Here is the first big price drop on the Nikon Df camera kit in the US: $646 off

Amazon currently has a new $646.96 (22%) instant discount on the Nikon Df camera kit (sold and shipped by Amazon). This is the first significant price on the Df since the 10% rewards offer I posted yesterday.

Update: the above deal is gone, but you can now get the Nikon Df  body only for $747 off (27% off):


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  • Could it be that Nikon is working on a new camera in this kind of style? Honestly, I just like its looks. Not so much the ergonomics or the lack of video mode. But if money was not an issue, I’d own one. eheh

    • purenupe1

      I agree…i want it for the nostalgic effect. Not that i need another camera. Which is exactly what the designers were going for….the pricing group over estimated that appeal though.

    • Sawyerspadre

      But you may be right. Put in WiFi, add video, very discreetly. Keep the current sensor, since it may be the only way to get it, once the D5 starts shipping. Add the focusing from the D750 or D810 with 51 points, and bam, you have a refresh.

      • Owning a D750 myself, I would like to have as many of the features it brings on any other camera I may come to own in the future. Honestly, the Df/D4 sensor doesn’t appeal much to me, but I’ve never used it and I’m quite happy with the D750’s low light performance. So yes, a Df successor would have to have at least a better AF array and the same live view and video features.

        • MonkeySpanner

          The df2 could be a parts bin camera and be excellent. Use the d750 sensor and AF system and add a video mode (no need for any dedicated external buttons for video, just want the video option.). Keep the same body. That would be excellent. And the d750 sensor must cost less than that low production D4 sensor.

          • Sawyerspadre

            Could be a factor of the sensor being low production and high cost, and an overestimation of what people would pay for the vanity of saying their camera has the same sensor as a D4.

          • Aldo

            I would put the 4ds sensor and the new 51 pt focus system on the Df2

        • Sawyerspadre

          You would need one, like the red record button, but hey, you could even have the shutter release double for that in video mode.

    • photomanayu

      Not really, it has been $2700 CAD for a long time in Canada. You are still over paying even with the big price drop.

    • Chris

      I am pretty sure this is just Amazon’s promotion.

  • Sawyerspadre

    This deal appears to be over. If you click the link the Df is at regular price.

    • Either they sold out or this was a “deal of the day” kind of thing.

  • Spy Black

    I’ll wait ’till the D5 comes out to see if Nikon releases a Df2 using the D5 sensor and, more importantly, an autofocus system similar to that found in the D750, or better.

    • Eric Calabros

      DF2 should be mirrorless or Completely Manual DSLR. one of these two. Anything outside of this, makes no sense.

      • Spy Black

        Definitely will NOT be a mirrorless. Defeats the entire purpose of being the Df. Won’t be completely manual either. They still want you to buy lenses.

      • The idea is to create a completely traditional DSLR, so I see the DSLR form factor a a significant competitive advantage for Nikon over, say, Fuji.

        I find the DF a little odd since the D4 sensor is showing its age. Why not upgrade it to the D4S sensor at least, if not the D5? Or maybe they had a whole bunch of spare D4 sensors they had no use for?

        I like the look, but if I bought any camera in that price bracket, it would be the D810. I think the specs roughly match the D4 for low light performance, and it’s a lot smaller and lighter.

        At this point I am waiting for the D5.

        (Interestingly enough, the author owns both a D4 and a Fuji XT1.)

        • Eric Calabros

          They HAVE to use D5 sensor somewhere else to cover its cost (more volume=lower price).

          • Not necessarily true – I don’t see any other camera using the D810 sensor, for example. Of course that’s much higher volume than the D5 will be.

            RED Digital Cinema has an interesting strategy – they use the same sensor but use their rejects from the large-sensor models for the cheaper small sensor units. Seems to make a lot of sense. Of course almost nobody in this discussion is likely to buy something so expensive as a RED, alas :(.

            (I would like to, I could afford it, but don’t have a revenue model for it …)

    • AYWY

      I’ll like a df2 minus the vintage mechanical fluff…. A D750 body maybe minus the nice DSLR grip if they are afraid no one will get the D5. :p

  • T.I.M

    If they PAY ME $646, I’ll use it.

