Raw Right Away is a new NEF plugin for Mac OS

Raw Right Away NEF plugin for Mac OS 4
Raw Right Away NEF plugin for Mac OS 2
Raw Right Away NEF plugin for Mac OS 3
Raw Right Away NEF plugin for Mac OS
Raw Right Away is a plugin for Mac OS Finder/Desktop/Dock/Spotlight/etc. that allows you to quickly view Nikon .NEF (and Canon .CR2) files. Raw Right Away is available in the AppStore for $4.99. Additional information after the break:

Raw Right Away 2.2.0 accelerates Nikon and Canon raw file previews and adds metadata views to Mac OS Finder

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. (May 28, 2015) - With Raw Right Away 2.2.0 installed, Nikon .NEF and Canon .CR2 raw image previews load faster in Finder. The improvement is especially noticeable when browsing directories with hundreds of images or when using external drives or network-attached storage.

Raw Right Away also provides a summary of camera exposure settings and a page of additional metadata including camera model, lens description, serial number, and shutter count, if available. The exposure summary and metadata are displayed in the same window as the preview.

Because it is a Mac OS plug-in, Raw Right Away is always available directly from Finder, the Desktop, the Dock, Spotlight, and file dialogs. There is no separate application to run.

Even photographers who use special photo management software benefit from improved access to their raw image data at the system level.

Here is a video demo:

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  • Eric Calabros

    I wonder why D3 chose ISO 4000 for that car shot

    • ZoetMB

      Aperture priority was set and the user set it to f5.6. It appears to be a cloudy day. At 1/125th, you’d think the ISO would have been closer to 1000, but it appears properly exposed. Maybe it was actually far darker outside than it looks.

    • Spy Black

      He set it to the “little guy running” mode…

    • Its also kind of suspect that these are D3 files. If you want to showcase the speed of your program, you think you’d choose large, current files, not the tiny file sized 12mp shots from a camera that was introduced 7-8 years ago.

      • AlphaTed

        I guess, red cars are way cooler than an airplane, which is the next image at 25.6MB.

        • Raquel6489

          I s­t­arte­d f­reel­anci­ng at h­o­m­e, d­oi­ng si­mple jo­bs th­at on­ly re­qui­red a P­C an­d ac­ces­s t­o int­ernet and it’s th­e b­est j­ob i ev­er h­ad… Af­ter six m­on­th­s on t­his jo­b and i g­ot pa­id so fa­r in to­tal 3­6­,0­00 do­lla­rs… Basi­cly i get pa­id about 8­0 doll­ars/hourly a­nd work fo­r th­re­e to f­our hou­rs m­ost o­f the d­ay­s.A­nd t­he b­est pa­rt ab­ou­t t­hi­s j­ob is that you can dete­rmi­ne yo­ur own wor­ki­ng hour­s an­d th­e pa­yme­nts ar­e weekly.

    • Yeah, it must have been pretty dark. That combination of ISO, aperture and shutter speed add up to a scene that was 8 stops less light than a sunny day.

  • outkasted

    Does this app allow you to do quick selections, i.e star, color, flag or check etc… If so I’ll buy.

    • I just tried it. It’s not bad for $5 – does what it says on the tin, even with some really new Raw types that aren’t supported by Apple or Adobe yet.

      No starring/tagging, though. That would be a cool feature.


    anybody that would buy this is foolish

    • outkasted

      If it did the tagging etc….. allowing one to filter the selects and put in another folder for example then it will have the simiar functionality as photomechanic

      • neversink

        Your name appears to be rather racist. Do you have an explanation? Flagging you for your name.

        • outkasted

          Oh you mean to the other name niggamaru?

          • neversink

            Sorry outlasted….

        • captaindash

          You’re flagging someone for their name that “appears” to be racist? He’s probably black, and even if he’s not, and he’s a member of the KKK, how is that any of your concern? Is an impressionable child going to see that name and suddenly lynch somebody?

          • neversink

            Sorry if I am a bit sensitive to the name niggamaru…. Maybe he is innocent, and I am too sensitive having grown up in a mixed neighborhood. I have kids who are East Asia and two who are half black and half Jewish and a wife who is black…. Perhaps I jumped the gun. I have tolerance for jokes and am a big supporter of freedom of speech. We made fun of each other when I was a kid, but an anonymous name like that on the internet is suspicious. But I guess I found it a name like that, without any explanation behind it, a bit racist. I am just wondering why anyone would choose that name….

