Nikon extended their holiday rebates/promotions

Almost all of the current Nikon rebates/promotions got extended till January 2nd, 2016:

The $200 extra credit on 41 different Nikon cameras and lenses will expire on December 31st (includes the D750, D810, Df cameras, the latest 200-500mm and 300mm f/4 lenses and more).

B&H offers free next day shipping on many items. Check out also the new Sigma lens specials

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  • R0gue_4cid

    I wish I didn’t have $2k in a bestbuy gift card I want to get a d810 and bhphoto is offering a terrific deal but I am stuck with best buy money arggghhh.

    • doge

      There are places where you can sell your gift cards and get cold hard cash back for them. Coinstar for example.

      • R0gue_4cid

        There’s a limit some of these places they only do up to $300 limit

        my card has $2k on it and it can’t be split up, the other is they take 30% off
        so I loose money for the exchange. Might as well keep it on hand and use it.

    • nwcs

      You could buy visa gift cards and use the gift cards on he b&h purchase.

      • R0gue_4cid

        Cant use Bestbuy store credit to purchase gift cards im afraid.

        • commonsenseisdead76

          Best Buy will match b&h. I work there in digital imaging. As long as it’s something that both we and B&H stock and sell.

    • Wade Marks

      Wow. What a great thing to have a 2k gift card. No reason to complain. Also see if Best Buy will match the BH offer in any way.

      • R0gue_4cid

        been trying to debate that with them they won’t budge I honestly wished that I had the credit in my mastercard or something . This BH deal is awesome get a free 3tb drive and 32gb sd card with the purchase of a D810

        • commonsenseisdead76

          The extras we won’t match.

          • R0gue_4cid

            Are you able to provide me a list of the places that best buy price matches from? One manager showed me what he was using on a terminal to pricematch but I couldn’t remember all those stores.
            I know some stores where BH,Pc richard, newegg and that’s all I remember

            • commonsenseisdead76

              B&H, Adorama, Amazon, Target, Walmart, Crutchfield, almost all major retailers and their websites. You can forget 42nd St photo, we won’t match them. With Amazon, the item must be shipped and sold by Amazon and be the exact same item.

    • MonkeySpanner

      How cruel. Someone nice enough to give you $2k, but mean enough to lock you into best buy.

  • Photobug

    Wow, nice prices on the D750 and D810.

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