Nikon D700 owners also received “free maintenance service initiative” offer

A reader received the "free maintenance service initiative” email for his Nikon D700 camera. It seems that this program is not targeted for D800 cameras only and indeed is just a good gesture from Nikon to existing customers.

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  • doge

    Probably just a smoke screen.

    • saywhatuwill

      That’s okay. It’s still free maintenance.

    • neonspark

      so what? they don’t need to service cameras out of warranty either way. When was the last time your car manufacturer called you to take a look at your 1990’s honda?

  • saywhatuwill

    Interesting. I’ll take free maintenance on my D700 that’s never had a CLA if they offered it.

  • T.I.M

    That does not make any sense, why a company that have a hard time making money on cameras would loose even more money by doing free maintenance service ?
    I think it’s all about software, Nikon would not spend $$$$ taking apart DSLR cameras just for fun.
    They probably do a quick software update, maybe at one point they were installing programs in the camera without the copyrights needed, and in order not to be sue by the software company, they update the faulty cameras.
    Just my 5 cents….

    • nwcs

      Extremely unlikely. If that were the case Nikon would simply issue a firmware update that adds a new feature as a smokescreen. But having the copyrights of third party components embedded in the firmware is totally unnecessary and usually not required. They could easily “solve” that with updating their product manual as well.

      Whatever the motivation, this isn’t it.

  • gregg

    How can I get in on this. Do I have to wait for Nikon to contact me?

    • weidmic

      If you have had not registered your camera in the first place, you wont get that invite 🙁 I just chatted with Nikon, since I have a very early D800 – but they told me I will not be eligible… (Mine was not registered until today)

  • fjfjjj

    Adding the D700 to the offer would be a cheap way for Nikon to take people off the conspiracy theory trail.

    This whole thing makes no sense.

    Where do they ask customers to send the camera?

    • jstevez

      It makes perfect sense, it seems thus far that only early adopters or people who pre-order are getting invites, they want to hear from them.

      • fjfjjj

        Nikon can’t even provide equitable service to people who have real problems with their equipment, their whole imaging division is in financial distress, and they don’t need to provide a high-cost service just to ‘hear from’ people. It makes no sense, yet.

    • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

      Yikes – they need to come clean on this otherwise could cause harm to their potential sales in the future. Why are they’re doing this and is it only the D700, D800 or is it larger impact; D4, D3, D300, etc ?

  • catinhat

    D200 is next I guess…

  • Mike

    I don’t think I’ve ever registered my email with Nikon about the products I have. My theory is this is 10% good will, 90% further wedding out grey market and resale. Someone who buys grey market or buys used privately is pooched. But also the original buyers, like me, who don’t or have never thought of registering email get as a side effect.

  • Spy Black

    So they’re taking the weirdest route to fixing a problem. Stop sweating it.

    • T.I.M

      you need to change you picture icon, every times I see it, it remind me my mother in law.

      • Spy Black

        I *AM* your mother-in-law!

  • Stanky Eggo

    This is undoubtedly out of character for Nikon. We had to take them to court over the D600 issues and now they’re offering free maintenance on discontinued D700/D800? Either these bodies are going to catastrophically fail and kill someone or there’s only 50 of these letters they sent out to all of North America.

    • I think this is a move to repair their reputation.

      • iamlucky13

        That seems to me the most credible theory.

        Interestingly, Thom Hogan said today he had a few readers claim they got the offer for D7100’s – not a model where most users expect . The offer seems to be scattered among small selections of a couple models.

        I’m thinking another possibility is Nikon is trying to collect long term data from a large number of actual users, which is also not exclusive of your idea.

        One obvious thing they can do is read the shutter count from the camera memory, and inspect the amount of wear on the shutter, as well as see where wear or damage to the body tends to occur, and therefore figure out what to improve in the long term. For all I know, perhaps the cameras record more info than we realize, for example – how many photos are taken with each lens type attached, which could be useful marketing data. Or what apertures are they choosing, and therefore, where should lenses be optimized? Or how many bodies actually get used on a setting other than Auto?

        Or simply recheck cameras out in the field and see how accurate their focus calibration is, since they know a lot went into the wild with problems. I assume only a certain fraction actually noticed and sought service for those problems, so they may want to get an idea how many others had an issue.

        • Maybe it is a D800 recall and they just added small portion of other models to confuse us even more 🙂

          • AnthonyH

            Not really worth the extra money for shipping and CLA, even if they wanted to hide a D800 recall. As others have pointed out, it would be easy to hide a stealth recall by sending out the notice under the guise of collecting data on how the cameras are wearing/performing over time (thus allowing them to select the early-release D800s) and offering a free CLA as an incentive.

