Weekly Nikon news flash #328

→In addition to DSLR cameras, Ikelite also produces underwater housings for Nikon Coolpix cameras. Their latest underwater housing is for the Coolpix S7000.

→ Read about the Kodak's DMILC (digital mirrorless interchangeable lens camera) with Nikon F mount.

→ The new Nikkor 500mm f/4E lens at the F1 British Grand Prix in Silverstone.

LensCoat TravelHoo 4LensCoat TravelHoo
LensCoat TravelHoo 2LensCoat TravelHoo 3
→ New LensCoat TravelHood for telephoto lenses (now available at B&H).

→ Here are the latest Nikon deals for this week:

Refurbished (limited US warranty)

Grey market (no US warranty)

Full US warranty:

→ New article on Nikon Image Chaser: Summer Photography From Dawn to Dusk.

→ The Nikon D5500 won the EISA European Consumer DSLR camera award for 2015-2016. More information is available here.

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      You spend more time whining than taking pictures.

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