Amazon changed the Nikon D5 shipping date to March 24th

Nikon D5 delayed
Amazon changed the Nikon D5 shipping date from March 15 to March 24th (Adorama still lists March 15th, while B&H doesn't have an exact date).

So far there has been no official word from Nikon on a potential D5 delay (only the D500 was delayed). The release date for the D5, SB-500 and WT-6A according to the press release is March.

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  • doge

    High seas must be slowing down the boat.

  • Clifford Martin

    Maybe Amazon ought to subscribe to Nikon Prime, so they can get their shipment of cameras in 2 days instead of having to wait on slow ground shipping.

  • Gary

    I wonder what the pros & cons would be for Nikon to delay both the D5 and D500 into April (i.e. the start of their next financial year). It would certainly get their 2016/17 year off to a good start. Just saying.

    • Mike M

      They probably want them out in time for March Madness/Indy Car/MotoGP/F1 etc all of which start right around that time frame. Of course they could get NPS deliveries out early which would cover a lot of people, but there are still a lot of shooters that wouldn’t get theirs until the official delivery date if they aren’t in the upper echelon.

      • ZoetMB

        From an accounting standpoint, it doesn’t matter when people receive them. All that matters is what Nikon’s accounting rules are for when they book the revenue. I suspect that when Nikon ships them to the international subsidiaries they immediately issue an invoice and as soon as that invoice is issued, that’s the effective revenue booking date. That’s how it would work in most companies that do accrual accounting.

      • Thom Hogan

        The way NikonUSA does NPS PP no, they could not do that before shipping to everyone.

  • Can’t wait for my Nikon D5…. next year though. I need to wait for reviews, long term use testimonials, and perspective from different types of photographers who will use this camera.

    • virage

      So, contradicting yourself, you actually *can* wait.

  • Ricardo

    According to the Nikon rep at a recent D5/D500 launch party, Nikon never said when in March the D5 would be released. The March 15 date posted by some sellers was never given by Nikon, in fact, he implied it was always likely to be closer to the end of March than mid-March. So a release at the end of March would not be considered a “delay”.

  • Peter

    Has anyone news about that rumor floating around that Nikon will change the release firmware to allow for 29:59min video recording?

    • Chandra Venkataramani

      The tech rep at the launch party that I attended said that while he cannot comment on future updates, he did mention that D500 and D5 engineering teams were separate. One (D500 team) allowed for multiple files to played back seamlessly whereas the D5 team didn’t allow for that. So, the file limitation of 4GB (that’s what he said) is hit in 3 minutes and since they cannot play back together, they stop the recording. From what he told me, it looks like a pretty simple firmware fix. I hope they will release it before the launch or soon after.

      • CERO

        Still wondering why the hell they just dont switch to the exfat or other file systems..

        are royalties that high?

  • VivaLasVegas

    This D5 just DOES NOT have enough firepower to complete with 1DXM2 in stills and video, sorry Nikon, back to the drawing board!

    • Trudy Harding

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    • William Payne

      Hello you have a good argument regarding the video specs being superior on the canon however I would like you to further explain how the canon has superior stills specifications?

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