Nikon 300mm f/4E PF ED VR and 200-500mm f/5.6E ED VR lenses now in stock

The Nikon AF-S Nikkor 300mm f/4E PF ED VR lens is currently in stock at B&HAmazon and BestBuy.

The Nikon AF-S Nikkor 200-500mm f/5.6E ED VR lens is also currently in stock at Amazon and Adorama.

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  • Mike

    I wish I needed 300mm because I lust for that 300 PF f/4!

    • Photobug

      I have had mine 3 weeks and yes it’s fantastic. (grin)

      • I also have heard only positive feedback on those two lenses.

        • ZoetMB

          In that case, maybe we should stop complaining about Nikon so much. Maybe now that those lenses are in U.S. retail, they’ll actually have a good quarter, not that those lenses sell to the masses. If Nikon can get the P900 into retail no later than Black Friday, that might really drive U.S. revenues.

      • Helio de Mello Filho

        Great lens, I bought mine “used” in BH (Yesterday they still had them at $1699, serial above 61XXXX, confirmed with seller via chat before buying – it arrived complete, like new), no VR issues, sharp, sharp, sharp.

        • outkasted

          Which the 300mm or 200-500?

          • Helio de Mello Filho

            Ops, sorry, the 300 PF f/4

    • Yasfaloth

      I have just received mine last Monday and I must admit it’s more than up to my expectations. Serial number is 6106XX and I have not find any trace of the “VR bug” with my D800. Seems however that photos are a tad sharper when you hold the camera by body only, which is not a problem because it’s lighter than my Sigma 50mm ART.

    • Rented this in the spring time, …. great lens

    • Peter

      Buy it if you lust for it. 😉

  • Michael_Foley

    The 300 PF has been in and out of stock sporadically. I ordered mine in April and got it within a few weeks, yet I’ve heard of a few people waiting 6+ months for their order to update, let alone ship.

    • Fox sweN Lies

      46 The Doctor

    • I looked over your gallery. Nice bunch of shots. To hear most people talk, you’d think it impossible to do photography with a D7000. 🙂

      • Michael_Foley

        Thank you, I really appreciate it. It’s still a great camera and the image quality really stands up after a few years, but the bottleneck for me is the AF performance. It’s really challenging using this camera for sports. I just can’t reliably keep up with faster action. I plan on upgrading to FX this spring or summer depending on any new cameras that are announced.

  • TheInfinityPoint

    That 200-500 f/5.6E is awesome. I’ll be submitting a guest post on it soon.

  • cbeking

    You post drained $1400 from my account balance today 🙂

    • Photobug

      That is great…NAS at it’s best.

  • Jeffnky

    I have had the 300 for months and the 200-500 for a month and they both are game changers. The 300 is so light you have to use it to believe it and the 200-500 could have cost twice the retail and people would be very happy.

    • Aldo

      Wow… awesome shot

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    • Dustmaker

      Do you think 200-500 is better than Sigma 150-600?

      • Photobug

        Yes. I do.

      • Jeffnky

        Never used the sigma, this lens is way better than the new 80-400 that I had been using a lot.

    • Photobug

      I’ll second that…awesome shot.

    • Mark

      Nice image, taken with 200-500 ?

      • Jeffnky

        This was taken with the 200-500. I also have the newer 80-400 and this lens is better as long as you do not need the short end.

        • Jesse C

          I was looking for this test exactly. Thanks.

    • Jebagi Erol Paker

      Andrew, it it you in disguise?

    • this is a great lens, i have it as well. The only disadvantage is quite slow AF in comparison to Pro lenses.
      BIG advantage is that this lens works perfectly with all TC’s and with TC14 and TC17 is still acceptable sharp!

      use Google Translator CZECH-ENGLISH:

    • This shot is from 300 or 200-500? Awesome shot btw.
      P.S. Got the answer scrolling down.

    • Zoot

      I’ve got the “old” 300 f4, which is stunning – but that shot of yours is terrifying.
      Oh well. More crippling debt, I suppose…

    • ZoetMB

      I’m definitely very impressed with that shot, although I think the bird looks pissed. And $1400 isn’t all that bad. I’m put off a bit by f5.6 and another 5 pounds of weight and it wouldn’t fit in my bag, so I’d have to carry another case for it, but…might make for some interesting shots, and I don’t even do bird photography.

  • bgbs

    Hold on, are these lenses back in stock for real, or is it jus a rumor?

    • ZoetMB

      As of yesterday, all of the big FX primes except for the 200mm and 800mm were in stock at B&H. All of the big FX zooms were also in stock except for the 70-200 f4.

      And just for the record, I just checked Best Buy and the P900 is out-of-stock online.

  • Tom

    Does the 300 still have the VR problem or is that now a “characteristic”?

    • I received my copy a few weeks ago, and there is no problem with my mine (Serial # 212xxx). It’s the first thing I tested.
      FWIW, this lens has been in stock for weeks in Switzerland at a low price ($1’700 equivalent).

