The Nikon D5 is rumored to have a native high ISO of 102,400 and 4k video

The Nikon D5 DSLR camera is rumored to have a native high ISO of 102,400. The current D4s can go up to ISO 25,600 (expandable till ISO 409,600). Here is an updated list of rumored D5 specs:

  • New 20MP FX sensor
  • 4k video
  • 173 autofocus points (update: new focusing module with larger coverage)
  • Native high ISO of 102,400
  • 15 fps
  • Body design similar to the D4s
  • Announcement expected in late 2015 or in early 2016.

Regarding the Nikon D5 processor and 4k video: for the past few years the Nikon Expeed image processor was based on the Fujitsu Milbeaut ISP. On March 1st 2015, Fujitsu transferred its System LSI business to Socionext Inc. Shortly after the transfer, Socionext announced a new MN2WS03101A chip with 4k video capabilities:


Socionext is a new company established by the consolidation of the system LSI businesses of Fujitsu Limited and Panasonic Corporation. It has a track record of development and delivery of products for various video applications. Socionext is now sampling 4K HEVC real-time encoder MB86M31. Together with MN2WS03101A, the company will support total video solution for a wide range of applications.

It's a stretch, but this could be the processor Nikon will use for the new D5. I am not very familiar with the semiconductor industry, so feel free to chime in if you have any comment or inside information.

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  • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

    This looks good camera on paper hope the 4K video has at least 24fps at least, 30 or 60 would be ideal and for me a Pro camera to purchase as an one off. I can guarantee that the price will be more expensive than the current D4…..

  • Davidvictormeldrew Idontbeliev

    I wished that when Nikon was a larger company or aim more than its weight as Sony looks like it is getting bigger and bigger but Canon needs to worry as well. When the D4 was announced they should have done 2 bodies with near identical dials and body and sharing components as much as possible; one D4 labelled as the D4s (with same spec as the D4), and a D4X with the D800 sensor and each body with twinkle of magic between them although the D4 may have its sales wiped out with a multi D800* – although Nikon would sell more of its lenses and keep / grow its market share Similarly with the D810 a D810R with 36mp, a D810 with 24mp D750 sensor and a D810s with the D4s sensor and the D750 to have the D750 Sensor as it has. For the pro and high Dx I would have still the D7xx but would have produced and brought out a D4xx with slightly more better specs and faster fps.

    Also to have a number range similar to Canon and Nikon and just iterate with a new Mark for each iteration of the family as the number range of its DSLR’s is getting a bit confusing now and then will run out of numbers soon.

    Although I must say Nikon for its size is punching above its weight and producing as much as possible for its size and I want Nikon to grow and grow and I do not want Nikon to shrink or die completely.

  • John Lord

    Surely the number one priority is for the D5 to be the first in its class for stills photography. This means high frame rate, high dynamic range, lowest possible noise, excellent auto focus and for wildlife photographers quiet whilst still achieving the high frame rate. The auto focus on the D4s in my experience for wildlife is hit and miss especially on moving subjects even against a clear sky and when it does fire it is like a machine gun going off compared with a Canon or even the D810.

    • ckuklbac

      Yep. Can’t argue with that. Would love a more silent shutter for wildlife even with 600mm lens, have to get within 5-10 metre to fill the frame, and then to have the Bren-gun effect when you press the trigger kind of makes the hide and the hours of waiting a bit anti-climactic as even a deaf bird can feel the ground shake . . .


  • Synapsux

    SLAGGING MATCH: commence all the hate, arguments and over opinionated and under educated views on the topic!

  • Agachart Sukchouy

    my guess ,MN2WS03101A will be image sensor integrate to image signal processor and MB86M31 may be coded/encoder.

    Expeed is still image processor,AF controller.

  • HF
  • They got it wrong, the image processor, not the sensor is made by Socionext:

    Socionext is a new company established by the consolidation of the system LSI businesses of Fujitsu Limited and Panasonic Corporation

    I am not even sure if this is the processor they will use in the D5.

    • HF


  • With the sensors Sony is putting out? Not a chance.

    • ITN

      Why is Sony relevant to a discussion on the D5?

  • With the sensors Sony is putting out? Not a chance.


  • verytoxic

    With this ISO range the sensor must be back-illuminated

  • Tog

    Woo! That means a 60MP 8fps(w/ grip) D900 is just around the corner after that! I’m totally getting that D900!

  • D5 specification sounds good, 20Mpx is for its purpose more than enough. I do care for DR and what would be finally necessary is to spread AF points more to corners otherwise i will stay with my D3s and D810.
    ISO wise i do believe it will be even better than D4s. The only one thing is pretty schizophrenic – XQD card :-/

  • 4k at min 30fps is a good add-on.

  • nicolaie

    This is great news, I’ll be able to hunt a used D4 in the near future !

  • Uncle Bob

    Who needs a girlie mirrorless camera when you can have raw power at your hands that can handle any situation?

    • KnightPhoto

      Haha enjoyed this comment 😉

      I must say though, i am constantly reminded whenever I pick up my D4 what a great capable camera it is – always feel confident shooting it that I am getting the shot. It is a beast (in a good way).