            • captaindash

              No worries, it’s all good. It’s a ridiculous name to be sure, but I can’t imagine a scenario where an internet handle would cause any real harm other than to offend someone, and I don’t think we should ban people from offending people. If we did, standup comedy clubs would be boring, boring places. I feel like the epitome of tolerance is indifference, not activism. Most controversies wouldn’t be controversies if the original offender was just ignored.

            • neversink

              I agree. I don’t believe in censorship. Obviously, if someone wants to advertise this name and thus the name bearer’s insensitivity and indifference to others, let that person do so. I am tolerant of all those who live and let live and are tolerant of others and their beliefs. Once they start stepping on people and forcing people to adhere to their beliefs, that is the beginning of a fascist system — and we have that today in parts of the world.

        • outkasted

          The name outkasted is racist?

          • neversink

            Sorry — the name above outlasted!!!!!

        • rensuchan

          Honestly that name screams “4chan troll” to me more than anything.

    • mikeswitz

      yeah, they might waste a whole $5.00.

    • Fly Moon

      I am sure you’re a fool yourself.

    • Bjarne Rementorp

      I admit to being foolish. Now I can view my D800 NEF files in real time over my network. For $5 that is outstanding! Highly recommended.

    • Nimloth

      Way I see it, if the plugin saves ten minutes a single work day, those $5 have already paid for themselves. If so, it’d be foolish not to make the investment.

  • neonspark

    Macs, how are they still a thing even as apple abandons aperture due to the small market they represent.

    • Fly Moon

      Are you f&^%$ kidding me? MOST of photographers use Mac. Go back to your basement and play your PC games.

    • captaindash

      As of 2010, Apple, sold 90% of computers over $1000. Look on youtube at the % of photoshop tutorials that are done on a mac. Far, far, far higher than the overall percentage of mac users. For a reason.

  • jeffp3456

    Great program! This is a very easy way to see the exif info without running any programs other than the file browser that you already use. I think it is worth $5, why not?

    • Fly Moon

      Totally agree with you!

  • Fly Moon

    Very useful. I am buying it right now. Thanks for the heads up.

  • Pankaj

    Just spent a fortune on this (Indian Rupee 300). Works as advertised and also gives the shutter count !!
    I wish it could do RW2(Panasonic Lumix) files as well.

  • Will Austin

    Incredible! Thanks for this post NR, this little software speeds up the finder and will save me so much time. Also you can select files in the finder and tag by color if needed. Now if they could add compatibility with Fuji RAF too 😉

  • neversink

    Not bad for what it is, though it feels like it should be part of the OS, and not a paid add on.

    • captaindash

      You can view RAW files in OS by pressing the space bar. That’s pretty good for an OS. The percentage of humans who care about EXIF data is pretty small, so I’m not surprised they didn’t include it. It would be pretty cool if they did though.

  • wincros

    I don’t get it. If you shoot jpeg you don’t need it. If you shoot raw you already have a raw converter that will display a raw file and you can do other useful things with it. Not sure why anyone would pay even $5 for this to take a little peak before launching your conversion software.

    • It’s faster than Mac Preview, it supports more Raw formats and it gives you quick access to EXIF.

      I come across a lot of cases, even as a passionate Lightroom user, that I’m in a folder and I want a quick peek at the file because I can’t remember which is which; when uploading, or opening in other applications, for example. I don’t know if you’re a Mac user, but a quick press of the space bar gives you a preview (improved with this plugin) of any file, even when inside File -> Open type dialogs. It’s something that is kind of clunky with windows.

  • outkasted

    SO I pulled the trigger! Love ti! Maybe the update will allow it us to star/ selects

  • Why doesn’t it offer a view that overlays metadata on the image? Add tagging and it turns finder into a perfectly good photo management tool by itself.

  • Not something my PhotoMechanic software can already do… and so much more. such a waste of money. I’d rather buy 5 McChickens at MCd’s.

    • neversink

      Yeah – but the app is healthier….

  • Dee

    Just bought it and it is far faster than the Finder. For the skeptics, I use Photo Mechanic and Lightroom all the time and yet this is still a welcome addition for very quickly checking photos in a folder. Money well spent.

    • Will Austin

      Agree 100%. And way faster that Photo Mechanic. I look in folders all the time because I organize my photos and don’t depend on a particular software.

    • Edward Levinson

      Great if you are running an older OS that doesn’t support the newest RAW files like NEF D5. Works with OS10.10

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