouched D500 RAW to be published. I will make my own next week.

        • captaindash

          Like I said to Eric above, I guess if you are representative of the community, then they have absolutely no incentive to get better as a company. I think that’s a shame that people don’t care about delays, or any other of the myriad of problems Nikon has. All they care about is eventually getting their shiny new marble.

  • Eric Duminil

    659€ for the SB-5000? You gotta be f**in kidding me.
    You could buy a whole 3-light strobist kit for this price, with stands, umbrellas, softboxes, flashes and triggers.

    • Mike

      Agreed. For that money you’re far better off with a Godox AD-360. I’m a big Nikon supporter and generally love their stuff but the seriously flawed SB-5000 (as far as radio Tx/Rx goes) is priced beyond logic. I can just imagine Nikon marketing sitting around a board room table asking each other how not to sell this flash:

      “M1: We asked our engineers to copy Canon, Yongnuo, and Phottix. That’s all we asked. And they gave us this shit. You need to stand on one leg in a storm and wrap your neck with aluminum foil for this flash to work. We need to show them that it’s crap. How do we do this?
      M2: I’ve got it. We’ll set the price near $800. No one will buy it. Or at least we’ll know who our stupid customers are.
      M3: That’s genius. Because you need to spend $1600 for the SB-5000’s radio functionality to work. No one in their right mind will buy 2 for radio capability.
      M1: Ok, do it. Set the price at $800. We’ll have lots of stock we’ll need to break down and recycle in 4 years time but we need to stick it to the engineering department. Reach in for a group fist pump everyone. Booya-san on 3. 1, 2, 3…. BOOYA-SAN!

      Or some close facsimile.

  • Michiel953

    Comforting to hear that my 810 beat the 5 in many ways relevant to me.

    • nwcs

      Different tools for different needs.

      • Michiel953

        I know, I know. Still comfort can be found in small things…

        • silmasan

          Haha 🙂

  • malchick743

    Got a chance to examine the SB5000 at a local camera store. Nothing special except it comes in a much neater package and a proper, straight-insert pouch (unlike the SB910 with the “cosmetics box ” pouch which requires the swivel head to be folded first). Also comes with an oversized (!) drawstring-type bag for the accessory filters, diffuser dome etc.

    Not sure what its advantage would be over the SB910 though, especially given its wireless-related problems discussed in Amazon. The main unit does feel heavier than its predecessors even without batteries installed. Not sure if this is due to inclusion of extra wireless modules inside?

  • Clifford Martin

    I bet the D5 being offered by Amazon is from someone returning their D5 because of the terrible DR on low ISO.

    • Allen_Wentz

      “Terrible?” Seriously?

  • Rafael Steffen

    The D500 is promissing top notch files at hi ISOs.

    • decentrist

      handheld flying bat photogs?

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