      • ckuklbac

        100% agree. The D4 is amazing still camera and I am one of those not in the least interested in video – never used it. So 15fps, extra Mpix, 102,400 ISO Whoa, SIGN ME UP!

  • BrainBeat

    This sounds very cool and no doubt very expensive. I would not be surprised if this ended up being ~$1k+ more than the current D4s launch price.

    All of those extra focus points as well as the extra iso range would have to make it fairly hard to not get a decent image in about any condition. The other great thing in my opinion is the increase in MP which will allow for more cropping or downsizing.

  • Nikita

    Unless it has a hybrid OVF/EVF with a bag full of tricks, this is not enough to warrant anything but D4s status, IMO.

  • Hope it will have real 4k, but not that cr**ppy 1080p on a FF like D4 has.
    And wiil have good audio, working well with external sources.

    • Manvin

      Still can’t believe Nikon can’t even fix that soft issue in FX mode!

      • They insist that situation is perfect and video is confirmed to be excellent by tv people. Like deaf =)))
        Only CX works

  • Max

    I’m a pixel nerd. But I’m also a bit sentimental about moving parts and mechanical refinement. Long live the shutter 🙂

    • “Long live the shutter”, word!


  • alexis flores

    I really hope the release a mirroless camere well they did but one that can compete with sony.

    • alexis flores

      a7r and a7 if not im going to switch to canon

  • Ne0

    Problem is this camera won’t be out till next year, when Sony will likely release A7SII which will have even crazy ISO and 4K internal.

    • Kyle

      6K or 8K internal by then! lol

  • darrell rb

    Nikon’s slower then a snail in the video”K”arena. Sony has the A7s, 2k w/4k capacity. Samsung unleashed their NX1 w/4k last September. Canon’s been running w/ 2 and 4k cams for awhile now. Even GoPro Hero3’s at 4k. So, I’m directing this issue, to Nikon’s Industrial Design Department … what are you guys waiting for ???

  • bord81

    Hmm, 173 AF points and 15 fps – translucent mirror aka Sony?

  • bord81

    Hmm, 173 AF points and 15 fps – translucent mirror aka Sony?

  • Jason Inman

    all plausible except the number of auto focus points… unless a camera is mirror-less you have to be using a separate autofocus module… and to have the points that much smaller within that format, while maintaining or improving low light performance seems unlikely to me.

  • Anyone know for certain if CMOS sensors can produce true 16-bit files? Even the HasselbladPhase One/Pentax 645 CMOS sensor produces 14-bit files, which hasn’t been the case in medium format for quite some time.

    Forget megapixels, 16-bit files would be the next BIG leap in DSLRs…

    • nukunukoo

      CMOS photosite charges don’t usually have the dynamic range accuracy for Analog-to-Digital reads beyond 14-bits. This is even more evident with even faster reads. The smaller the site, the less accurate it is. But even so, I don’t think one actually needs hyperdynamic ranges even for post-edits beyond 14-bits/channel

      • Thanks for the info! I guess it’s 14-bit until the technology improves. What you say as far as editing may be true. I’m still a “get it as clean as you can in camera” kind of guy though. I know that isn’t as popular now-a-days though, most people enjoy fixing things in post.

  • Brian Wiley

    this needs to make the jump to 12bit color at 4k.

  • Frank Capra

    Why not 36 megapixels for the D5? Come now nikon.

  • pwmorg

    GPS would be nice!

    • biking

      I am now using D4s and a compatible GPS unit, but occupy the hot shoe on top, it will be a conflict with storobe and its cable ctatches on other equipments.
      I would ask Nikon to embed a GPS unit in the camera body, hopefully D5.

  • nukunukoo

    Wow! 4K at 15fps (or less) coming to Nikon at years end! What kind of magic is this? Sony should learn from them.

  • All DSLR companies should focus on medium format. Because FX mirrorless cameras coming very very powerfull (like sony A7R II) and FX DSLR must be move another level.
    This happen when mobile phones become powerfull and compact cameras starts to dissapear or move to 1″ sensor size level. Same thing will happeng to DSLRs too.

    • true

      The canon and nikon would then have to start making lenses for medium format though. Such thing doesn’t happen over night.

  • Flipper Tweenie

    I wish they would make a cheaper version without video and anything else that isn’t going into still images. I don’t need all the crap they put on these DSLRs now… but I would love the fps.

    • T.I.M

      The D4s already have 11fps, maybe the D5 will go up to 30fps.
      That way you’ll have still video !!!

  • Flipper Tweenie

    I wish they would make a cheaper version without video and anything else that isn’t going into still images. I don’t need all the crap they put on these DSLRs now… but I would love the fps.

  • PSAGuy

    The minute it’s out….it’s in my bag. Out with the D3…in with the D5 to team with the D4 currently in the bag.

  • Flipper Tweenie

    Hopefully it will knock the d4s down 1000$ or so… then I can actually buy a USED one lol

  • true

    I’m actually thinking if I should get rid of my D810 in favor of this. Especially if it does 4k

  • terress

    Still would like to see a 17mm pc lens.