        • mark

          in my opinion, this is a very cheap way to get access to hundreds of copies used by real users, out in the real world. They could learn lots on how components ages and use it to improve future models. Since it will be opened anyway, why not provide a “free” cleaning anyway.

          The client is also “urged” to complete a survey.

      • Nuke Dchat

        Admin, is this not just a Nikon USA thing?

        If it is, I think it should be mentioned in your postings. There are a whole lot of none USA people that are excited about nothing.

  • Nikon1isAwesome!

    What is the value of “one free maintenance service”?

    • yrsued

      On my D3’s it was $350.00

  • Peter

    My guess: Nikon is after the survey results of those people who bought D700/D800 and perhaps D300 to find out what next camera they really would like to buy.

    The whole Nikon community screamed for a real D700/D300 successor and a lot of them bought a D800 but the crowd never stopped complaining.

    • AnthonyH

      Not so. The survey in the letter is for Nikon service, not what camera we want next. I know, because I took the survey.

  • Fiatlux

    Does this involve sending one’s camera to Nigeria and disclosing full credit card details for a deposit?

    • AnthonyH

      Nope. It’s going to Melville, NY and they didn’t ask for any credit card info.

  • Thom Hogan

    You can add one D750 to the list who got the email. However, the overwhelming majority are all early D800/D800Es.

    • nwcs

      That is even odder considering everything. One has to really wonder what their motivation for this truly is?

  • yrsued

    Like I said on the D800 Thread, I honestly don’t care what they call it or what their intentions are, I make money form this gear and I’m getting free service on one of my D800’s!! EXCELLENT!!

  • hm…. i am curious what’s up with D700, mine just works flawlessly.
    D810 i bought after six months after release, so i am fine with it as well.
    D3s never needed a service too.

  • catinhat

    The D700 recall is totally beyond me. They must all be out of warranty by now anyway, so what Nikon is worried about? Besides, D700 was one of their last essentially problem-free bodies. I’ve heard that some D700’s had a flash related issue, but I doubt it was very prevalent, and those probably have been all fixed a very long time ago. My two D700’s have been flawless and still are. Will never get rid of them, and will be surprised if Nikon service will ever have to touch them.

  • I haven’t seen one of these letters yet, but you can bet your bippy I’ll get this free service before all is done–they took a year and a half to repair my D700. They owe me!

    Unless their point is to screw up old cameras to make then seem less awesome? Because no model I’ve bought since has focused as reliably as my D700.

    That’s how much I trust Nikon.

  • R Leung

    Perhaps it’s their way of getting people to take the survey? On the other hand, it could be a public relations thing to boost their image after the D800/D800e and D600 scandals.

  • verytoxic

    will this include sensor cleaning?

  • Patrick O’Connor

    … or you’re all a bunch of conspiracy theorists! 🙂

    • yrsued

      Ya, there is a rush on Tin Foil Sales on this thread!!

  • neonspark

    Whatever the reason, I see nothing wrong with this.

    • I too take this as a good thing.

      Ok, some conspiracy theorists could wonder about a D800 stealth-recall, but D700s have been chugging along since 2008.

      What’s Nikon up to?

      • iamlucky13

        Even if it really is a stealth recall, it’s still a good thing that they’re dealing with it. It’s just disappointing that they’re not explaining why.

      • yrsued

        The same thing they were up to when they gave us NPS Members 20% discount on all PRIORITY Repairs!!

        FWIW, NPS is Free, the same level of service form Canon is $500 per year!!

  • AnthonyH

    I would be curious to see if the people getting the service meet some kind of secret criteria (e.g. own multiple Nikon SLRs, have had service at Nikon, bought models immediately after release). I got the free maintenance service offer and shipped the camera off today. My camera is registered with Nikon, and I’ve used Nikon service to get my D3 and various lenses repaired over the years.

  • R Leung

    I got one for my Nikon F!!!!! 😀

  • Russell Ferris

    You’d have to be one loyal customer to have purchased, registered and not have sold the damn thing by now.

    • yrsued

      I always register, even when I buy used!!

  • Captain Megaton

    At face value, looks like data mining. They want to to have a look at representative samples of certain models after they have been used for a few years, but haven’t actually failed.

    For what, and why, is anyone’s guess.

  • Ian Hanson

    Huh, that service will be faster than the services I spent hundreds of dollars on. Four weeks for a rubber grip that didn’t need to be replaced? Best of luck on the free services. #iknowimjaded

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