Refurbished Nikon D7000 now $349

Refurbished Nikon D7000 cameras are now selling for $349 (with free shipping) from an authorized dealer on eBay - this is a new low price.

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  • John Robbins

    I love my d7000 and would recommend it for people first getting into photography on a really tight budget…but this is still a little depressing. I guess I’ll hold on to it as a 2nd body when my d500 comes in. Not worth trying to sell when I’d get under $300!

    • DB White

      I agree. The D7000 is my “poor-person’s” sports camera. The D7000 has a faster continuous frame rate than the D7200 when shooting 14-bit raw. D7000 images that are a little underexposed clean up very nicely. I strongly prefer the D7000 sensor over the D7100 sensor. I’m OK with the refurbished value dropping down so low: a great bargain for students.

      But, I am really looking forward to using the D500 for its autofocus capability and faster frame rate.

    • Lukasz

      I love my too. It is funny, all the fuzz about new D500 and other new tech DSLRs, while D7000 can still easily compete with all of them in terms of IQ, DR, and even ISO, for change money…

  • Scott M.

    Great camera. Gave mine to my nephew.

  • jonra01

    Is this now the camera to recommend for dslr newbies or would they be better off with a refurbed d3x00 or d5x00? A refurbed D3300 with 18-55 vr is $329.95 from A refurbed D5200 with the same lens is $449.95. I think I’ll stick to recommending a D5200 to those who want to dip a toe into the interchangeable lens world and the D7100 to those that seem enthusiastic about photography.

    • Aldo

      Except … d7k has a motor and that second dial. I would recommend this one instead.

      • jonra01

        Yes, of course. I forgot about that. It was one of the most important selling points for me when I bought my D7100. That and the controls plus the user settings.

        • Aldo

          Ironically… I would recommend the d3300-d5000’s series to a more advanced user.

      • Sawyerspadre

        I agree, as it opens up the used D lens market to them.

  • Ritvar Krum

    d7000 is awsome camera even in now days – I have owned all of them (CMOS, DX) – D300, D7000, D7100 and now D7200 and comapring progress in IQ and ISO – D7000 was the biggest leap foward – it is sad to see that Nikon with every relase claims even more progress (like D7200 vs D7100 – 2 stops native ISO jump) but there is zero to none real improvments. and now Nikons Iso are gone to millions (even for DX) but I bet that D7000’s H2 ISO- looks just as good (read – bad) as new D500 native highest iso

    • stormwatch

      Hmmm…there is only one problem…the best colour reproduction I have seen on DX is D90 and D7100….waiting patiently to play with D500.

      • Aldo

        have you tried playing with the color saturation sliders in LR ? they fix some of the color cast issues.

        • stormwatch

          Really, it helps?

          • Aldo

            Yeah actually it does… sometimes I don’t carry the color gels for my flash and have multiple color temps on people… this is one way I use to salvage the picture… I also use it to fix some of the red cast the d750 produces… I also realized that some of the ‘casts’ we complain about are actually out there… something that reflects off onto our subjects… older sensors simply didn’t pick it up. eg. grass reflecting on my subjects face… therefore making it a ‘green cast’… it’s difficult to see because our brains constantly color balance how we perceive the world.

            • stormwatch

              Well, some years ago I found RAW Therapee to have much more pleasant output with Nikon cameras than LR, and by the way I still prefer Camera RAW + PS instead of LR.

            • Aldo

              I hear yah… I guess I got used to lightroom… I don’t photoshop much these days… found LR to work fast for me as I go through 800-1000 images per event.

  • TDL

    Great price for a decent body. I might have to pick one up to convert to IR if they stay in stock

    • FountainHead

      You beat me to it.

  • D7000 does not have an inexpensive method of wifi to a smartphone. (Maybe a cam-ranger?)… This may discourage new DSLR users.

    I hope that the D7xx line does not become the “Jan” Nikon.

    I’m a fairly happy D7100 owner.

    • Pablo_Gold

      With the dual SD slot, just get a cheap eye-fi card.