  • Edison Firme

    True, but there are things that cannot be measured by specs and dxomark… That is ergonomics and workflow. I still find the Sony A7 cameras to be quirky and clumsy cameras. A pro photographer has no time for bugs and quirks to slow him/her down. The camera is just a tool, and if it slows you down, it ain’t worth it.

  • petervandever

    What about resolution? 36MP please!!!!

    • I doubt it will be 36MP. The initial info I got said 20MP. Maybe 24MP in the best case scenario but not more.

      • petervandever

        Hoping for D850….. The D750 tech in a D810 ecosystem!

  • Michael

    Okay. NO the camera does not make the photographer. HOWEVER, the camera may very well make the photographer MORE likely to provide what the end user of the photo needs. More MP means able to make larger pictures stand out on sides of buildings and bill boards or even very large hall canvas photos etc. More speed may help one photographer get the sports shot at that VERY precise moment compared to the person next to them that almost did but missed out by 2/10 of a second. Weather sealed may help the outdoor specialist get that perfect shot while out in the rain. The brighter pixels in the view screen may help one person set up the camera better on a very direct sunny day. The higher ISO may give a clearer shot with less noise to that wedding photographer whom has been demanded NOT to use flash. NO it does NOT make the photographer. BUT IT SURE DOES HELP when the photographers are even up. It gives the chance to get MORE unpredicted and unplanned life shots and that’s just factual. IFFFFFF you have plenty of time to set up proper lighting, positioning and artful planning. Then no it is not as much of an issue. HOWEVER, it is an issue PENDING the type of photography you do. I myself am nothing but a LOWLY Nikon D7200 man. Had the D7000 before that. EVEN with the D7000 I’ve had MANY, MANY, MANY claim I must be using full on FX high end equipment INCLUDING the pros of both 2 international and the one national orgs I belong to and get regular critiqued by in order to keep membership. WHY? Because in most of them I had plenty of time to plan or wait for it……………….. I got lucky by getting a shot in in time that with a slower camera I would not have gotten. LUCK goes to those not just prepared in though but in equipment. IN that light I have MISSED many shots I would not have with better (higher ISO, faster speeds, etc). So fact is it has made a difference. I don’t have high end equipment. I have toooooooooo many medical bills at the moment. I will though soon as I can likely go for the 810. I get so many claims as is about my shots being high end, I don’t think I need anything more. Why? I don’t take my equipment up the side of a mountain and stand out in thunder storms with it. Great technique, will have to do for me. I would in a heartbeat go for the new D5 if I had the money when it comes. But fact is, unless I win the lottery I won’t. So I won’t lol. A new 810 will give me all I need and even more than most of the older all out pro bodies. Shoot in truth the D7200 is doing awesome. Yes side by side with a large print, it would have it’s butt kicked by some do to smaller sensor size. But in the 8×10’s and less I do for most and the occasional 3’x6′ canvas. It does great. So for me less is more. For some though it may not. It may very well be that some SHOULD truly get the best out there. I make most my money by saving lives not shooting portraits. For someone who does it for a living however, it makes GREAT sense! IT WILL make a difference to get the better camera IN THE area you need it to be better. I could do it for a living with ease according to my piers. I just have a different calling is all. YOU BOTH ARE CORRECT! The two sides always arguing about camera vs photographer that is. It does not make the photographer. IT does however make a difference to those who know how to take advantage of that difference. In fact it often helps those who don’t (such as getting lucky shot on time do to speed of processor or shutter speeds etc). I just get so tired of hearing both sides argue like the other side is wrong. Fast is you both are correct in many of your points to a degree. I have great experience under my belt that helps me take a DX camera and make photos that many think are done in a controlled environment with an FX with high mp. However, I’m big enough to admit that better cameras WOULD in FACT, YESSSS help me take better pictures! Anyone claiming otherwise just likely has a chip on their shoulder do to hearing to many high and mighty ???pros??? talk about all their great equipment. I to agree it gets old. That does not negate the fact that better equipment is in fact a great help!

  • drpeters

    Your attempt at snark would make more sense if a 500mm f/2.8 existed.

    • Eric Duminil

      *You* said that f/4 lenses cannot be pro and don’t have pleasant bokeh. I just posted a counter-example.
      By the way :

      • drpeters

        What I said holds if there is also an f/2.8 version of the lens. And… uh… Sigma? We’re talking about pro lenses, not Tonka toys.

      • drpeters

        I assumed we were talking about lenses made by companies that know how to make lenses. Sigma? Puhleeeze!

        • Eric Duminil

          Maybe you didn’t notice, but Sigma Art lenses seem to outperform similar Nikon/Canon lenses.

          • drpeters

            “seem to”

            Just like AMD processors look GREAT on paper, they pale in comparison to Intel processors.

          • drpeters

            “seem to”

            There is a big difference between shooting test charts and real, professional use. Sigma has made a splash with its new art lens line, but it has yet to stand the test of time.

  • Simon Dadouche

    any pricing indications?

  • mccall

    How about built in WiFi Nikon. I love my D4s, but it should of had WiFi.

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