First pictures of the Nikon D5 DSLR camera

Update: there is a third button under the Fn1 covered by the finger, more D5 pictures are available here.

Above are the first two pictures of the upcoming Nikon D5 DSLR camera. Compared to the D4s, the new D5 will have a new ISO button on the top plate (instead of MODE), the video record button is moved to the side and there are mic hole above the D5 label. The signature Nikon red swoosh also has a new design. Here is a picture of the D4s for comparison:

Nikon D5 DSLR camera

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  • mg428


    As far as I see, there is an IR receiver just above the flash sync terminal cover.

    • mg428

      My bad. That’s self-timer lamp.

  • osynlig fog

    Much better looking than the D4. I hate the plastic blob look. Leave it to Canon.

    • Narretz

      Funny, I couldn’t really see a difference until they had been pointed out. And no criticism to you, but I find it funny that the looks of a pro camera matter. Because when people complain about design, there are always people quick to say that they don’t care about the looks of a camera at all. But it’s true that the more professional it gets the less it matters.

  • Eduardo Il Magnifico

    Is it significant that the only pictures of the new top of the line Nikon have as sigma lens attached?

    • Narretz

      If the camera is being tested by independent photographers, then no.

    • no, just coincidence

  • Julian

    Sounds interesting – so having the autofocus points centrally located seems to be an issue of the past, that high ISO sounds impressive, not to mention the other specs.

  • Nikon will not be launched at CES2016 (because its consumer based and the D% is not), according to inside sources the D5 will be launched right before the Olympics 2016…

    • the D4 was launched at CES… and the D4s if I am not mistaken

      • Steve Perry

        Pretty sure that’s correct on both – I was there for the D4 launch so I know for sure on that one 🙂

      • hmm true that (both where annouched at CES 2012-2014) yet am still going with info I got, am kinda hoping my source is right:-) but at CES 2016 will be awesome to:-)

    • ZoetMB

      I have no insight as to whether Nikon will exhibit and introduce the D5 at CES or not, but while a D5 may be used by pros (and rich amateurs), it’s purchased via consumer channels. How many people buy the camera from a company that only sells to businesses? Probably none. Whether you’re a pro or amateur, you’re still buying the camera from a B&H, from Amazon, from your local big box store or from the few physical local camera retailers that still exist.

      And there’s plenty of products presented at CES that are far more expensive than a D5. You go over to the high-end audio exhibits in the hotels and there are $20,000 speakers and $10,000 turntables on exhibit and in the main hall there are also $100,000 TVs on display.

      Having said that, a company could certainly rationalize that there’s no reason to exhibit at CES anymore. Apple doesn’t exhibit there and it certainly doesn’t seem to negatively impact them. I believe there were some years when even Sony didn’t go.

    • also, Nikon will not risk to announce it right before the Olympics because if there are any issues, they wil have no time to fix them

      • waterengineer

        And the pros will want time to learn the camera and set it up the way they want to use it.

      • Kevin8503

        It’s a sad state of affairs when we have to consider Nikon’s poor QC in release timelines.

    • Wade Marks

      No way it’s released just right before the Olympics…way too little lead time.

      You have to allow time for manufacturing ramp up, shipping and distribution to retail outlets, customers to budget and purchase, and users to learn and familiarize themselves with the new equipment. Also, as NR Admin points out, you want some time to allow for any last minute bugs to surface that you can squash before Olympics.

      It’s huge for Nikon to have this camera in the hands of their pro’s for the Olympics, and they need some lead time to do that. I don’t think Nikon could wait beyond a January announcement.

      CES is a fine venue for any announcement. Most people don’t care where or how it’s announced…just read about it online…

  • maxx

    Like a tank. Yes, now the main question is which Sigma lens is it.

    • Davo

      Plot twist: the field tester also tests for Sigma and this is a twin leak.

  • Jaap

    “Do you see any more differences?”
    It’s clear that there is a $1000 difference… 😉

    • maybe not in the US because of the strong dollar

  • Mato34

    How’s that the first leaked photos of the top gear from Nikon show a Sigma lens?

    Perhaps it should make Nikon think about it…

  • Syco

    The Pv and Fn look closer on the D5…

    • correct, because there is a third button covered by the finger

      • Deez_Nuts2015

        3rd button = MODE?

        • Davo

          I doubt it but I wouldn’t mind it there. I have my ISO shortcut assigned there atm so it’ll just be a swap between my mode and ISO buttons. I don’t like going to the left side for any of the critical functions.

          • Deez_Nuts2015

            We see it is now Fn2. Perhaps MODE can be assigned? I should look at the pics more closely. 🙂

            Agreed, I prefer certain functions on the right as well.

  • BlackSeries

    Funny that even Nikon itself seems to prefer sigma lenses over their own..

    • nwcs

      These aren’t nikons photos.

  • Jipi

    Why Nikon put a Sigma lens on is flagship camera? Fake?

    • Because these are not official Nikon photos?

      • Jipi

        Yes they are not. But how someone not strongly linked to Nikon may have the D5, and not putting Nikon lens on it?

        • nwcs

          Because not all the early testers are shills. The other brands make great lenses, too. I suspect “top names” use more third party glass than people think.

    • outkasted

      That is the NEW Sigma 85mm/1.4 I bet!

      • outkasted

        ‘ART’ of course!

  • Dave

    Re authenticity of D5 Images – I doubt few people would notice/photoshop the FN button from convex on D4s to concave on D5!