      • I don’t trust Eye-Fi cards for some weird issue… They have the tech to go from camera-to-phone, but you need to go to their servers… 🙁

    • Sawyerspadre

      I use the IPad SD card reader with my D7000. It’s nice when traveling, and in iOS 9 it now works with iPhone as well.

      I can then post from iPhone or iPad.

      I have also used Eye-fi, but I don’t bother with it as much.

      I find I use the iPad SD reader with my D750 too. This preserves battery life on the camera.

  • FountainHead

    Good deal.
    If anyone wanted to get into IR converted DSLR for less than $1000, this is the ticket right here.

  • T.I.M

    So you can get a nice DSLR camera for the price of 2 QXD cards…

    • …or one Nikon battery grip.

      • outkasted


  • Sandy Bartlett

    One of the best iso-less sensors Nikon has used. Decent Af and video. For this price, great gift or second camera.

  • Mike M

    Something something old technology. Then someone points out that they managed to make great photos before this camera existed, or ones that were even in it’s ballpark of performance. /thread

    But seriously, one of the best amateur cameras at a price anyone can afford. Two dials, dedicated mode dial and one button push to most major functions rather than menu diving. Reasonably good ISO performance if you use your noodle, decent FPS and support for screwdriver lenses. I still like the D300’s controls better, but I’ve used a D7k and now a D600 for several years and don’t ever get sad enough to buy something with a “pro” control layout.

  • outkasted

    The economy is stronger and many of us may not jump for this because its older tech. but i’m sure it will sell. I have an old D300 i wanted to be refurbished but it would cost nearly 700 bucks to repair shutter and other stuff on it. Its now a paper weight and will be a classic in many years to come.

  • Curtis

    I keep reading “older technology”. Can anyone name a significant difference in technology between this and the D7200?

    • KnightPhoto

      I’d say the D7100/7200 AF was a significant boost over the 39-point D7000 AF module if you are doing any action or low-light photography or teleconverter usage. I ended up not a fan of the 39-point module but the sensor was great!

    • Mike M

      The D7200 offers 50% more megapixels with basically zero cost noise-wise. It also gives you the 51 point “pro (pre D5 era)” AF module. Has WIFI. Approximately double the buffer capacity as well.

    • Ritvar Krum

      I can agree on crappy AF in D7000 – I do not care about AF point count (lets leave it to PR powerslides) but those points in d7000 was very center stacked. In lower light – there were game over very fast for that AF. ISO performance – you would be surprised – there is hardly 1/2 stop difference D7200 vs D7000. If you do not intend to crop in images (lets say for macro or for wildlife – to get that extra digital zoom) – then I do not see any reason why pay extra for d7200. About d7100 – now days that is dirt cheap too and if you do not need buffer (cuz d7100 it is awful – “r04” – 4 raw files, some and specification say 6) then you would appreciate that AF system extra 1/2 stop of real world iso gainzz, for just a 100$+ extra costs

    • captaindash

      I know. Cameras have had the exact same functions since back in the day, they just incrementally do it better. 10 years ago every dslr had adjustable ISO, RAW files, adjustable WB, 30sec-8000 shutter, roughly 250 xsync, motor drive blah blah blah. A smartphone was an entirely new device which made the old flip phones “older technology”. Each new camera isn’t really new tech, it’s just an improved version of the old thing.

  • Aldo

    If my d750 got stolen or lost… I can work with this no problem.

  • Ric of The LBC

    I’m recommending to a coworker who’s D80 died.
    FYI, I sold her the D80 in ’08 when I got the D300.

    • Aldo

      I like how you made sure to state ‘when’ you sold her the failing camera lol.

  • captaindash

    What a great time to get into photography. Damn whippersnappers. I’m jealous. It wasn’t nearly this cheap when I started *shakes fist at kids*.

    “Limited quantity available”. 135 sold. I can’t remember having 135 pieces of the same technology where 135 meant ‘limited quantity’. If we wanna go that route, the # of atoms on the earth is technically a limited quantity. “Yeah, I only have 4 skids of these cameras left. They’re hard to come by. Very limited supply.”

  • 5DollarFootlong

    D300/s is still the king of ‘poor mans’ sport camera. The D7K focus is inferior.

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