  • Aekn

    Another $1000 off, and I may consider it.

    • Exactly. With the Sony A7 hitting under $1K, the Df just doesn’t make much sense for anything other than nostalgia…

  • HackneyMick

    I’d argue, as I have for the past two years, that the specification for this model is “foine by me”, but that I would prefer a more “retro-classic” form factor, not unlike the Nikkormat FT-3, as shown in the comparison photo at:


    • Thylmuc

      Right, I concur. The Df is too much of a compromise. It is a camera for -dare I say- hipsters, i.e. people who are not really familiar with an older (though effective and ergonomic) operation style, and hence want a fall back emergency mode, just in case…Thus, it has autofocus, all kinds of modes, built-in lab etc. This distracts, and one simply needs to be familiar with all the options, even if only to set back to normal after having accidentially hit the wrong buttom or turned a wheel.
      I’d even go one step further, and ask for a digital back for the F3 or even the F2. The F3 is proven to be usabel with digital backs, since it has electrical contacts for communication. The F2 might be a bit tougher re. sync.

      • HackneyMick

        I’d simply say that you do NOT “concur” with me – my point is simply that the technical specifications are perfectly adequate for my needs, but my preference is for a more … classically focussed (pun) … design, irrespective of the material for the external skelton and internal structure.


    • Michiel953

      Like the camera on the right…

  • An American in Canada

    I still can’t believe it lacks a metal casing and wasn’t designed with alternate focus screens in mind. The feel and ergonomics are horrible to boot… Just such a disappointment.

    • Spy Black

      I dunno, feels fine to me. Perfect, actually. I just wish it had an AF system that can make real use of the sensor in low light situations with AF lenses.

      The screen issue is solved by I bought the modified Nikon K3 screen for my D600 and never looked back.

      • Once you’ve held the D750, the Df just feels like only something a nostalgic hipster would want to hold, let alone fork over $2400-$3000 for…

        • Spy Black

          I’ve held the D750, it’s OK, although I like the grip more on my D600. I want the Df exactly for the camera that it is, a camera that was made for geezers like me. 😉

          I agree it’s completely overpriced however.

          • catinhat

            If someone wanted a D4 but couldn’t afford one, they would go the used D3S route, they would never go for a Df. The AF, speed, ergonomics, build quality of a Df have absolutely nothing in them which would compete with the F4/D3S. Nor would anyone who likes the Df style and form factor would ever consider D4/D3S. Other than the sensor and the F-mount Df has nothing in common with the “big guys”.

            • Spy Black

              That’s the point. The sensor. You’re not going to get a D4 sensor in the D3s. You will in the Df however.

            • catinhat

              True, but it is debatable whether for the type of photography either D3S or D4 would typically be used the D4 megapixel advantage makes much of a difference. The main point though is that the sensor doesn’t make a camera, it is only one, and not always the most important, variable.

            • Spy Black

              Nikon didn’t put the D600 AF system in a camera with the D4 sensor and charge $3000 for nothing. They knew people would buy the Df over the D4 for low light shooting if it had something like the D750’s AF system, even at $3000. They knew exactly what they were doing. 😉

            • catinhat

              Maybe, but if Df were to D4 what D700 was to D3, they would have sold perhaps a bit fewer D4 bodies, but probably a whole lot more Df bodies. I suspect that there are a great deal more potential customers at the $3K price point than at the $5K price point. The D700 wasn’t announced with the D3, it was announced when most of those who wanted a D3 had a chance to get a D3, so it probably hasn’t done much damage if any, especially since D3S was in the pipeline. Nikon never made a “true” D700 successor because sensor progress in the flagship cameras after D3S hasn’t been all that impressive. If D4 or even D4S was as much of a step up over D3S as D3S was over D3, we probably would have had another D700 incarnation with all the bells and whistles, rather than D750 and perhaps Df.

            • Spy Black

              Ultimately we may never know. The market was very different back then as well. Overall camera sales were stronger, not being overrun by cellphones. It’s not clear if the D700 shared the same sensor as the D3 either.