    • Tanari

      What a silly question! It’s a feature! 😀

    • ITN

      I guess it is possible that some samples behave differently but my 30074 PF works fine at all speeds, if care is taken when shooting. It’s possible to get acceptable results at e.g. 1/50s hand held with Vr, but the sharpness does gradually improve as the shutter speed is increased. I don’t fret about it but if I am at 1/125s or 1/160s I will take a few shots to make sure I get a good one. This isn’t really unique to this lens; the use of VR is a game of probabilities. At 1/250s and faster I find the VR doesn’t require extra care but by the time I have enough light to use fast shutter speeds consistently I may turn VR off, depending on if I need its help for making precise composition and focusing easier. I use sport mode for moving subjects and normal mode for stationary ones. I think overall the VR of the 300/4 PF is very good (but you shouldn’t assume tripod-like stability hand-holding the lens at slow speeds). Because it’s such an ultra-light weight lens for the angular magnification, you need to take special care hand holding it the inertia of a light weight long lens is insufficient to help hold it steady. A 300/2.8 will vibrate less simply because it takes more energy to get it to vibrate.

      • Jeffnky

        I also found that when using this lens I need to hold it differently because it is so light compared to shooting with my other lenses.

      • preston

        “This isn’t really unique to this lens”..

        But there was an actual problem with the VR that was unique to this lens in where the shots with VR on at around 1/125s were noticeably more blurry than with VR turned off. I’m glad to hear it looks like they fixed the problem like they said they would!

  • Gary

    Is there a review somewhere (or do you have experience of) comparing the quality of images produced by the 200-500 and the 80-400, in the 200-400 range?

  • nwcs

    Just wish I could justify the 300 f4 PF but I can’t. It’s too much of a tweener for what I use. And having the 150-600 I don’t see any benefit to the 200-500. I had the 200-400 for years and I’m glad to be free of it and get longer range at lighter weight.

    • true

      300 pf is bad . I hope they eventually make 400 pf

      • nwcs

        I’d love a 400 f4 PF if it was affordable. Same with 2.8.

  • T.I.M

    Life is good, even if you own a Canon camera.

  • TerraPhoto

    I am super happy with my 200-500mm… Very sharp. I’ve successfully captured wildlife handheld at 500mm with the VR.

    • Yes, VR is very capable. I am showing on my web page 1/15 @ 500mm with this lens…

  • Jesse C

    Is anyone aware of a sharpness or CA test of 200-500mm @ 500mm vs. 300mm PF with 1.7x or 2x TC?

    • John

      Just a guess, but by what people like Thom Hogan say about TC in general, you would probably be better off with 200-500 vs a 300 w/ 1.7x TC at 510mm.

      You should really read his FAQ on the subject:

      • Jesse C

        I was familiar with the general info. there, although did not realize there has been a 1.6x TC or know of the potential to stack the 1.4x TC (kind of nuts).

        I was asking because some lenses are better matched to TCs than others, even within the same manufacturer. I’ve seen the 200-500mm with 1.7x II TC do remarkably well, if only we could phase-AF at f/9.5. But as cameras are improving at a fairly rapid pace, it’s only a matter of time.

        • John

          Stacked TCs XD is really nuts right? Lets keep adding more things to go wrong lol.

          I’m somewhat of a Thom Hogan fan[boy], but I do think he has reasoned & nuanced opinions. He kinda answered your question in his review of the 300 E

          “Is a 300mm+TC workable and usable? Most of the time, yes. But in virtually all cases I’d just rather have a 400mm lens in the first place. Why Nikon hasn’t made a 400mm f/5.6 yet in the modern era I don’t know.”

          note, this was written before the 200-500 came out, and his website points out that he is working on a review of the 200-500 so you could wait for that, he’s almost certain to talk about it with TCs.

          • Jesse C

            I saw that quote. Yeah, I think my next lens will be 200-500mm with 1.7x TC II, that is, when I have the money…
            I will of course always be looking for additional reviews, and thanks 🙂
            I am always hoping that a scientific-type person is going to post the actual data (such as raw images of each combo) instead of just their conclusions, although I do value conclusions.

            • Alec Hickman

              The 200-500 wont Autofocus with the 1.7tcII. It will only work in manual focus. It autofocuses ok with the 1.4 though

        • John

          Incase you wanted links:

          the 300E review [he talks about TCs with this lens]:

          And an article on what TC he thinks work well with which lenses [written in 2013]:

          One final though, Personally I would rather crop than lose light. The bodies that can focus at f8 will still focus better if the max aperture is brighter. [so between a dark image and a soft image, in my experience, the dark image is more salvageable]

          Regardless of what you chose I hope you take many great pictures 😀

  • catinhat

    The 200-500 has been in stock on Amazon for days, at least I saw it ready to ship a couple of times last week. Seems like the initial shock and awe are wearing off.

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