Tethering Nikon cameras with Lightroom 6/CC 2015 on El Capitan OS is not working

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There is a known issue that it seems was not fixed in the latest update for Lightroom CC 2015/Lightroom 6 - tethering Nikon cameras is not working on El Capitan OS:

Tethering with Nikon & Leica cameras

Tethering Nikon & Leica cameras using Lightroom CC 2015/Lightroom 6 is not currently supported on El Capitan.

We recommend customers who rely on Lightroom for tethering Nikon and Leica cameras not upgrade to El Capitan at this time.

Our engineering team is working with our partners to correct this issue and provide compatibility in the future.

Some customers are reporting crashes with Lightroom CC 2015.2/Lightroom 6.2
If you are experiencing crashing, please try the following:

  • Go to Lightroom > Preferences.
  • Click on the General tab
  • Uncheck “Show ‘Add Photos’ Screen”Restart Lightroom
  • Our engineering team is actively investigating this issue

Similar issue is present also for Leica cameras.

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  • Simon

    The same had happened to me on Windows 10, MTP support was broken at first and neither Lightroom nor Windows itself could read files from the camera, but apparently Nikon’s software could. But Microsoft has fixed it since.

  • sdancer

    I don’t see the big loss. Tethering in Lightroom is, to say it mildly, “not great” and if you need such a feature you’re better off using alternative interface tools.

    • karayuschij

      Which one for Nikon on Mac??

      • sdancer

        Capture One has a Mac version, and tethering in there is way beyond what LR can do. Seeing how the issue was caused by a new OS version though, it’s very much possible that C1 has the same problem.

        • Fly Moon

          So, your solution for the LR users for tethering is to buy a new product?

        • justbobf

          Capture One has the same problem. It seems to me that the issue is the operating system, El Capitan, will not recognize the camera.

          • Luis Perez

            I’m using capture one on el capitan
            Works fine Lightroom doesn’t work
            On Yosemite nor El Capitan

      • nwcs

        The most full featured is Camera Control Pro. Depending upon your model you can also try Sofortbild.

        • Photoretouchpro

          Try smart shooter. Works on El capitan. $50

          • nwcs

            Good idea. I’ll check it out.

          • justbobf

            Perhaps, but will El Capitan see the camera?

            • Photoretouchpro

              I Just shot 300 photos using Smart Shooter on El Capitan, Yesterday. USB Tethered to D3 via USB. No crashes. No freezes.

      • Rudi

        There is a new system protection in EC called system integrity protection. You can try to reboot into system recovery mode (ALT-R) and then go into terminal and enter: csrutil disable; reboot. If it’s not working you can reverse it by entering csrutil enable; reboot. Try it on your own risk just to check if it helps.

        • Stefan Fürtbauer

          Good idea, doesn’t work unfortunately – have tried it 2 times…

  • karayuschij

    Here I have the same issue with Nikon Camera Control Pro 2

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  • ckuklbac

    Admin: I had another problem with the new version of lightroom 6. Constant crashes after installation. After an hour with adobe on the phone turning off hardware acceleration in lightroom ( using El Capitan ) seems to have fixed the problem for now. (Lightroom: preferences: performance: use graphics processor: UN check)

  • Any idea if the fix is days, weeks or months away???

  • malchick743

    This is why I would NEVER stick to a brand-new system such as Winblows10 or OSX 10.11.xx until these systems are stable enough and bugs worked out.

    As for the latter, will probably stick to 10.9.5 for a long time (never liked the 10.10.x graphics anyway). Hopefully LR6 will do good on an older OS…

  • justbobf

    It’s not Lightroom…El Capitan seems not to recognize the camera.

    A Mac running Yosemite sees the Nikon D810 in Apple’s own Image Capture. El Capitan does not see the camera in Image Capture.

    My El Capitan machine is a new MacBook Air; so, it is possible that there is a problem with the USB ports; but, judging from the comments here, it seems to be a problem with El Capitan.

    On occasion, though, Apple’s Photos app will open, but not every time. When it does open, Capture One usually will still not see the camera. (I did not check at that time to see if Image Capture would see it.

    • Alan Gibson

      Adobe Bridge not recognising Nikon camera either

    • John R

      I updated a 17″ MBP to El C*ap, I tested it with a D3. The new Photo app opened up most times but it does not support tether (live shooting direct to disc) although you can download the images from the card. Capture 1 Pro V8 sometimes saw the camera, sometimes it didn’t. My fav tether app Sofortbuild does not see any cameras in El Cockup.

      There is a similar story of woe regarding pro audio plugins in Logic Pro.

      It will get resolved but at the moment nothing is working reliably.

      • KnightPhoto

        By any chance are you (or anyone else?) a user of Nikon Capture NX and does it still work on El Capitan?

  • Gary Smith

    @Photoretouchpro I downloaded Smart Shooter just now and it tethers fine and has a good deal more functionality than LR. I really like that I can get the images sent to disk and to the card, which LR does not do…

    Thank You!

  • Duncan Dimanche

    Hey I know this is late but I thought that my Nikon d800 wasn’t connecting in tethering with lightroom but I realized that it just takes a while to connect… a few minutes even

    I hope that it helps I’m on 10.9.5

    I hope that it will help a few out there

  • Socks

    4 months later, this is still an issue. How has this been swept under the rug? I waited months before going to el capitan, and am now crippled in the studio.

  • Danielle Blancher

    I’ve updated LR and Capture One both programs do not recognize my D800. Everything is up to date and it still doesn’t work. Does anyone have any suggestions ? Ive called Adobe and they don’t give support for this problem in chat or over the phone

  • Jacob

    I’m having issues connecting and I came across this article. Does anyone here know if this is still a problem? I’m using Nikon D800, LR CC 2015, El Capitan. Thank you!

    • Javed Akter Suman

      It is a problem still going on and not solved in late 2017. El Capitan-Adobe LR- Nikon (D810). Very pathetic.

  • Javed Akter Suman

    After having a lots of bitter and embarrassing experience in front of clients, now I have decided to go back to Yosemite. Wish me luck, folks.

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