            • KnightPhoto

              Have to agree. I am a D4 owner who would gladly buy a DF2 with a decent AF module for low light and wide AF frame and yes please toss in a D5 sensor.

          • @Spy Black, I would agree with you, if we could pick the brains of Nikon management on the subject of whether or not the D700 was a good idea VS the D3. Because the D700 was the camera industry’s all-time best example of a camera that was 95% of a $5K camera, for $3K. Especially when you gripped a D700 properly and got 8 FPS out of it.

            What I mean is, did Nikon regret this decision? Was 1 year behind the D3 too soon to release the D700, or was it just right? Was it simply the right thing to do as their 2nd ever FX body, a tactical move that simply doesn’t need to be repeated now that the FX market is mature? I strongly suspect that the high volume of D700 sales far outweighed the loss of profits on D3 sales, despite the $2K premium for what was likely a very modest manufacturing cost increase.

            TLDR; the Df versus D4 is definitely not nearly the same thing as the D700 versus D3, because the Df body is operationally a polar opposite, from it’s tiny (beginner DSLR) battery to its consumer-grade AF. It is no digital F100 or F6, like the D700 was.

            As such, I’d buy it for its portability and incredible quality sensor, but at its current price I’d only buy it if I were truly an upper-middle-class hobbyist with plenty of money to spend. A serious working pro, or a hobbyist on a budget, would probably NOT want to make the Df their primary camera. (As a full-time pro I could see myself using it as a compliment to my existing D750, and a conversation piece when I want to just goof around and attract attention, but I’d still heavily depend on the D750 for things like AF and battery life.)

            • Spy Black

              I’d love a Df simply because I can finally go back to using a camera the way I used my F and F2, which I worked with all the way up to getting my first digital. I never went along with F3/4/5/6 camera evolution. 🙂 So many times in studios shoots I would accidentally change the shutter speed out of sync because of that damn rear wheel. So for me, the Df is a natural.

              Also, camera will only ever be a professional camera when it’s in the hands of a professional. 😉 Although there are situations where you’re going to need the robustness of a D4/3/700, for a surprising amount of professional work pretty much any camera will do, assuming one knows how to shoot.

            • Thylmuc

              Though it needs to be noted that neither F3 nor F4 had a damn rear wheel.

            • Spy Black

              Yes but they were battery dependent, which was why I never upgraded.

    • hje

      what’s wrong with the casing? When I was working with the df the ergonomics seemed just fine. But this is just my personal oppinion. I know many who dislike the ergonomics (but none who actually owns the camera)

  • Ritvar Krum

    still 3000$ for this big chunky and outdated brick :O… would it be a 1500$ vs D750 it would still be a complete joke that only a hipster would concider…

  • Neopulse

    In my opinion, 50% off it should have been.

    • Spy Black

      ‘Been watching Yoda footage, see I…

  • blp

    still too expensive for what it is

  • RodneyKilo

    Amazon is still showing it at the launch price of $2750?
    Does not appear to be any price drop, much less a big one.

    • see the screenshot – the price was real, it was either a mistake or a daily special deal

      • EarlFargis

        Probably sold out. I’ve seen this happen before on Amazon.

  • Narretz

    Why is still so expensive anyway? Two years after release … Is it because it never sold well, but stores are too afraid to discount an expensive product? Or is it because it still sells well?

    • whisky

      in the USA …stores can’t set prices unilaterally. they must follow Nikon’s M.A.P. (min. advertised price model) or incur the wrath of Nikon. it’s a type of price fixing retailers (like B&H, Adorama, Amazon, etc.) — as well as the courts — appear to be OK with. simple supply and demand doesn’t apply.

      • Hardcore_Fanboy

        “simple supply and demand doesn’t apply” – ture, there is no demand and no supply – Nikon did plan that way – to make like 1000 cameras – that just looks interesting on PR slides – got some attention (still does – cuz we are giving it right now) and usually cost waaaay more than to take a loss from dodgy camera line (even if all Dfs would be sold tomorrow for like 5k$ a piece – I think nikon would still lose – because of that small series and specific body design that this camera needed).

