Fire sale: refurbished Nikon 1 J4 camera, 10-30mm lens and WP-N3 underwater housing for $229

BuyDig now has a refurbished Nikon 1J4 camera with 10-30mm lens and Nikon WP-N3 underwater housing for $229 (use coupon code RULEOF3RDS for $50 off):

This J4 kit comes with 90 days warranty and free shipping. BuyDig is an authorized Nikon dealer. See all Nikon 1 specials from BuyDig here.

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  • nwcs

    Done! Note that the coupon code worked with the regular J4 white with 10-30. It’ll be a nice camera for my wife.

    • Spy Black

      You’ll probably be playing with it more than your wife. 😉

      • Mark

        Sounds like my first marriage.

        • nwcs


      • nwcs

        Nah, she used the V1 for a while so she’s familiar with it. She’s looking forward to it. 🙂

    • Aldo

      I remember when I bought her and old jeep to fix up so we could go off road and spend time together… she didn’t like my gift… ungrateful women now days I tell yah.

  • iamlucky13

    The site now says “Not Available.”

    Incredible deal, though. The housing alone is currently $179.95 at B&H.

    • oh wow, that sold out fast

    • Kyle

      But just think, in about a year the J5 will in all likelihood have a similar deal and that’s the one to get since it has the new sensor with improved everything!

      • EarlFargis

        Bingo! IQ-wise, the J5 is this first thus only Nikon 1 I would consider at any price. If I ever want to replicate the IQ of the typical Nikon 1 I just set the ISO on my D800 to 12,800. ;^)

        Unfortunately, the feature set I (and I’m guessing most NR readers) are looking for will come with the Nikon 1 V series which pushes Nikon’s overpricing strategy to the next level.

    • Housing alone also is $99 on the site

  • EarlFargis

    Apparently Nikon has found the real price point for the Nikon 1 J4. Appears to have sold out. Meanwhile, normally priced Nikon 1s in plentiful [over] supply. ;^)

  • Jacky Cheung

    omg I missed!

    • It will come again.

      • Tim Skrastins

        Did anyone get theirs? I missed out but tried to put it in my cart at the $399 non-sale price and when I tried to check out, it said there were no shipping options available to my area so they would call me to complete the order. I live in a metro area of 500,000+ so the shipping part is definitely incorrect, so I figured they are probably trying to bait and switch by calling you up and talking you into something more expensive or jacking up shipping charges?

        • As far as I know buydig is not one of the bait and switch retailers – they are an authorized Nikon dealer and Nikon will cut them if they do any stupid sales tricks.

        • nwcs

          I have the tracking number. Says it’ll arrive Saturday. I had no problem ordering.

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