Nikon at the 2016 CES show

The 2016 CES show is now over. Here are some "behind the scene" pictures from the Nikon booth:

Nikon-at-2016-CES-behind-the-scene-pictures-6 Nikon-at-2016-CES-behind-the-scene-pictures-4 Nikon-at-2016-CES-behind-the-scene-pictures Nikon-at-2016-CES-behind-the-scene-pictures-2 Nikon-at-2016-CES-behind-the-scene-pictures-3 Nikon-at-2016-CES-behind-the-scene-pictures-5
Pictures credit: Carter Bouslaugh/Camera Cottage

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  • TheInfinityPoint

    I’ve always been curious, how do they make those exhibits with the camera and lens cut in half? Was a D5 and 14-24 really sacrificed for that? lol.

    • catfishb52

      If you look at the split camera it is actually 2 different cameras: look at the ‘K’ on the viewfinder hump.The ‘K’ is almost whole on both sides. There is a better picture in one of the earlier posts that shows it better.

      • RMJ

        I can also imagine a reason why they don’t cut at the dead center : there could be pieces on the center axel that they want to preserve.

        • catfishb52

          I’d be willing to bet they were not production units, either mock-ups which were built to test ergonomics or something like that or were dropped during manufacturing or didn’t pass inspection and were considered to be non-repairable. I’d be quite surprised if they would cut a perfectly good camera in half just for show and tell. But you can never tell.

          • RMJ

            Like I said in the other post above, I believe they were specially built for this usage. Perhaps damaged at some point and then disassembled and assembled again but certainly they were prepared for the cutting.

            Certainly they can utilize the faulty parts that comes from the manufacturing processes but they still are more or less the real deal.

            These things aren’t really anything new anymore. You can see almost in every big tech show similar things. Sometimes they pops up on ebay also. I have seen (half of) Leica lens on ebay and some others. It still had hefty price… even if half the original.

            • catfishb52

              It would be a pretty cool item to have on your desk but not at that price, I guess I’ll have to surrender an 18-55mm to my hacksaw if I want one.

    • I think it’s done by a high RPM diamond saw. Not sure if the body and camera are done separately or together. I suspect in this case it is done together.

      • RMJ

        Water jet cutter is another choice. Makes very clean cut of anything.

        Although, these kind of things needs plenty of manual work, too. Pieces would fall out and the weakest ones would be completely destroyed (like shutter). I think they would build one model with some “superglue” and then cut it. After cutting, they would fix what went wrong.


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  • RMJ

    I wonder if I could get the D5 for a half price…

    • Rudi

      No, cut is not dead center. So you can decide for the lower price half 😉

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