        • Ric of The LBC

          all speculation

  • EarlFargis

    That deal’s come and gone.

    It triggered the thought any rumors Nikon plans to upgrade the Df with the upcoming D5’s sensor?

    I agree with everyone else here. I keep looking at used Df’s because, while I’d like to play with one, I think they’re grossly overpriced for what they are. Still, I even have a hard time biting at used prices. Though I guess the counter argument is you get the sensor half of a D4 at a proportional discount.

    • Chris

      Sad it’s gone so quickly. After using along with a D810, I went with a sole Df and let the d810 go. It’s quite easy to get pleasing color out of Df. This camera is a great camera for enthusiasts.

  • Chris

    what the heck, this is almost the same price with grey market. No hesitate.

  • EarlFargis

    Or not.

  • Dell Deaton

    Feelin’ some déjà vu here vis another Christmastime dance, with the Nikon Coolpix A.

  • Wade Marks

    The Df certainly has been one of the more interesting stories in Nikon land since its debut. It started off with a masterful marketing campaign…remember the Pure Photography teaser videos? Very successful in building a buzz before release.

    Then the camera actually was announced…and then all of the controversy began. It’s a good camera and I give credit for Nikon for taking a bit of a risk. It’s also interesting to note that this the one camera out of Nikon’s more recent FX releases to be hit the market without QC issues.

    But I think the price was too high given its limited feature set…it it had come in at around $1999 it would have done so much better. If Nikon could have somehow gotten it into the market at $1499 it would have been a huge hit. But the sticker price shock was big…and it produced a very vocal backlash online, where many many people who never even had used the camera took to bashing it.

    Otherwise, Nikon should have at least given the Df the higher end 51 pt AF if it was going to come in at the higher price point.

    And it doesn’t really do much good to try to justify the price based on using the D4 sensor…many consumers don’t care about that stuff, and if the only market you want to hit is those who want the D4 sensor at a lower price, well, that’s a limited market. That’s also a smaller market than this camera could have reached.

    I think there is a market for this type of retro design style, I think the Df is really an excellent camera, but it amazes me that it still hasn’t come down in price. It’s very difficult for most to justify purchasing it when there exists the D750 at a much lower price point, and the D810 for a similar price point.

    It will be interesting to see what Nikon will do in the future with the Df…if they lower the price, if they continue the product line with a followup, etc.

    • Ric of The LBC

      it is an excellent camera. Less $ that the Sony A7 equivalent.

      • Wade Marks

        I agree…the Df is an excellent camera and one I’d choose over any Sony any day. But I also say the same about the D750 and the D810, and both are priced more competitively than the Df. My only point is that the Df, relative to where it sits in the Nikon lineup, seems a bit overpriced.

  • Mike Banks

    I don’t understand all of the hate for the DF, I have one and have other bodies such as D800e etc. The DF is the one I take on most paying shoots, it gives excellent colours, dynamics etc and is really fast to use. I just got a magazine through in the post that I shot the cover for with my DF, it looks great 🙂 The AF ‘issue’ really isn’t an issue, I suspect many people regurgitate what others have said without having really used it.

    • Wade Marks

      Congrats on the magazine cover…I agree..the Df is an excellent camera and one much maligned for wrong reasons.

  • osynlig fog

    I wonder how many of the people that hate on the Df have actually used one? Or have extensive experience with for example an F3? I have used one for almost two years. The Df has a lovely very quiet shutter which only the later D810 compares with. The D800 has a horribly loud and cheap sounding shutter by comparison. The build quality is way nicer than a D610 or D750. And the D4/D4s/Df sensor is in my opinion still the best there is. Very easy to get extremely nice colours straight out of camera compared to the other models. But the reason I bought it was for manual operation. It’s a hybrid camera which an be used like a modern camera I you need (and this is what confuses people who haven’t used it for longer than a week) but put it in M with a manual Nikkor and it operates perfectly for manual use. For people who prefer these types of controls the Df is the only full frame option compatible with a large system. It’s a unique product with no competitor. That its price has held up better than the newer Thailand made brethren reflects that.

  • I keep missing this. I think I’d pick one up for $1999 for sure.

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