    If there are three buttons on the front, I suspect this to help the user identify ‘by feel’, which button is which.

    • Michiel953

      Sharp, but only in one of the two pics.

    • Davo

      Good observations!
      PS. we are not the same person and I’m not complementing myself.

  • silmasan

    Google “JPEG compression artefacts”.

  • Michiel953

    I’m glad they seem to have got rid of that “band” like design of the front of the prism housing and body, that seemed to pervade Nikon’s DSLR design language for a while.

    This one is really good looking, judging by these pics.

  • EarlFargis

    Sweet. More pictures of Nikon gear I’ll never afford without selling a kidney. ;^)

  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    On both pictures the D5 logo is obviously faked-on, but then you’ll expect pre-production units in the wild to be unmarked.

  • Bob Newman

    That’s not an Aptina sensor, On Semi has bought three separate sensor operations. The ex-Kodak CCD busines, the ex-Cypress, ex-FillFactory CMOS business and Aptina. That one is a Cypress. They were never very good sensors.

  • Do you really believe this pictures are not fake? Or has Nikon bought out sigma too?

    • Dave

      In the hands of ‘others’ and out of control of Nikon’s eyes they can slip whatever lens they want on it.

  • The Nikon logo has been covered with black tape. In one photo the logo has a depth to it and in the other it has not, so the logo is photoshop at least!

  • Tom B.

    The 3 holes above D5 logo look interesting……..Vents or some place for magic smoke to come out of?

    • where there is a smoke, there is fire 🙂 those are just the mic holes

  • Sawyerspadre

    To all the comments about the Sigma lens I would imagine that Nikon wants to hear of any issues with popular lenses, Nikkor or other, that the beta testers find. While I am sure you won’t see Nikon ambassadors on the street with a D5 and a Sigma, there are other camera geeks that test gear that use Sigma occasionally.

    The reason to have early testing is to uncover bugs. A bug affecting only Sigma lenses is the kind you don’t find in your own early smoke testing with your own gear.

  • D8000

    Since these are two first leaked photo of the D5, it should be attaching with a Nikkor, not that Sigma… It is not about performance. It is just about prestige : (

    • D8000

      embarrassing.. LOL

      • Wade Marks

        Nothing embarrassing about it. First Nikon didn’t release these images…I don’t know how you can hold them responsible for what lens is used.

        Second, I don’t think anyone seriously considering a D5 is shocked to learn that there are some good 3rd part lenses out there or that some use them.

        Third, I’d say this is generating a lot of buzz and excitement for a major new release from Nikon…so I’d say Nikon is coming out way ahead.

  • TerraPhoto

    Since these photos show a Sigma lens, maybe it means that the reason Sigma turned down Canon’s offer is that Nikon outbid them? Not trying to start a rumor or anything. 😉

  • KnightPhoto

    BTW the Fn1 button looks different on these two cameras, one’s an outie and one’s an innie?

    • br0xibear

      I think it might just be the way the light is hitting it, I think the button goes in on both images, optical illusion.

  • Bill Ferris

    The “D5” mark looks shopped…very poorly shopped.

    • br0xibear

      I know what you mean, but I remember when the first images of the D800 appeared, and the type on that looked all wrong, but it turned out to be 100% right.
      Sometimes it just looks wrong because it’s the first time seeing it, especially with the type being a change from previous type/fonts.

      • Bill Ferris

        I suppose we’ll know soon enough when Nikon releases official photos of the new D5 body. In the meantime, it makes for a fun topic of conversation.

      • I know the story, it happens every time :0 Those pictures are 100% real. I am ready to take bets 🙂

  • br0xibear

    It looks real to me, there was never going to be any drastic changes to the basic D4 shape, just tweaks here and there. The one thing they would want to do is visually differentiate it from the D4/s, and one easy way is the red swoosh shape and the “D5” typeface/font.
    The only other thing I can see is that it looks smaller than the D4/s height wise ?, it may just be the angle but it looks shorter.
    It’ll be interesting to see if it’s on the Nikon stand to play with at CES, or behind glass…let’s hope it’s not a sign saying “Nikon D5 coming soon” in a glass box.

  • Looks good. Can’t wait to see the specs.

  • Davo

    Re: Sigma lens. Perhaps the AF is quite radically different that the test photographer was testing out whether third party lens still worked?

  • Padmal

    Does no mode button on top mean mode selection is similar to D750? Will we get U1 U2?

  • Prasad Palaniyandi

    Can we expect D900 with new AF, ISO and Video etc but new high resolution sensor sometime in mid of 2016?

  • preston

    The D800 has AF capabilities as bad as 5D2!? You crazy!

  • Michael McCarthy

    So why does that D5 have a SIGMA lens attached?

  • HKer

    still curious why the viewfinder unit can be detached. Do you think it is modular to allow for EVF? I would be very interested in that, when shooting sports would be great not to take eye off viewfinder. Don’t think it is just for diopter adjustments as previous method of adjustments work fine. Magnifying unit would be handy? On my D810 am already using the magnifying eyepiece sold by Nikon. With EVF, the Nikon batteries are pretty powerful so guess would not be too much of a drain and am sure it would be state of the art energy efficiency. Could be a projection unit – although for me not much use? indicates some viewfinder display for DSLR in 2008! NR in Jan 2013 indicated a OVF and EVF viewfinder with zoom function. Anyway your guess is as good as mine, only a few more months to wait 🙂 Happy NY!

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