Last few Nikon Coolpix A cameras still available at $399

I believe those are the last new Nikon Coolpix A cameras currently available at $399 from an authorized Nikon reseller on eBay. All other major stores are already out of stock.

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  • jec6613

    Not all of them are out of stock … just out of stock at reasonable prices 🙂

  • jec6613

    Best Buy in the US still has new ones at $799.99 if you want to pay nearly full price for them, as well.

    • correct, nobody will buy this for $800

      • Eric Calabros

        and maybe because of that, they dont want to make a replacement

        • I kind of do hope they make a replacement. Just with style, speed and a 35mm.

  • Kyle

    I got a used one from B&H condition 9 and it looked brand new for $319 a couple weeks ago. Well worth that.

  • Spy Black

    Next stop, mirrorless…

  • fandilatiffsg


  • dredlew

    Superb sensor and lens, autofocus was excruciatingly slow. The Nikon 1 J5’s autofocus is extremely fast but its IQ leaves much to be desired, even with the highest quality lenses available for this system.

    Now, if they could marry the two, picking only the good stuff…

    • Exactly!

    • Nikon1isAwesome!

      Make sure the slide switch on the left is not set to macro. I really have loved my Coolpix A and find the AF perfectly acceptable, though you are correct that it’s not up to Nikon 1 speed. What is?

  • I’m a grownup, I’m not buying any camera with ‘Cool’, ‘Shot’, ‘Pix’ or ‘Cyber’ as part of it’s name.

    I’m not buying any cheezy square hooded, snap open, lens

    And I’m DEFINITELY not ready to shoot everything at 28mm! 35 maybe.

    • David Weinehall

      The grown-up behaviour would be to look past the name of a product and judge it merely on its inherent merits…

      I mean, my favourite band is called Pink Floyd. Ridiculous name when you think about it. Awesome music.

      • Point well made but only because I’m also a Pink Floyd fan. I’m holding the line on the plastic snap open 28mm lenses, though.

        “How can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your meat!?”

        • TheInfinityPoint

          “We don’t need no ed-u-cation …”

  • whisky

    perhaps they should just give the last lot of these away to the Goodwill?

  • superdan_x

    Back in april I bought on of these from Cameta Camera for $299. I bought it primarily for bar shannagains. It’s awesome! Not worth the original $1000 bucks, but still worth $400 Thanks NR for the heads up!

    • Nikon1isAwesome!

      We use it around the house a lot. The 28mm lens is limiting if this was your only camera, but most of my family snaps are in rooms where this is perfect.

  • CaMeRa QuEsT

    Nikon, if you want to copy, do something form the film era that sold like crazy. Let me give you a hint: Olympus Stylus Epic. Big sensor (APS-C, at least), fast 35mm equivalent lens, no larger than a soap bar. Or you can find inspiration on your own past: 35Ti.

    • Daniel Högberg

      Could not agree more! Why is it so freaking hard???! An aps-c sensored 23mm f/2.5 compact in the size of a Olympus Stylus Epic. Why in the gods name cant it be done in the year 2015??? Im so tired of always being dissapointed with the new digital cameras, they miss the goal EVERY TIME!

      • CaMeRa QuEsT

        I look at my EOS M2 and see that it can be done. Its body is not much bigger than my Stylus Epic. It’s just one fixed retractable lens away from soap bar nirvana. It won’t be lightweight as the Stylus Epic, though, but I can live with that, as long as it fits in my pants pocket.

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